Well today we have another podcast for you. I’m Marty Grisha. And with advanced commercial systems, we are the best, the absolute best first string commercial roofers and the Greater Tulsa area. And in broken Arrow, Owasso sands springs. Uh, could we go in pool a Waso, you name the city in this local area and we take care of it, especially in Bixby, in broken Arrow and Tulsa North Tulsa over in West Hall. So we take care of roofs all over the place. We go over to Norman Edmond, Yukon, Okc. We take care of every area that needs. Um, because we do commercial roofing, we don’t just focus on, you know, any one kind of roof. We do all kinds of roofs. So with that sheet metal fabrication, you know, modified bitumen, single applies. It doesn’t matter what time of roof or what type of roof it is, we are the best for you.

Now, once in a lifetime is the word we want to use today. Once in a lifetime you might get the best route if you could ever get well, that’s not necessarily the case with us. We will take care of you every single time and we will give you the ones in the best in the lifetime. Every single time in commercial roof, in broken Arrow, we do a lot of fabrication and we do a lot of helping with flashing around, uh, you know, curbing areas on flat roofs with mechanical machinery such as HVC units and stuff like that. Now you may have a budget for your roof. That’s perfectly fine. We love budgets and we love doing your budgets on time. We promise you we are going to get your job done on time and in budget. Now we finished the roof, went out of the day, we finished it one day after I originally thought we would and then we had two guys on the roof for another day after that to just fill in some loose ends.

We put a 60 mil, a GAF TPO on top of that roof with three inches of ISO, you know, for a 21. Our value to meet the broken error code here in commercial roofing broken arrow. Ah, no big deal though. When we’ve got no one. That job, we put one of our guys up there with, you know, to fill in some loose ends and stuff. And so you know, a lot of times we don’t use guys that are just jacked jacks of all trades. We specifically are specialized in commercial roofing. You know, the cruise that we use are our roof nerds that we use. They’re all trained to the best practices possible and we’ve done millions of square feet of roofing and so all you have to do is give us a call. We would love to help you in any way, you know, getting your job done on time in the timeframe that we plan.

Um, that working with the budget is sometimes a challenge. Um, but I’ll tell ya, you know, within that, at the end of the day you should really ask us about our smart roof plan. Our smart roof plan really bounces off of the road. It’s not rocket science, it’s roof science. And then also our roof nerds. You know, our commercial maintenance program called the smart roof Prek program. We treat your roof a lack of the valuable asset that you’d think of. It is if you consider your roof to be, uh, you know, a valuable assets. So do we. And so we are licensed, we are licensed for commercial where lashings for residential, we are fully insured up to 2 million aggregate insurance, general liability every year we’ve got worker’s comp, we’re fully insured. Our crews are fully insured with worker’s comp. So if there’s ever a big deal, a big project that needs to come up in Tulsa or commercial roofing, broken era, you know, you don’t have to waste time, you can just give us a call and we will be out. Like I say, once again, ready for the no brainer, 24 hour evaluation, no one’s really offering that. You know, you might get a guy come out and do a 24 hour or you know, we do that every single time. A 24 hour assessment, evaluation or inspection, whichever one of those really matches what you’re trying to accomplish in commercial roofing Broken Arrow


here at advanced commercial systems. We’re not your typical roofing contractor. You know, we have a state of the art fabrication companies that we work with. We’re not just here to uh, you know, throw, flashing or curving around a unit or, or coping cat or a pair of wall or even that of a metal roof fabrication. We have experience of many years. I’ve got guys right now that work with me for Co commercial roofing. They are the best in the area. Hands down the projects they’d done the banks we could point you to. The schools they have done are literally second to none of quality and the experience that they bring to the table for us.


So with our smart roof plan, which is a bi annual maintenance plan to take care of your roof with that plan, we give vital checkups and detailed reports for you. Um, we do that with video, a full walkthrough. We do that with pictures and we do that drawing a diagram of your roof or taking a aerial photo shot with our Jerome and with thermal imaging. Really to give you an idea of what’s going on. We find it every single day that property owners, building owners, property managers, they are not near as knowledgeable about their roof is what they should be. So we just take it upon ourselves. It’s our job to step in, in commercial roofing, broken Arrow and provide information. You know, we can shut her ourself, roof nerds. We are the home of the roof nerves so that okay, we want to bring information, we want to bring data, we want to bring in, you know, the, the, the nitty gritty of what’s going on from the decking all the way to the top membrane of that roof.

What kind of life cycle is left in the roof? What was the original lifecycle that should have been expected in the roof? If there is leaking, is the ISO board how much I show board? Is there how much our values in that ISO board without ISO board in there, is it wet? What areas are where we can find that out with thermal imaging? Uh, the majority of the time we have great success with that depending on the roof cycle and everything. So you know, the, the, the life cycle of your roof could be really cut in half and you could lose valuable warranty time if your roof maintenance is not kept up. And so that’s where we come in. We take care of problematic areas, pair pit walls. I mean if you could have one small leak that is causing tons of water to come into a roofing system to completely saturate and soak, uh, hundreds of square feet of ISO board, three, four or five inches thick, completely submerged in water, we need to take care of that little EDBD leak before it ever starts.

Such a big issue. Those issues, when they get that big, you have to really begin to consider replacing the whole roof or I replacing a very large portion of the roof. So instead of being a $400 repair of that small spot that’s leaking, you might turn into a $14,000 repair, a $4,000 repair. So please, I mean for free. It’s a no brainer for us to come out and do a free evaluation and for free. We do the initial evaluation for our smart roof maintenance plan for your roof. We make you smarter, we’re smarter and your roof is smarter. Your roof becomes more watertight than even when it was originally put on in the beginning. Here in commercial roofing, broken air, we’re very passionate about roofing. We’re very passionate about our maintenance plan. We’re very passionate that when you call us we will deliver what you’re needing.

So he gave us a call when you’re only, if you’re on this podcast today with us, go to our website real quick. I’m going to go there with you. Let me pull it up here. Okay, let me type it in here. Okay. Roof nerves. Okay. Roof nerds.com okay, I’m pulling this website up and as a pull this up and clicking on it. Now as a pool it up, I can begin to see pretty quickly that at the top of the page there’s a phone number (918) 973-1010 and that is a number that you’d even call right now. 24 hour roof repair, roof restoration, roof maintenance, roof replacement in reroofing. It’s all available to you. It’s not rocket science, it’s roof science. There is tons of complexity in a roof system. Now, there might not be a lot in a Shingo system. They’re not. You know, basically you got your felt, you put your shingle zone, you need to make sure your decking and meets code you’re going to need, there’s some things you need to make sure they’re taken care of.

You know, are you putting Reedze, are you putting starter the things that you need to take care of? Are you putting ice and water shield and valleys and other penetration points, other problematic or potentially problematic areas? Um, of those things need to be looked into. But when it comes to flat roof, think about what we’re talking about. The torrential rains we get here in broken Arrow and suddenly that roof is having that torrential rains where it’s just sitting there completely submerged in water. The water’s not running off. It’s sitting there. You need a roof with no cracks, no issues, no problems. You need the highest quality roof that we can offer you. And that’s what we call our smart roof plan. Now let me tell you some of the clients that we’ve worked for. Chewies, Walgreens, farmer’s insurance, Osu Medical Center, a Bsn sports Maggio’s, kindercare, sand port auto.

We have worked, I mean dollar general. We just finished a job for Bank of America. We just finished a job for dollar general. Um, actually doing an estimate tomorrow for a dollar general where the whole, the back of the roof has opened up and allowing water flooding in inside of a wall over, uh, you know, on the other side of West toll. So, and so here in commercial roofing, broken air, we’re very experienced in what we do. We’re passionate what we do, and I tell you, we don’t mind going down the middle of the night with flashlights to try to stop the leak. We do what we tried to. We do what we can to really stop your issue w and we want you to sleep and good at night. So whether it’s smart solutions, systematic plans, product knowledge, technical expertise, the complexity of your roof, that’s what we live for.

We live to make your roof work better every single day. Uh, I’m going to read right here. Science behind the systems in commercial roofing, broken arrow. We have tons of science in Thermo Polyolefin. Uh, we have tons of science in PVC, EPD them. We have tons of science and how these systems and each layer, each membrane works together with the substrates and the barriers below it. Working with the decade blow it, the screws, non rusting screws and plates systems for mechanically adhered systems. It doesn’t matter what we do, we use the highest product knowledge and the highest a manufactured product quality to take care of your roof. So I just want to say thanks again for joining in today. For another podcast, I think is podcast 83 with advanced commercial systems. We’re excited to have you with us today and, uh, I’ll tell you if you need anything, give us a call. Once again, our number is (918) 973-1010 give us a call, 24 hours, we’ll come out and help you in commercial roofing broken arrow and in the Greater Tulsa area.