Welcome again to another podcast with advanced commercial systems. Home of the roof. Nourish here in good old commercial roofing broken arrow. If you have a commercial roof, if you’re a building owner or a property manager, we are the company you would like to call. We consider ourself to be quality roofing hands on every single day. If you’re looking for a roof replacement, give us a call. Metal roofing, roof, shingles, hip roof, roof pitch problems, doesn’t matter. All rooftops are covered here. And advanced commercial systems in the toll. So those best commercial roofing. And so there are some companies in town that have the best in their name. You know, that doesn’t mean that they’re the best. I have interacted with those guys and, and, and, and we never tried to put down other roofers, but I’ll tell you some people’s prices are just really high and when you have 30 trucks, you’re driving around and you have large overhead, it is absolutely impossible to give a good price.

Um, and so we are not that roofing company that works on the back of our truck. We are an established roofing company. Now, if you want to see established, we have more Google listing reviews and any other roofer in northeast Oklahoma, we have that because of the number of clients that we have went to and said, hey, if we’ve taken good care of you, please just give us a review. Share with people your experience in what you’ve, what you’ve experienced working with, you know, advanced commercial system, uh, and the roof nerds. And so a lot of people have given us, we have well over a hundred reviews right now. A lot of people have given us reviews and we’re greatly appreciative of those. Now also, I have news for you, quite a few of those people, uh, considerably, uh, you know, on a weekly basis for listened to our podcast because what we endeavored to do with our clients is increased their roofing Iq.

Now, I remember years ago, Robert Kiyosaki, he brought that whole concept of increasing your financial Iq. That’s what we endeavor to do here with building owners and property managers and any other, you know, just maintenance staff that are trying to work on and take care and have maintenance with their commercial. Uh, you know, their commercial roofing system in commercial roofing, broken arrow. Because what we, what happens is you know nothing about a roof and you try to work on it, you’re going to have bad results. And if you know nothing about the roof and you call a contractor and if he’s an unethical contractor, he can very easily, very easily come out and take you for thousands and thousands of dollars. And I’ll tell you there are unethical contractors and we see those guys and we see where they go up there and cause damage in roofs and is pretty unethical.

The things that I’ve seen being done and it had them just honestly just admit that they were doing. And so here at advanced martial systems were never here to put down other people. We’re always here to uplift my, our, our contractors that work with us. We’re always here to uplift in commercial roofing, broken Arrow uplift those, um, those building owners, those maintenance guys, those property managers that own a daily basis are working with commercial roofs. So here’s the deal, right now we have probably 40 or 50 roofs that we just continually taking care of. Now what I mean by that is that’s about 40 or 50 roosts that we have continual once a year or twice a year, mostly twice a year, annual inspections with, we do those inspections for those roofs a lot. And so the reason for that is so that those inspections Wa we’ll set in place with a preventative maintenance system.

So today we’re talking about a balance between preventive maintenance systems in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, a balance between that and a balance between basic roof repairs. You know, not every building needs a roof replacement, not every building. Uh, you know, roofing contractors will offer roof replacements, roofing companies. Not every building needs a roof repair. A roof replacement is something that we offer if the client needs it or if we see that it’s meeting their budgetary financial status at the moment. You know, I’ve seen clients I like, there is a one client, a chit for lay over on 71st they did not need a new roof. I brought to them a $4,500 estimate to replace the roof. And they basically said, hey, we’ve got tons of money right now. We want to put, go ahead and just put a new roof on where we don’t have to worry about it anymore.

And I was a little shocked at that little surprise at that. But I think it’s still smart because when the money’s there and you had the budget for it, take care of that and get that taken care of, uh, when it’s, when you’re capable of doing it, there might be a time later on that you’re not capable of doing it. And so really you take care of problems when they’re at hand, whether you’re in toll, so sand springs, uh, Waso, commercial roofing broken Arrow, it doesn’t matter. So the balance between roof repair and roof maintenance and the balance between those and roof replacement always has a big deal. There’s a balance between roof coating and roof maintenance when it comes to roof repair. So we always want to work with you and show you the best that we can have, the different types of budgets that we can offer you.

So, um, so, uh, at anytime, you know, you can always give us a call here at advanced commercial systems. We love to work with our clients. We love to build relationships. And I’ll tell you, I don’t think you will find, uh, an owner, which I am the owner and a staff that really just love people, that just really love to work with people and to honor them and to show them the best possible service. And that’s really how my heart has been from day one before I started advanced commercial systems before we birth the company and started moving forward, you know, taking a large piece of the industry here in the Greater Tulsa area. Um, the, it wasn’t always about roof replacement. It always wasn’t about roof repair. It always wasn’t about roof coatings and tall. So it was always about people. And so I’ve tried to bring that as far as commercial roofing is concern as a commercial roofing company and a roofing contractor.

Uh, I’ve tried to really bring that into the scale and the same passion that I’ve used for years in, in ministry and just circling, people really tried to bring that same scale into this so that our clients and the people we work with that they truly know, they truly feel that we’re more, we’re more than just making a dollar. We’re more than just doing a job just to get a job done. We really are there to help her clients and to have a good relationship with them. So that along term, you know, 15 years from now, 20 to 25 years from now when the roof that we’ve installed for you, when that installed roof, you won’t have to call other roofing companies. You won’t have to call other roofing contractors will call us and we’ll have a, a maintenance system in place and we’ll come out and take care of your roofing problems and your situation.

So, um, you know, concerning roof repair, one part of roofing repair of that, a lot of people don’t really understand is the issues, the many issues that we deal with. Coping caps on parapet walls. You know, parapet wall is a, is a normally a dividing wall or a wall around the perimeter of a roofing system. And many times we put a cap on top of that, you know, 18 inch wall, three foot wall. I’ve seen a lot of them that are just three foot, four foot high, 18 inches high. We put a coping cap on top of that wall so that the wall has water protection on the top. And so we do a coping cap with the two and three quarters or three and a quarter inch lip on the, on the exterior, two inch lip, two and a half inch lip on the interior with a flat top.

And so installing those coping caps and making those waterproof and watertight during the installation process is a very large part of what we bring to the table in our commercial roofing. Um, you know, the expertise that we bring to the table. So it’s a no brainer to call us because we have dealt with so many of those coating camp issues, um, where people would use nails and settle screws. Those nails almost every time the nails are backing out and causing problems. The male male backs out the nail will never was sealed. It never was a a silicone or any type of water block, uh, added to the system to calls it to be watertight. And then those coping caps, they begin to rust. I was on one just yesterday, a roof here in Tulsa off of, uh, the broken xpress by, and I’ll tell you the roof was really in decent shape, but the coping cap was almost completely rusted through.

It really was just worn out. And so as far as the roofing companies and roofing contractors are concerned, a lot of times they won’t pay any attention to that, but it really called a high, it was about 200 lineal feet of the front of the building that they’re going to have some serious problems if that’s not taken care of soon. So we’d love to bring an estimate, you know, whether we get net coke and cap, uh, we get it made to hear loud, local, we get an an anomaly coping cap where the paint is baked on. And so it’s a long term, uh, solution, a longterm fix that solves the problem. So, so for roof repair, for roof replacement,

um, for all of those things, we really try to bring you the best solutions that we can to solve everything that you’re dealing with with your commercial roof. So if you need anything, if you need anything concerning commercial roofs, check us out. Give us a call. You can shoot us an email at advanced. Okay. At cox.net uh, we’re a roofing company. We’re a roofing contractor that we do commercial roofing and commercial roofing, broken arrow. We do lots of commercial roofing and toll some. So here specifically because I mean we’re stationed at, our main headquarters are out of broken Arrow here in commercial roofing broken arrow. We love to hear from you and love to see if there’s anything we can do for you to make your roofing experience a better one.

Okay. Broken Arrow.

So we appreciate your lot. Once again, stay dry and it’s not rocket science. It’s roof science.