Here we are. Oh, the another podcast. I’m with the best roofing company town, advanced commercial systems, you know, for a long time. Now we get together once a week and we do podcast for the commercial roofing in northeast Oklahoma. And today we’re going to talk about just a lot of the general, uh, sustainabilities and different aspects of commercial roofing and the best company around a advanced commercial systems. Now, advanced is a local commercial roofing contractor. It is a local commercial roofing company. Uh, we have a great reputation, uh, built a bond reliability. Our reputation has also built upon not just workmanship but a quality workmanship. And the one thing we do here extensively is we embrace our community, uh, with a regional vision. So we don’t just say, hey, we’re going to isolate ourselves and do just what’s needed in a certain region for commercial roofing broken arrow.

But we, we embrace the entire region, the regional vision, uh, and the culture and the mission of Oklahoma. So Oklahoma is, and you know, they’re very unique and very specific and especially with the roofing that we have because I mean, let’s face it, at the end of the day, we live in tornado alley. We lived right in the middle of some high winds. Now literally as I’m sitting here in my office doing this podcast outside, we were having 40 mile an hour gust of wind. And so just to let you know, uh, this, this is what we do with on a day to day basis. So, but our experts, they’re called, uh, here at advanced commercial systems in commercial roofing broken arrow. Our experts are actually called roof nerds. And we, we work on almost every type of building you can imagine. And many of those are, are, are very visible buildings, uh, in the communities that we serve.

And so with that being the case, uh, it’s very important to uphold a good name in the industry, a good name in the community with the vision that we set forth, the mission that we set forth, the culture that we interact with. So we go in either way or from medical centers to industrial plants, manufacturing plants. We work with shopping malls, we work with banks. I know there’s, we just worked a, our third job on a bank by Bank of America just in the last few days and educational facilities. You know, the, I know La public schools, elementary public schools and nine little bit. We’re working with those guys. We worked with Langford Academy, uh, Christian Academy and Langston Christian Academy. And so there’s a lot of different things we’ve done with public school systems, government facilities of just general restaurant businesses, Walgreens, chewies, restaurant, farmers, insurance, state farm insurance, Osu medical buildings. We do many commercial roofing Broken Arrow projects.

I mean the list goes on and on. What we’ve done here, now our, our company was founded years ago and when our company became founded, we knew that we wanted to stick with northeast Oklahoma. That’s where we, we focused. That’s where a lot of our business stays. And now we do reach all throughout the state because we are endorsed not just for a region of Oklahoma, but we have our commercial license and endorsement and insurance is everything. Everything required for the entire state of Oklahoma. Now we can reach over to other states as well. And you know, the one thing that I have to say about us that stands out is our commitment to providing quality, uh, systems, commercial roofing systems. They can be challenging, they can be interesting, uh, to apply to install because every single roofing system is different and you always run into problems and it’s good to have the solutions in the experience before you even run the end of the problem. Experience matters in commercial roofing Broken Arrow.

And that’s what we found with the years in the service that we have of this industry and the experience and the things that we’ve done. It’s really good to say that we have, are able to really provide a quality commercial roofing systems for the entire Tulsa area over to jinx, Awaso, sand springs, all the surrounding areas. I know a Wagner, all the customers and clientele that we’ve had, uh, give us great thumbs up and you can check out our reviews and see well over 110 hundred and 15 reviews. And with that you can just see the amount of, um, great reviews. And content of the, what people are saying about us specifically and how we’ve treated them and how things have worked out now are highly trained, well trained employees. We call those the roof Menards. Now our roof nerds are not just someone sitting here behind the desk answering the phone here in the office. We are out in the commercial roofing Broken Arrow field.

Our roof nerds are the guys and the gals if need be that go out and look at the roofs and take care of commercial roofing broken arrow. And so they go out in the by highways and the byways and, and they, they see the roofs, they do the inspections, they follow the rules that we set for them. And there’s a 100% commitment from us to not just earning your business but building a trust with you and creating what we call positive impact enforcement. And so in that we just basically are leaving you with a smile on your face. And we do that for almost every person we come into contact with in the community, not just in the commercial roofing, but also just in other aspects of where we give back, where we do community service aspects, different things that we do in the community that stand out.

I’m not talking about just going to trade shows and putting up a table and talking to people. No, that’s marketing. That’s sales. That’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about doing a good job and creating good rapport with people. Um, who needs someone they can trust. They’re trusting people with their homes or trusting people with the roots of their homes. They’re trusting or they’re looking for a contractor that can trust, um, you know, with their commercial buildings. And that’s where we stayed in step in and we do the best work that we can. And so once again, positive impact, that’s what we’re looking at having for ourselves in the Greater Tulsa, the local community here. And so, um, once we understand that one of the most important aspects, um, is providing each of our customers within an excellent experience, not just a good experience, not just a great experience, but the best experience possible.

And so that’s what we call the excellent experience as part of our smart roof package. And it’s what we do for our class every single day. Now, new roof installs, new Ruth installations, we do those, we do roof repairs, roof replacements, reroofing and we get it done right the first time. And that’s a critical aspect of who we are and what we’re about in the industry. Um, we believe in transparency and that’s, that’s one of the biggest aspects about us that I have to brag on every single day with us. The transparency that we show in our processes and our, the time we step on your roof to the time we stepped down. There’s accountability, there’s, there’s a complete transparency and every step of the process. And so it’s surprising is one of the things is, is really surprises a lot of our clients, of how we’re going out of her way to show them that we’re being honest and ethical with them.

And so when it comes down to installing a new roofing system, I’ll even be open with them concerning budgeting on our side, what it takes, what kind of profitability it is on our side. Because, you know, at the end of the day, they just need someone they can trust and there’s not just pulling the wool over their eyes and make it a 50, 60% profit, you know, on a roof that really shouldn’t have a 30, 35% profit or even down to a 25% profit. And so that, that, uh, cause that’s the standards in the industry, that’s the standards for construction. And so that transparency is a large part of what we focus on every day in commercial roofing broken arrow. Now, uh, our, our operations, uh, what we do, we’re organized, we’re highly efficient and how we run our business. We’re clean, our truck stay clean. Our job sites are clean, our employees are well groomed and they, they’re well spoken.

They do a great job. We don’t have employee accidents and, and you know, like, uh, a guy run into the side of a building with his truck or his trailer, we don’t have stupid stuff like that happened that were very aware every day of all of the different aspects of our own operation so that we’ll, we’ll be in better position to not have accidents with our vehicles and we put all the safety measures in place. So there’s no issues with people falling off of buildings or anything like that. You got to understand though, it’s very important that every aspect of our safety pray program, um, you know, whether it’s through the national roofing contractors association or through Osha or through the international building code of just bringing together all the information to make sure that our safety program has followed not just by me and our roof nerves, but also specifically by our subcontractors and making, they do what they’re supposed to do.

And we put together a great program of safety and it is being followed completely. And so after many years of, uh, growing and considering other locations, we’re one of the most successful roofing contractors and the Greater Tulsa area, especially here with commercial roofing broken arrow. And so if you’re looking for a roof, if you’re looking for an estimate, if you’re looking just for a free evaluation, the hands down is, it’s not even, it’s not even to be spoken. It’s just the fully be understood that we are the ones that call. If you’re going to call other roofers, please, by all means, give them a call. But at the end of the day, you definitely want to make sure you dial (918) 973-1010 [inaudible] because when it comes to commercial roofing, when it comes to the expertise of the transparency and accountability, the free roof evaluation that we call the no brainer, um, our maintenance plan, we call a smart roof plan that puts together an entire evaluation of your roof. We do all of this to provide you with the best service possible in commercial roofing broken arrow. So you give us a call, you check us out online at [inaudible] dot com you give us a call at (918) 973-1010 and I guarantee you, you’re going to like the service you get from us. You’re going to like the expertise we bring to you from commercial roofing broken arrow. We hope you have a great day. We hope you have a wonderful weekend. And, uh, once again, it’s not rocket science, it’s roof science and stay dry.