Well, it’s another wonderful day here with advanced commercial systems. We are the home of the roof nerds now. We’re good at residential roofing. We’re actually really good at it. We’ve done close to 300 residential roofs, the experience and the just basically working with insurance companies. But I’ll tell you what we really, really love and are passionate about commercial roofing. When it comes to commercial roofing companies, we consider ourself the best when it comes to commercial roofing broken Arrow, we definitely consider ourself the best. We’re continually studying. We’re continually endeavoring to bring the best management project management practices into the industry. You know, every industry has a top leader or has top leaders. In my mind those are not about who’s doing the biggest money. Those are not about, um, who, who does, uh, the, the most projects and everything in the year. Uh, I know there’s some builders in town, they say, you know, because they build more than everyone else, uh, that they’re better than everyone else.

Well, that’s not necessarily the case. That just means they sell really well and they have a good project management in place to get things done quickly. That doesn’t mean that bring the best product and also doesn’t mean that they’re bringing, uh, the best kind of customer satisfaction. So here in commercial roofing broken Arrow, we had advanced commercial systems. We are not the biggest roofing company in the city. We don’t want to be the biggest roofing company in the city. We want to offer the biggest and best value, the best quality and quality assurance, um, that we possibly can to our clients. We won’t have highest retention and a revisit rate of, of any commercial roofing company in town. Just a few days ago, I had a cold call. Someone called in to me and basically said, hey, uh, I’m an HVHC guy. I work with a, I own an HVHC company in town and I’ve got a client that’s got some root center, some roof, uh, that, that she’s had built a few years ago.

That roof has continually leaking and the roof, or they’d put it on and they’re just unable to make the leak stop. And so, uh, I called the, called the potential client. Uh, they’re here in commercial roofing, broken Arab. I went out and saw him climbed up on the roof, spent some time with them and basically what I found was, um, the roof was put on and looked good, but we need the roof to do its job and the number one roof is to keep water out. And after three years of this roofer continually coming back to this roof, trying to stop the leak, the leak has never been stopped. It really is amazing to me that you could build a roof and then after three years you still can’t stop a leak. So I shared with them how I could stop the leak and we’re putting together a proposal for them.

Um, so that hearing commercial roofing, broken air, we’ll be able to step in if they need, which they probably are going to call us. We have to step in, uh, and really shine when it comes to commercial roofing contractors. If you’re looking for a roofer’s near you or a commercial roofer near me, just give us a call you can find. I said, okay, roof nerds.com at the top of our page you’ll see our phone number, which is (918) 973-1010 our phone number, it goes directly to whoever is in charge, which one of the roof nerves are in charge or our office staff of answering the phone that day. So we, you know, when you give a call, you specifically getting someone that doesn’t just answer a phone there fulltime in the roofing industry, they know how to inspect roofs, evaluate roofs, they know how to do all the things that we do for our smart roof plan, which is advanced commercial systems, uh, by annual or roof maintenance check plan that we do for free mass.

Say, listen, some of the best things in life are free. Now, God said, I freely give. So even Jesus Christ was given to us freely and so we can even freely receive. So I’m telling you the best things in life are those things that are free. And here at advanced commercial systems, home with a roof nerds, we are the roof nerves that give free stuff. Now, I’ll never forget one day my family and I have three children and a wife and we were going through a drive through here in broken Arrow, you know, commercial roofing broken Arrow and a, we were going through a drive through and my, my son was about five years old, which he’s about 10 or 12 now, a 10 or 11 now. Uh, but we were going through a drive through and from the back seat while I was ordering through the drive through, he shouted these words, we like free stuff.

And so I really, that just really cracked me up. You know, the haze, a little personality was coming out and he was showing kind of who he was and you know, just his boisterous personality. But I tell you, it’s so true. It’s true for children. It’s true for adults is true for everyone. There’s nothing wrong with liking free stuff. And so here at advanced commercial systems, we actually offer free stuff. You might want to have an evaluation or an inspection of your roof. Guess what? We do it in 24 hours and it is free. Talk about a no brainer. Absolutely free. And then the other thing we offer for free is that in the same line of that evaluation, we offer a maintenance plan where we check it twice a year with that same type of evaluation. And we do that for free. So you could get a roof built and you could have us check that roof twice a year for the next 10 years.

And we never charge you. Now if we find something wrong with that roof, we will present to you the things that need to be done in that roof. And we’ll present to you almost like an estimate, the pricing that we could get it done for. And so then if you would like to choose us, that’s perfectly fine. But we would love to work with you. And we just were really all about serving people. Our hearts and our minds are really about serving people because you know, every day as the owner and the founder of advanced commercial systems, every day I’m in the streets, I’m in the businesses, I’m in, just the community. I’m in the free enterprise system that we have here. Uh, you know, in, in commercial roofing, broken Arrow toll, so Bixby, Jenks, Owasso I’m in all of these areas and every single day I’m meeting just absolutely charming and lovely people, people that have just a great perspective on life.

People that just really enjoy their families, enjoy their, their jobs, enjoy life and enjoy living here in broken arrow in Tulsa, Oklahoma. You really, if you’re not from this area and you just happened to be catching our podcast, you really cause she come stay here and really get a good perspective and get in the community, meet the people here in commercial roofing, broken Arrow and get a good perspective of what we’re about. We’re good. Uh, you know, Bible Belt people were in the center of the nation. We are the bread and the butter and the various cinder of what this nation is about. You know, our conservative of perspective and even sometimes our liberal perspective on just government issues and just things, you know, we’re really just a good people here. I’ve been in midtown toll, so west Tulsa, north Tulsa, South Tulsa. I’ve been all over the Greater Tulsa area and the people are just absolutely wonderful.

I was up in a pretty rough part of Tulsa about three weeks ago and I just happen to be driving through there for an appointment. And I would say it’s a pretty sketchy neighborhoods, a pretty rough area. And there was a store there and I really needed something. So I went in to the store and when I was there, you know, I kinda keep to myself because you know, I don’t know who’s in the store with me and it’s a little bit of a rougher neighborhood. And so there was a lady behind me and I’ve dropped something out of my hand cause I had a few things I was buying. And very quickly that lady reached over and grabbed it and handed it to me with a smile. And it really let me know, you know, it really reminded me that you can be anywhere.

If there’s good people, you can be in a rough neighborhood, you could be in Harlem, New York, there’s good people everywhere we go. And so we should always keep our hearts and our minds open, uh, so that we can be able to help people. When it comes to commercial roofing, that’s our desire. Our desire is to help people. You can go online and call, you know, a whole lot of commercial roofing companies. You could call one commercial roofing company. You could go call 10 commercial roofing contractors. You could go call one commercial roofing contractor. I can tell you when you’re done calling, you’re done going online and googling commercial roofer near me or commercial roofer, you know, close to, you know, commercial roofing, broken Arrow, commercial roofing Tolson. When you get done with that, if you didn’t see us online, because we have a really strong online presence, I really would like for you to go type in these words.

Okay. Standing for Oklahoma. Okay. Roof nerds.com please go to our, see what we’re about. There’s a video on there. Ummy that sharing basically our startup, basically who we are and what we’re about. And really the passion of the passion of who were are and what we’re about comes from our background and our relationship with God. So that relationship with God, it truly does propel us to desire relationships with just people in the community so we can serve them and we can better their lives. If I can take away a roof leak that’s causing a business a problem, I’ll tell you, it puts a smile on my face. Now, congratulations to me. It also puts money in my pocket, but it puts a smile on my face. And I come home at night knowing, although I was cold today, although I was in the rain today, I come home as the owner of advanced commercial systems.

I come home knowing that I did a good job knowing that I brought something back. You know, every good everyday God has given us good things. We, we have joy, we have peace, we have health. You know, we have finances were being blessed and every day because of that, uh, of, of what he brings to us, I see it that all of my staff, all of my roof nerds, it really is our drive. It really is our perspective that we want to bring back to the community and do what we can do here in commercial roofing, broken arrow. So here in Tulsa, here in Jenks, Awaso, Claremore, Glenpool Bixby, doesn’t matter where you are. Katusa commercial roofing, broken Arrow, it doesn’t matter where you are in the Greater Tulsa area or all of, I mean I’m in, I know La, I’m in Pawhuska, you know, there’s a lot of different places we go. What about Chelsea? Go Up to Chelsea sometimes over in Wagner I’m doing some roofs and the Oklahoma City, Yukon, Mustang, Edmond, uh, Norman, right next to the school. There’s a commercial roof I work on that’s just a half a mile from the college there in Norman. So wherever you are, we would love to assist you. We would love to help you and God bless you. We hope you always remember. It’s not rocket science. It’s roof science and stay dry.