Well today we’re having another episode, uh, one of our episodes and podcasts of advanced commercial systems, home with a roof. Nerves once again is a great honor to be able to be here with you to we’re here in our roof nerd office here and um, we’re just able to come together again and do some podcasts for you and do some articles for you so that you can really see what we’re about, what we’re doing. We believe in accountability. We believe in, uh, being able to show who we are and what we’re about. And today we want to talk about a few different topics which are always, you know, great topics, uh, one of which is insurance claims, uh, and with commercial roofs. We want to talk about commercial roof. Now the name of our company here in commercial roofing broken Arrow is advanced commercial systems and advanced commercial systems systems.

So we do a lot of commercial roofing. We do new construction roofs, uh, lots of preventative maintenance plans, which we put together. One called the smart roof lamp. And then also just the complete roof replacement systems that we do. Um, roof inspections, roof evaluations, um, obviously estimates and then codings and restorations. Uh, we take a lot of pride in what we’re doing in the performance that we do is a roofing contractor, a commercial roofing contractor, and as a commercial roofing company and people they really need to consider satisfaction, um, that other people are having with, with roofing companies. And so if you were to go online today, just go online in the Tulsa Broken Arrow area, uh, I, I don’t think you would find a one roofer that has more, uh, five star reviews than advanced commercial systems. We have taken a lot of time and a lot of effort to interact with our clients and to really interact with them and say, Hey, listen, we, we, we would like feedback.

How was your experience? And so here in commercial roofing broken Arrow, it’s been a great pleasure of hours and especially the longterm relationships that we’ve built with many satisfied customers and we expect and, and it really to receive more and more, uh, great reviews from our clients just because we’ve endeavored to do so much to make this as the top quality process for them. And with fair pricing, we’ve, we keep our pricing down, we try to keep our overhead down cause we want to make a roofing process for someone, not just a, a great communication experience but also really, uh, within their budget. And so sometimes we’ll just basically say, hey, we have five options here. Here they are, here’s the numbers, what’s your budget? And they’ll share with us their budget. And from there we can begin to piece together really what plan and in what timing it works.

Because sometimes they say, well, we’ve got a budget, we’ve got 30,000 right now, but we want to, we want, we don’t want to do just to coding and we want to do a full roof replacement. And you’re showing that to be around 85,000. Well that’s perfectly fine. How about we come in, we stopped the leaks, we do a preventative maintenance plan for it for the next four years while you put together, you know, til you get up to about 85,000 saved. So yeah, we, we work with our class all the time and like that to just make the links go away, keep the roof in tip top shape that we can until it’s time to do a new roof system. And so here at advanced commercial systems we only use the most qualified roofing crews. We are all, all of us roof nerds here and commercial roofing, broken error.

We are specifically um, certified with Hagen engineering. We are certified commercial roof storm damage experts where we actually are certified to inspect for storm damage with an engineering company. And then also we are a licensed and bonded company here in Oklahoma. We are licensed with the construction industry board right there under the governor of the state. And with that we are also commercially endorsed and that means that we have taken all the steps necessary. Worker’s comp insurance, everything’s in place that we are legal, legal, legal, legal to do commercial roofing in the state of Oklahoma. So there are no more requirements that need to be met. We have the commercial roof endorsement and so just a reminder, there are a lot of roofers out there who are not meeting the requirements of the commercial roof endorsement. So what you can do is you can just Google construction industry board are they licensed and when you find that you can type it in the name of the company or the name of the owner and you can very quickly come up with a resolution of whether that company has been, has a valid commercial endorsement or not.

You’d be pretty surprised at the big companies out there that are not doing this and are not staying legal in the state and it can come back and bite them in the butt and bite you in the bud as well for how well there are. There are people that work for the construction industry board that actually police for them and look for problems and look for roofers that are not commercially endorsed and commercial roofing broken Arrow that are going out and doing jobs. And so if they’re doing jobs and they’re not commercially endorsed with the state the way we are here at advanced commercial systems, home with a roof nerds, if they’re not commercially endorsed, uh, it actually is a misdemeanor. It is a crime. And so they can the, the police scene of the construction industry board, those guys can literally show up and shut the job down right there on the spot.

And so you could have a roof halfway done, rain coming in four days and they can shut the job down. And so it could, it is definitely something that you need to consider as a building owner is a homeowner, uh, as a property manager is just basically a maintenance crew or maintenance maintenance staff that take care of a specific building or set of buildings. I would definitely take in consideration, uh, for new roof construction of roof replacement, preventative maintenance, roof inspection codings, restorations. All the different things that we do. Uh, I would definitely make sure that someone is commercially endorsed to do, do those things. Hey, if you, if we had worked for you and not missed touching base with you to get a review from you, I would love to get a review from you. And one of the easiest ways is just to go to Google maps or Google Google listings and just do a search for advanced commercial systems.

And you’ll see that we have well over a hundred Google reviews there and we would love to continually receive those from our class. And just be honest about your experience and share with us, you know, how things went for you. Let’s talk a little bit about some of the different materials that we use and some of the building products. We use a TAMCO building products. Uh, they are one of the nations and nations, most leading independent manufacturer of residential and commercial products, manufacturer of different types of war, roofing products. They take care of coming up with waterproofing products, decking, a composite decking products, uh, even railing systems and different types of cements. And then also roof coatings. Tamco is a great product. I’ve used it for years. Um, it has a really good laminate self sealing asphalt shingle that’s been used for many years. Um, they can go up to the the heritage 50, which are basically, they’re saying they’re given a 50 year limited warranty for the u l class a fire and the you o when rated, uh, with the, uh, you know, international building codes in the ratings that are in the requirements and stuff.

And so now, now another good shingle, which you actually prefer a little bit more than Tamco is that of GAF mushy materials, Gaf, shingles. Uh, they have an all weather tight roofing system. Uh, and so many times when you’ve gone through the schooling and everything, you become what’s called a GAF master elite. And a, that’s would make a certified contractor for installation here in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, um, the GAF laptop lifetime roofing system. Instead of being a 30 year or 50 year, they considerably considerably call it a lifetime system. So we really love the systems that they offer for us. And being able to be a certified contractor is a great part of being a part of their team. And speaking of being a part of [inaudible] team, you know what I love about our company here in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, the advanced course or systems the home with the roof nerds.

I love how we have our lab specifically. It’s been a lot of time and a lot of money to make sure that our roof nerds have been properly trained. And so with that, uh, there are multiple things that roof nerds bring Vu, um, like different tips to avoid, you know, expenses, unnecessary expenses for commercial roofing. So there are some tips that we’d like to cover and we’d like to talk about. And so here’s just a quick list of some of the things to consider. One is what type of roofing do you have? You really want to consider that. Um, first and foremost, whether you have steel, copper, metal, Mod bit, uh, whether it has a coating on, whether it is Tpo, EPD, single ply, thermo set, thermoplastic, whatever kind of it is, you want to consider that. And then you want to hire the right roof or you want to consider one that’s local.

You want to consider the pricing, you want to talk to them maybe more than one roofer and you considered that you hire the right one and one that communicates really well the way we do here at advanced commercial systems. Um, you want continual care for your roof. One is basically like we have a smart roof plan where we put them in motion, a plan. Do we take care of your roof, uh, every year with a bi annual maintenance checkups. Another is listened to the experts now. Yeah, we are experts in the industry. We all have and you know, back a background of engineering certification for inspecting roofs. And so I would say we’re an expert. Um, I would love for you to just talk with us and let us share with you openly what’s going on with your roof. And then you just do whatever it takes to get the roofs leaked to stop whenever you have a roof leak and the issue, you give us a call, we’ll come out 24 hours.

That’s where we step in. We do whatever it takes to get it taken care of. So, Hey, I want to thank you for, could come into and join me in with another podcast today here, advanced commercial systems here and commercial roofing, broken arrow. It’s once again, a pleasure to talk with everyone and to share with everyone just some of the basics and some of the wonderful things about commercial roofing here in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, home of the roof, nerds, advanced commercial systems. We want you to understand that it’s not rocket science, it’s roof science and stay dry.