You know, storm damage to your commercial roofing, broken Arrow can mean that your business operations might be disrupted. This is a big concern for building owners and for employers and it’s so important that you hire a roofing professional who really understands your concerns because we know it’s important to you that your business continue to run um, properly and something like a storm coming through could really cause a problem. Well first of all with advanced commercial systems, um, we want to make sure that if a storm does come through, your roof is ready, we can make sure that it is ready for any rain, any snow hail or when that might come through Tulsa. And we get a lot of rain and storms in this area. So it’s so important that you make sure your commercial roofing broken Arrow is ready to handle the weather. You can give our guys a call and they will give you a free roof inspection.

We will send out a roof nerd to give a free roof inspection in 24 hours. With advanced commercial systems, you can call (918) 973-1010 and they will make sure that your roof is ready and prepared for any weather. That might come your way. But let’s say that you do have storm damage. Well we’ve got you covered. We will give you a free roof consultation and we will come out, we have storm damage specialists that are highly trained and certified experts for your commercial roofing, broken arrow. And these guys will give you an inspection, a reinspection of free damage inspection if a storm does come through and we are available for emergency repairs. So give us a call today at advanced commercial systems or go to okay, roof and you can schedule a free roof evaluation and estimate. So in our history we have, we know it’s important to work with an experienced roofing contractor, especially when a storm strikes because there can be many roofing contractors that are not trustworthy and they seem to come out of the woodwork whenever a storm or a hailstorm hits Tulsa.

You’ll see so many roofing trucks that come in from all over the country because they chase, um, they chase where the insurance adjusters are going and where there’s been a hell storm. They basically are hell storm chasers. Well, we’ve been in the Tulsa area for years. We’ve been doing roof for many years in the Tulsa area and our guys are specialists in commercial roofs and they are specially trained to not only, you know, inspect and repair storm damage, but also to apply brand new routes to do roof replacements, roof restorations. But right now we’re talking about storm damage. So let’s talk about what they’ll do. Well first of all, they will come and check out your roof. Um, let’s say a storm has come through and you have a leak that shows up and you give us a call and, and we will set up an appointment for our guys to come out within 24 hours and they will walk you through anything.

They might find sale, take video, they’ll take photos and they will check and make sure that you know, there’s no ponding that that’s not the problem or maybe any problems you know, and your parapet walls or in your seems any, any seems that I’ve lifted up. They will check for any damage that may have happened. They will also work with your insurance company and meet with your adjuster and we’ll help to simplify the claims process. They’re here to help you to make this easy to make this, to, to navigate you through your insurance claim and getting this, your storm damage fixed on your commercial roofing broken arrow. So storms inevitably bring unethical roofing contractors into town, into Oklahoma anytime that a big hailstorm hits. And so it’s super important to use, um, guys that you can trust and you can trust us. So not only can you go to our website at, okay, roof and read reviews from our customers.

You can, there’s a list of many of our clients. There’s so many more, but we have a few listed on our website and you can also check out our Google reviews for advanced commercial systems. And you can see that we are trustworthy. We’ve been in town for years and our guys, these roof nerds are highly trained experts in the field of commercial roofing, broken Arrow and they work on medical facilities, office buildings, schools, industrial plants, churches, sports complexes, manufacturing facilities, shopping centers, retail outlets, and they do warranties for all the, those types of roofs. So you can put our genius work for you and go to okay. Roof and schedule an appointment today or call (918) 973-1010 and keep your business dry and give us a call. And we will make sure that any damage that may have happened as a result of a storm coming in to and, and, uh, coming into town that it will, um, we will make it as if it didn’t happen.

And not only can we repair the exterior of the roof, we can also fix ceiling tiles and problems that may be have resulted from the water leaking in. So, and we can help you figure out whether it’s coming in through an AC unit. You know, there’s all kinds of different things, you know, it can uh, the wind can work the nails up, it can loosen shingles. Um, all those things. You definitely need to have them checked out because sometimes with your naked eye you may not know what the problem may be, are any damage that really is caused. It takes an expert eye to see what damage may have been caused and what could cause future damage. Because the goal is to extend the life of your roof for it to last the full amount that a roof can last. You know, they only last so long and we want to extend the life of your roof so that it will maintain it’s watertight seal for as long as possible.

Sometimes we can add a recoding, we can do a roof repair or you can recount your entire roof just to extend the life of your roof. We’re experts at the roof coatings, you know, so there’s a lot of different options. There’s a lot of different options within different budgets that we can work with. We can work within your budget with advanced commercial systems, home of the roof nerds. We will take care of your commercial roofing, broken arrow. So give us a call and we will work with contractors and we will work with your insurance companies to get the storm damage fixed. But it’s also important to call us before a stone. A storm comes just in case because a storm will come eventually it’s Oklahoma, so be prepared for spring because they will come, they do every year. And so we can come and you, we can get you set up on a smart roof plan where our guys come and annually come out and just given, just give an overview of your roof and make sure that you’re prepared for the storm season.

And it’s a great service that we offer to our clients and it’s something different that we do. And just, you can probably read about that in our Google reviews too. So you know, check that out, check out our website and see there’s some, there’s some frequently asked questions on there. You can read those. Um, people ask about what type of roof do I have and what’s ponding and some of the words that we may be, I’ve talked about how do I know the age of my roof. Um, what are the determining factors to know whether I need a new roof or if a roof repair work. You know, a lot of that our guys will help walk you through all that. You can read it on our website, but our guys will walk you through that. They’ll take a core sample of your roof and they will help to decide whether the, you know, you can extend the life of your roof because we really do want to work with you and work within your budget because we know that so important for your commercial roofing, Bruh broken Arrow that, um, we can extend the life of your roof, the lifespan of your roof with this smart roof plan.

So whether you have had an emergency repair as a result of a storm, or if you’re just wanting us to give us an overview and a look to make sure that you’re prepared for the upcoming storm season, you can give us a call today for your commercial roofing broken arrow. Give us a call at, okay. Roof (918) 973-1010 with us. It’s not rocket science, it’s real science.