Hey, this is Marty Grisham, the owner and founder of advanced commercial systems. We are doing another podcast this week. We’ve been doing podcast here, uh, with advanced commercial systems in commercial roofing broken Arrow for a really long time. You know, if you are a property manager or a building owner, if you in any way or over the maintenance staff are part of the maintenance staff with a commercial property. Uh, I just, I just urge you, give us a call, let us show you the level of excellence and the expertise that we can bring to you in commercial roofing Broken Arrow needs.

and your roofing systems. Now, uh, when it comes to roofing systems or you know, roofing assemblies, you can send me the way one involves the entire decking and one doesn’t. When it comes to roofing systems, there’s a reason why we are calling advanced commercial systems. Um, I was going to choose, you know, a name for my company that was different, but I really love the system name because systems, uh, really defines who we are and what we’re about. Our roofing system is a complex combination of multiple products and layers and, and materials that are designed and form together to work together by us for commercial roofing Broken Arrow.

And when we do that, they create a water tight membrane, uh, for your building oddball, for your roofing system, for your roof. And that normally is set in place to be able to bring water out, a guttering system or a scuppering system to take water away from the top of your roof. If you live in Oklahoma, which you probably do, you know how we can get some serious rain. The rains we have in Oklahoma are second to none. I mean it can get so rang, it can rain so far at, at times you can’t even see 50, 60 feet while you’re driving. I remember many times, uh, you know, trying to drive down the highway here in town or are a main road, people would literally just turn their hazard lights on and pull over to the side of the road and just sit there for 20 minutes while the rain had to go away.

Now, I’m sure in most of the country deals with that. But we definitely, I think we’re just a little bit special here because here in you know, commercial roofing broken Arrow, we literally are in the belt buckle of the, of the, of the Bible belt and we are in the belt buckle of Tornado Alley. Uh, I see I 44 between Oklahoma City and Tulsa had, has in the past been a place where it lots of very serious, very damaging winds and hail and tornadoes. That’s a route that if they’ve often taken. And so here to vast parcel systems. I just, I, I, I’m pretty honored and I’m, I’m pretty privileged that we’re able of having a business right here and one of the hardest hit areas of storms, at least in the past. I’m not trying to speak into, you know, into existence anything that’s happening in the future, but I’m saying as far as the pastor concerned, uh, I know I’ve seen a one third of the entire area, at least the southern tools to area jinx Glenpool Bixby get hammered with a huge, a golf ball sized hail. That’s why we can help with commercial roofing Broken Arrow services.

You know, just 10 years ago, 11 years ago. And so here at commercial roofing broken Arrow, we uh, with advanced commercial systems, we saw very quickly the need for becoming hail experts. And so shortly after that storm, we sought out, um, really be, oh, let, let me tell you exactly what happened. I ended up on a $400,000 a roofing job, um, for an apartment complex, local apartment complex and here in town. And when I got up on that roof, I found hail damage. I climbed down, I went and spoke with the building owner, the building manager and actually we were building a property management company and they allowed me a and them together to call and file a claim. So we called their insurance company, which they trusted me with the process. And uh, there’s no big deal. It was something we’ve done hundreds and hundreds of times.

Insurance Company came out. A week later I met the insurance adjuster. We spent about an hour, an hour and a half on the roof and he basically said, I’m denying this roof. And I said, well, uh, you can’t deny this is how damaged. He said, I’m not going to talk any more about it, but I am denying this roof. And I said, well, I have to get a second opinion because this is hell damage. And so they honored that and they respected that and they called on an engineering company, that engineering company about a week, and we can have later they called me and set up an appointment so we can view the, the roof together. And the, and one of the gentlemen at the Engineering Company was out of Oklahoma City. They drove over and we inspected the roof and I was on the roof. It’s hot summer heat with that day, that day, without a gesture for four hours, for four hours.

We were looking at the roof. We were, we got on three different routes and they were 11 or 14 altogether. We got on three different roofs because those three roofs would be a good example. And so we inspected the roof, the roof’s together, and basically after really an hour and a half on one roof dissecting shingles that were there, uh, we lost the roof. We were unable to convince or go, um, you know, from that point because they sent out someone who was an engineer, they were actually an engineer, a structural engineer that knew the structural, a formulation needed for, um, commercial roofs and for shingles. And so when I got done with that, when I got done with that, and, and, and that was how managed

and the engineer was correct in what they were saying. The engineer wasn’t trying to be deceptive, wasn’t trying to do things that were wrong. They basically were correct in their assumptions and the things they were saying. But this is what happened. I got really frustrated because they sent someone out that was highly educated, more than me, and I couldn’t handle that. I could handle it. I set up an appointment to begin classes with Haig engineering, so Hagens veneering, uh, they’re out of Texas. Uh, I’ve gone to their, their area in Irving, Texas and Hagan generic is top notch for over 50 years in assessing the entire assessment of commercial properties from wind and hail damage. And so obviously, you know, there’s, they’re going to cover walls, they’re going to cover a lot of different aspects, but there are definitely going to be complete experts and wind and hail damage for commercial roofs and commercial roofing Broken Arrow.

And so whether it be shingles or whether you know, whatever it is. And so with that being the case, it brought me to a place of I need this education here in commercial roofing, broken arrow. I cannot let other clients down and I need to feel like I let them down. But I felt like I could have brought more to the table if I had known about him. So I became certified with Hagar Engineering, uh, as the owner and founder of advanced commercial systems, um, with a, with a certification to be able to inspect on the behalf of Hague and an engineering company, the capability of inspecting on their behalf. And so as we did that, as we move forward with our training, as we move forward with our education, that that time we suddenly began to have tons of experience and tons of education and practical steps and methods being just unveiled to us and making us so much better at what we do.

Um, just recently I contacted a property manager and we had a building that needed to be replaced. I by insurance, I found the hell on it. And for some reason the property manager went with another direction. They didn’t want to get a free roof. Mine bottled it. I mean, I’ve gotten over 300 roofs replaced with insurance companies. It’s mind boggling to me that someone would want to do that. But you know, it’s their choice. It’s my job to bring wisdom and experience and product knowledge to someone and then they can go what direction they want with that. So I’ll never, never looked down on someone who doesn’t, you know, who wants to go a different direction. But I’ll tell you, I know what I would do, not if I was a building owner and the situation like that. I would first put it over into the hands of the insurance company and with someone like advanced commercial systems, because of our experience, because of our many times that we worked with state farm, uh, Oklahoma Farm Bureau, Liberty Mutual, farmer’s insurance, metlife, the, so many insurance companies that we worked with that know us by name, know me by first name that I’ve sat down with commercial buildings, residential buildings, and we’ve worked out process and procedure of how to determine, you know, storm damage.

So what we, what we gathered and what we have attained from the further education that we’ve done with, uh, ag engineering is we’ve obviously received a certification. Now the certification has to be a, as to be a certified licensed inspector with Hagar Engineering, uh, for commercial roof storm damage. So it’s not for commercial roof building envelopes because that entails more than roofs. We focused on commercial roof, storm damage, storm damage, not just commercial roof deterioration from age. Now that was part of our training. That is part of our education. So we can offer that level of assessment where I go and say, hey listen, I want to assess how much life is left in your roof. That way you can begin to build a budget for the future and that’s something we do and actually we get some pretty, pretty often I get phone calls asking me about that one specific thing.

Can you come and tell me just the assessment of where my roof is and how much you know, what condition is it in? How many years of life should it had had in the beginning? I just bought the building three years ago. I don’t know how old the building is. I don’t know how or how old the roof is. I don’t know what’s been done to it. Can you give me a free assessment or just some type of assessment and obviously right. We offer those for free here at advanced commercial systems and commercial roofing, broken arrow. We at our website and, okay. Roof nerds. Okay. Reus nerds.com cell phone number or our phone number is (918) 973-1010 you can give us a call and we’ll come out and do a free assessment for you and you could be in big speed. Jinx. Waso Glenpool commercial roofing, broken arrow. Doesn’t matter where you are. We will come out and assess your commercial roof for you. We are the best commercial roofing company. We are the best commercial roofing contractor in the Greater Tulsa area, and here at commercial roofing. Broken Arrow. Please give us a call. We would love to help you.