Welcome again to another podcast, our podcasts specifically designed by advanced commercial systems. Hi, I’m the owner and a founder of advanced commercial systems. My name is Marty Grisham and I am a commercial roofer and I’m proud of it. I’m proud of the industry that we’re in. I’m proud of the National Roofing Contractors Association in RCA. You know, in RCA is a great business, is a great support to all of us residential and commercial roofers out here. They offer tons of information for us, tons of training experience, uh, technical skill, a lot of different things. And I tell Ya, the manuals they put out literally show you everything you want to know about commercial roofing a bout. The only problem I have with the manuals are they are so stinking expensive. It costs me almost a thousand dollars to buy four manuals from him. It’s really expensive books, but you know, it’s a great cost. Look to us for commercial roofing Broken Arrow.

It’s a great expense because it’s so useful for what we do in the industry and what we do every single day here in commercial roofing broken arrow. So let’s talk about broken arrow. Let’s talk about their surrounding cities. Let’s talk about toll. So let’s talk about, you know, just the industry in standard, uh, of what commercial roofing is all about. You know, whether you’re a commercial roofer or a commercial roofing company or a commercial roofing contractor, we, uh, we want to be a light and a shining light to just the industry and the, the honesty and the ethics and the integrity that we bring to the table. You know, there’s a lot of dishonest people in the world. And you know, one of the big challenges, uh, as Mark Twain talked about, one of the biggest challenges in life is been able to, to, uh, perceive deception as he said, be the, the ability of perception of deception is really a key that’s being lost more and more because so many people just say things, they just say so many different things that just comes to the top of their mind. We help with commercial roofing Broken Arrow.

But I’ll tell you a, here at advanced commercial systems, we, we strive above all else to have integrity and especially in with our customers and our clients here in commercial roofing broken arrow. Um, I’ll tell you, many of the people we’ve hired over the years and worked with over the years, we really strive for character and I, and now someone’s character. You know, when we hire a roof nerd, when we hire office staff, when we were higher, our professional, uh, repair staff, the things that we do here, we hire for character. And I’ll tell you, someone’s character is only going to take them as far as their character can go. Someone’s character is going to stop. Their growth is going to stunt and, and, and stop him from moving forward. I’ve seen it over and over and over again and it’s really, it’s really a shame, um, that we had to turn everything about what we do in the industry.

You know, people are hiring of repair guys in her hiring contractors. They’re hiring a lot of people in the industry today because businesses are growing and developing and changing. And I can’t tell you anyone else. I can not tell you any other contractor we know in the industry. This specifically makes 100% of their hiring process. The way we do with our roof nerves here at advanced commercial systems in commercial roofing broken Arrow, I can’t tell you of anyone else who does it strictly 100% off of character. Character is the key we’re looking for because a person can grow and technical skill but many times they’re, they’re stumped or their their their cutoff by a lack of character so if they already have character in place when they come on board with us, man, I’ll tell you, we just, we, we are happy to welcome in.

We bring them in and it’s really a great pleasure to be able to have people that you can trust, that you can look them in the eye and you trust them and they trust you and you just have a great working relationship. Now I am the boss and the owner here and the manager, the CEO of advanced commercial systems and I know all the guys that we’ve hired. I work with all of them every single day. Then a lot of times I’m managing their day and putting things in place for them to go. And so here’s some of the accountability that we ask of our guys are our roof nerds, are staff that we have. I have gps and all of our vehicles, we put the GPS and the vehicles so that we have accountability of where they’re going and what they’re doing. I’ve heard the horror stories a lot of people have dealt with, which they’ve had a contractor, I don’t know.

I worked with a roofing company years and years and years ago, 10 years ago, 12 years ago. And two of the guys, uh, had two company trucks that worked for that same company and they went to a local bar here in Tulsa, a strip club. And they sat at at noon and one and two and three o’clock now or in the day they said inside a strip club, watched naked ladies and drank beer. And so, uh, that’s a company truck parked outside there that is a company, employees completely, uh, cheating on their wives for one and just living this horrible life, uh, of just as drunk. And stupid or life. That’s really a shameful, and I can’t say they didn’t necessarily even we’re, we’re very much, um, reprimanded. Uh, I don’t remember that they were reprimanded too much for what happened there. I think one of the guys eventually quit and left or was fired.

But you know, I was really shocked that those things were even allowed, you know, you, we won’t have problems. Uh, ethical character, um, you know, moralistic problems with our roof nerves because we hire them out the gate and we set up all the standards and all the accountability. You know, they punch in, oh, they have a, it’s called timesheets. It is a clock, uh, registering clock, um, database click clock in, clock out sheet in commercial roofing broken Arrow that is on their phone system. And so when they click into their phone, they click in, you know, the, the time sheet and it gives the location at where they were when they clocked in. So it doesn’t allow them to clock in from home without us knowing that, hey, they’re saying they’re at work, but they’re at home when they clocked in. It gives the actual location on a map of where they’re clocked him.

So, so stuff like that is what we do. Um, you know, micro managing people is the key for them to do a good job and for everyone to be happy with the job that they’re doing. Some people hate the word micromanagement. It is the most powerful, most wonderful thing because it is transparency and it is accountability. And it is what we, what we have in our personal lives is with, is the managers and the owners of, of, of advanced commercial systems here in commercial roofing broken arrow. And it’s also we have in our spiritual lives, we have people over us. It’s what we have in our financial lives. We have a business coach who coaches are business coaches. What we do on our personal time, and so we’re being, we’re being micromanaged and our personal life now you, so you think being the owner of a company, some big thing and you’re going to live any way, you won’t know if you’re going to be successful.

You need to have transparency, you need to have accountability. And so that’s what we absolutely require. It is a pure necessity before we hire anyone here at advanced commercial systems that we spend quite a bit of time digging into their personal lives and seen what their characters but about seeing, oh you know, what do they go to church? Are they married? Do they seem to be honest people calling up to four or five past references and jobs that they’d held in the past and really digging in and asking questions about why are they no longer working with you. So we really look into all the specifics because once you hire someone, you’re stuck with them. So we want to resolve any issues or problems or questions before we ever hire that person. So here at advanced commercial systems, it is an honor for us to be able to work with our clients and that’s why we do so much in the transparency, translucency accountability in the hiring of character with our employees so you can have the best experience in commercial roofing Broken Arrow.

That is why we do so much at all in that line. And here in commercial roofing, broken era with advanced commercial systems home with a roof nerds, you can reach us anytime. Go into our website. Okay. Roof nerds.com when you go on the website, you’ll see our phone number. It is (918) 973-1010 you can go on there and click on our schedule now or book now. And by that you can type in your name, your phone number, your email address and then we very quickly call you, get back with you and we begin to question, you know about eight to 10 different things like where is your, what’s your address? Uh, how long have you had the building? Do, are you the owner of the building? Are you the property manager? Then we move over into the building. Do you have know any of the history of the roof?

Can you share that? Is their interior or exterior ladders that are accessing the roof? Is it a one story, two story, three story, up to eight story. The 12 story, you know, we work on any size roof, whether it be low rise, medium rise or high rise. We work on every song, every kind of roof there is. And so we go down through a process of the, if you, if you know the history of the roof, if you’ve been there a while and he knows some of the history, we’re going to want to ask you the last time it’s been worked on, we might ask you who’s worked on it. We might ask you questions along that line because we’re trying to take all this information and bring it together because there’s things about the industry as things about warranties that other roofers might have, um, that you need to know about. We’re the best in commercial roofing Broken Arrow.

For instance, I was called to look at a roof for a few weeks ago. I went out and looked at it and it was put on about three years ago and I said to the building owner, I said, listen, you know this, this roof could still be under warranty with the other roofer. And that’s when the building owner said to me, well, they’re not answering their phone anymore. They’ve tried for three years after the new roof was put on, brand new in commercial roofing broken arrow. They tried for three years to make the links go away. We need someone else that can do it. And so that’s why they called us. So this is what we’re talking about today. We’re talking about having character. We’re talking about doing the best that we can do as a commercial roofing company here in commercial roofing broken arrow. We appreciate you for listening to another podcast today. We appreciate all your time. Once again, remember it’s not rocket science. It’s roof science and please stay dry.