Welcome to another podcast with advanced commercial systems. We are the home of the roof nerds and we know commercial roofing. If you ever have questions, comments, or concerns about your commercial roof, we are definitely the best company in town to call you, give us a call, we will give you a free roofing, the valuation to show you exactly what’s going on. There’s nothing worse in life than being confused. And that’s what today’s message. And that’s what today’s podcast is about. Confusion. You know, I, it’s, it’s really strange to me. I was with some missionary friends the other day. Uh, we were hanging out here in commercial roofing broken arrow. And as we were hanging out, they begin to, one of the missionaries is from India and he has a Bible School in India. And we sit down and we got to talk for about an hour. And then some other friends who were there who go over there and minister and his Bible School, they came over and we were all talking about different aspects of the country of India.

India has 1.3 billion people. Uh, it is like 75%. And Muslim, um, other religions. But the Christianity religion is only 3%. And so we were going through all the dynamics of the country and how it’s different than the u s and one of the big reasons is because of the lack of Christianity there, because the culture’s just so different. And then the religion is going to drive everything to be different as well. But the one thing that stood out was one of the people said, the place is so hectic that everyone just is confused at every day. They just don’t know what they’re doing. They don’t know what’s going on. There’s just a spirit of confusion over the whole country. It’s just continually chaotic. And so that’s, that really hit me. That really stuck me because I’ve seen confusion and I’ve heard of people talk about Confucius and Confucius say white rice is better than brown rice. What does this have to do with commercial roofing Broken Arrow?

I don’t know. Here in commercial roofing Broken Arrow, uh, advanced commercial systems with commercial roofing broken Arrow, we lots of white rice and brown rice. But I understand what it means to have something you trying to accomplish, but you’re confused on what to do. That’s why I love how we have our company set up in the with a servant hood mentality. Now what I mean by that is when we work with you and we begin to interact with you concerning your commercial roof, literally we’re trying to come in and endeavoring to answer all of your questions and there are many times there are questions you would never know that you have. Oh, so the very first day, the, the 30 45 minute time we sit down with you and we begin to cover all the different aspects of your commercial roof and you know, the history of your roof, what’s your roof is currently made out of, uh, all the other aspects of your roof in commercial roofing broken arrow.

As we begin to explore and share with you all the data we get, we gather. Now real question before we go any further, when do we gather this data? Well, we gather all of this data when we do our 24 hour free roof evaluation. That’s part of our biannual roof plan. And it’s also just basically you call you won’t your roof looked after? Tell us so we can tell you if it needs repair or you have a leak. We’re going to give you the same thing over and over. We’ve got this thing down to a science. The data that we gather for every roof that we look at, we’ve got it down to a science and we’ve got it down to a way as to every single time we begin to work on a roof began to touch the roof began to get our eyes on a roof to help commercial roofing Broken Arrow services.

We begin to put together the entire data plan of where the roof is, where the roof’s going to be in the future with no work being done to him and where the roof is going to be in the future. If we begin to do repairs and begin to do a biannual just once a year, twice a year, checkup and maintenance plan c maintenance plans are so important. But I’ll tell you another reason why I was talking about India while ago. And the reason why I was talking about confusion is because there’s nothing worse than having confusion on something like your building or, or your business or your finances. And Know I was in a coaching meeting the other day for my business and they begin to share some different aspects of the finances. And I was confused for a just a very short period of time. I had asked ask a few questions, but I had no idea what they were talking about because it wasn’t stated in a way that I could understand.

And so I asked some questions, they answered my questions and then I understood everything. So the reason why I shared that with you, and so I want you to know that you do not know everything about your roof. And it’s my job and it’s our job. I train, I personally train all of our roof nerds. It is our job in commercial routine, broken arrow to come out, sit down with you and to educate you on what does it mean to have our value. What does it mean that we’re endeavoring to follow the international building code? What parts of the international building code applied to broken arrow. A lot of Tulsa apply to jeans. Every city’s got us different. We look into all of that and we really do find what, what you need to do to meet code, what you need to do to have the best water tight membrane possible. We are the best in commercial roofing Broken Arrow.

Today I want to talk a little bit, uh, get off of the confusion aspect of a lot of people deal with for commercial roofing. And I want to get over a little bit into a retrofit metal roofs. Now if I was to just say retrofit a, there’d be tons of confusion because no one knows what that means. If you’re not in the industry, rarely would you find someone like even the property manager really know what that specifically means. Now the terminology retrofit that we’re dealing with today, um, cause it could have had some different terminologies and some different aspects of the industry over the years. But what it’s kind of molded itself into four today is specifically taken metal roofs, very specifically standing seam and our panel. So basically your normal metal roofs and taking those roofs and uh, putting a filler and insulation filler between the ridges.

So the majority of roofs that are our panel have every one foot. There’s a ridge that sticks up and that’s the, that’s the raised panel. That’s to our panel, part of, of our panel. They’re raised panel. And so we, we, we put filler that fits in perfectly inside each and every one of those groups. And we put those in and then we lay a layer of TPO or a layer, technically have a fiberboard or we try to keep it a pretty fair price dins deck, some type of decking that would go just over the top of that filler to make a nice smooth continuous surface. And now, so we’re adding some installation, we’re adding some and they’re also, we’re adding also, why not use, uh, you know, dins deck or use a three quarter inch fiberboard or half inch fiberboard that actually has 1.6 our value.

So do you know that that will half inch fiberboard actually has a 1.6 our value. So adding that to a roof actually helps as well. And so you add these things and then you let it do a TPO layover over the top of that. And that’s what you call a metal roof retrofit. Basically we’re taking a a, a roof that’s not flat because of the ridges. We’re making it flat, filling it in with installation and then we’re laying TPO on top of that, making a really nice flat roof. One of the aspects of this is it has a nice slope. I know the first big TPO that I did over in Sheridan years and years ago, large, extremely large roof. It actually had a pretty good slope on it. It wasn’t a really, it was like between low slope and it was like a two and a half, 12, three, 12.

So it, it actually had a pretty decent slope to it. And so I’ve never had to worry or wonder about ponding on the roof. [inaudible] last, uh, podcast over the last year, I’ve definitely covered ponding what ponding is about, how ponding hurts you. I’ve covered a lot of those different aspects. And so Pauline is basically low areas and a flat roof that just collect water and hold water because the drain off isn’t working and it’s a low dip area that this holds water like a little biti ditch or the BD pawn. And so that’s ponding well these roofs retro fit roofs you, you’ve probably never will deal with ponding because they’re normally a metal roof that has the little bit of a steeper slope. And so to have that and to put a TPO on it, so the TPO already has the capability or a PVC already has the capability of deterring water and literally holding water is very similar to that of a swimming pool liner, a a swimming pool liner in commercial roofing broken arrow.

And so as we put this TPO on the roof, the water’s getting off quickly. I would definitely have a gutter system because that water’s going to be coming off nice and strong and so that water is going to be coming off. There’s not going to be any ponding that retrofit and metal roof with a TPO covering could sit there for 2025 years and just do a great job. Now even the seams are easier to weld and easier to do their job when you have the perfect slope on the roof. So here at advanced commercial systems we are absolute professionals at commercial roofing broken arrow. And if you are looking for a new roof, if you’re looking for a maintenance plan, if honestly, I mean just, just, just simple as I can make it. Just the absolute no brainer of an idea that I can make it of something you absolutely can’t even say no to.

I come out for free or a [inaudible], one of my top notch roof nerds. They measure your roof, they look at your roof, they put together spreadsheet, an entire spreadsheet document for you, an actual prevented roof analysis of all the data of your roof and what you could do in the future to keep that roof in its current range of lifespan. And then even extend that last Pam. Hey here, advanced commercial systems, home with a roof nerds. We would love to help you in anything that you ever need. Give us a call here in commercial roofing broken arrow. We would love to serve you once again, it’s not rocket science, it’s a roof science.