Welcome again to another podcast with advanced commercial systems, America’s most wonderful commercial roofing company here in the Greater Tulsa area here at advanced commercial systems. We pride ourselves in being roof nerds and now specifically that’s talking about what the definition of a nerd is specifically a technical expert in a specific field. And that’s what we are with commercial roofing. We are technical experts in the commercial field of commercial roofing. So once again, want to welcome everybody for joining our podcast and all the listeners out there, all the people that hear live, all the people that read our articles after they’re printed, our whole purpose in this podcast is to educate and help our people, uh, in the, in the local community here, increase in knowledge and where that’s where we say that we’re endeavoring doing crease everyone’s commercial roofing Iq. If you have worked in the commercial roofing industry before and if you have seen what it’s like, uh, you’d get a pretty good idea pretty quickly that, um, there’s a, uh, a large continual lack of knowledge with building owners and property managers because I understand, uh, here in commercial roofing broken Arrow and toll say and the greater area here and north, northeast Oklahoma.

I understand the, the lack of the deficit of understanding commercial roofing because it is complex. Um, you know, when you look at a house and you can stand in your yard and watch a roofing company put shingles on your house, I understand that you can see decade and you can see felt paper, you can see the shingles and you might be a see some ice and water shield. You might see some of the things that is needed and some of the things installed. Um, but when it comes to commercial roofing, you can’t stand on the ground and watch a commercial roof being done. They’re flat, you know, when it comes to, you know, flat roofs. And when it comes to steep slope versus low slope, steep slope is normally quicker because you’re doing less with it. You’re doing less a roofing to it. And also you never do well you can, but you hardly never do a above decking insulation on a residential home.

Um, there are steep slope roofs that have different types of breathing components and types of insulation products that could be, could be used, but they’re minimal insulation. You know, there are, there are commercial buildings here in toll so that we’ve had to put five, five and a half inches of insulation on. And so when it comes to the international building code, when it comes to the building code here have told us or the building building code of Oklahoma and also just the basic building code of broken Arrow here and commercial roofing broken arrow. We find that the building code is, is pretty strict and pretty astringent in what they’re asking and how they’re asking for it to be done. So when it comes to commercial roofing contractors, when it comes to commercial roofing companies, you really want to keep your eye on. Um, are they bringing up code to you?

Are they having the discussion with you concerning a full roof replacement? Are they talking about code being done? They might be afraid of you saying, oh no, that’s too much money. And they might not be mentioning the ISO that’s required to meet the international building code or the local Oklahoma Code here. So what city you’re in, it doesn’t matter. Every city is going to have some codes here in Oklahoma, the county, county, county codes, state codes, a lot of city codes, uh, there’s going to be code set up and many times they default back to the international building code. So that would make me say the majority of the state is going to follow two and a half inches of ISO required for full roof replacement above decky. Now there is code and there is a below decking installation that can be installed, but that’s below decking.

That’s not another roofing side. So we never deal with that. So here at advanced commercial systems, you know, we have the roof nerds and were specifically trained and know what the code is for your building. And we, even if we have to research it and go back in time and see what’s going on because the laws have been changed. I mean the current international building code, which were fallen right now is the 2015 version. So they haven’t come up with a later version for the international building code. I was just in it last week for about four hours looking at some things, looking at some code that needed to be looked into and some asts a standard measures that need to be for some basic, some basic upgrades for pipes, pipe links above a membrane decking, a or above the membrane for commercial roofs, for flat roofs.

There’s a lot of different things scupper sizes over drained sizes, what is needed and what’s required for buildings. And so here at advanced commercial systems, we really endeavored to stay on top of these things so that we can bring them to you and calls you to have the highest level of excellence in your commercial roofing. Because here in commercial roofing broken Arrow, um, there’s a lot of things that can be done, but there’s only one right thing that can be done. And so our roof nerves, we’re going to follow you ethically. They’re going to sit down with you and share with you specifically what needs to be done and the time that it needs to be done in. And when we go to do a big roofing project, we also just watch the weather all the time. I mean, we watched the weather, we watch the temperature.

I don’t want to install a roof in really cold weather. It’s not good for the roof product. It’s not good for our workers. It’s not good for the building. You know, if you get below 35 degrees, there’s a lot of, a lot of roofing products. They don’t even want to come out. Uh, the, most of the majority of the coatings you can’t even bring out into below 42 degrees or above 42 or 45 degrees. And so cold temperatures is not good. Um, with a lot of roofing measures. When, when it comes to shingles, you, you won’t your roof to be, in my opinion, according to the most manufacturer warranties, specifications, you’re going to want your roof to be 50 degrees or above to install a steep slope, a asphalt shingle roof or fiberglass shingled roof. You’re going to want that to be that way. You won’t that shingle to seal and it’s going to take some heat to do that.

So you get 50 degrees outside. When that sun down on that shingle, the shingle is going to go above 50 degrees because at uvs going to bounce off that shingle, it’s going to create some momentum there of heating increase. So as that happens, you can, you’re pretty good at 50 degrees, but you’re going to need a few hours. So if you’re reaching 50 degrees for one hour and then dropping down again, you know you shouldn’t be doing that residential roof that day. You should be letting the shingles come out, letting them lay out, letting them lay, letting them get in position along before tip cold temperatures ever come. Well here at advanced course will systems our roof nerds. Oh, we love this point people. One specific place and that is to the National Roofing Contractors Association. If you ever have any major questions about what we do or anywhere else, you can always reach those guys.

You can call them or go check them out of the NRC in rca.com or you can just go to our website at, okay. Roof nerds.com here at our website, you can see at the top of the page we have a phone number that’s (918) 973-1010 that is our office number. It is a 24 hour hotline number that if you have any emergency phone calls or anything taking place, you can reach us. I want to challenge you, go online and look at other roofing companies and see how many have a 24 hour open time. Have a 24 hour hotline. Very, very few of them do because they’re not dedicated to bring the highest level of excellence to their clients. The way that we are, we receive those phone calls 24 hours a day and we come out immediately. The majority of the time. If weather permits, we come out immediately to assess the situation.

Now there’s going to be a charge for the emergency call. There’s going to be a charge for the work we do, but if you value your building, if you value the business, you might have a business that generates $10,000 of profit every day because the desk or field people are on their computers and they’re producing results, right? Well, one roof leak can clear out a room. One roof leak can cause an entire room. Oh, by the way, I can’t tell you how many times I have had a roof leak come down the back wall and begin to drip all over electrical systems, computer systems, and all the different systems, security systems for commercial buildings. These systems, if they get wet, can shut down your entire office. You’re talking about a hundred $200,000 of machinery and an electrical equipment that oftentimes sits in these rooms. So it is extremely important that we come out and do a $750 repair so that we can save your hundred thousand dollars of computer equipment.

And that’s what we do here at advanced commercial systems. You call us at (918) 973-1010 and we come out and we take care of the problem. It was what, just a few weeks ago, because it was one of the last really heavy rains we had. I had two customers call, I went out in the rain, put my raincoat out and went out in the rain to assess what was going on. One was not leaking, it wasn’t causing a major problem and it had nothing to do with the re the Li, the roof leak. It was rain coming in, real strong rain, a wind driven rain beating on the side of a commercial building and water was coming around and around a a poorly insulated h vac unit that was attached to the side of the building. And so the, and then the other one I went out to assess what was going on.

It wasn’t too bad. As soon as it got dry, I jumped up on take care of that roof as well and I’ll send them a bill and they paid it in there and they called me again today with another building. I love working with property managers. I love working with building owners because if you answer quickly and you take care of their job quickly and you give them a fair price, they’ll call you over and over and over. And that’s what we do here at advanced commercial systems. And that’s what we do here. The coma, the roof nurse. So here in advanced commercial systems, home of the roof, nerds in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, we will bring you the best quality and the best price every time. Guaranteed best property, best price, and commercial roofing, broken Arab. So give us a call any time. Check out our website. We would love to hear from you if there’s anything you ever need. Just a basic question, like a metal roof question in commercial roofing, broken air, or anything of that nature. Hey, just give us a call. We’d love to answer your questions. There’s no commitment to our 24 hour free free three no brainer roofing evaluation in commercial roofing, broken arrow. No one’s doing what we do. Video problematic area pictures, a diagram of your building. We are the best at what we do.