Welcome again to another podcast here with advanced commercial systems, America’s most beloved and true and wonderful, and just incredibly good looking commercial roofing company here in commercial roofing, broken arrow. You know, it’s a pleasure for us. Once again, how many podcasts if we’d done Jenny, do you know how many we’ve done so far?

A lot, but at, no, I don’t know the number.

If a lot was a number, I think it would be around 130 podcasts, so week after week we’re doing these podcasts or we can provide commercial roofing information for basically the Greater Tulsa area and the community that we live in. A, we have lived here well over 20 years. I’m a resident of Broken Arrow for exactly 20 years, actually 21 years. And because of that, we like to call ourselves just the local roofing company, the family owned local roofing company in heart that continually hires the best roof nerds in the world. We hire roof nerds and train them up. Specifically, I only want you to understand, we don’t hire people that have tons of skill. We hire people that have tons of character. Would you rather have someone with lots of skill on your roof and they can be in your building at night looking for, you know, when you’re not there because they get a key from a property manager and they’re looking at you right.

Building or would you rather have someone with tons of character in your building at night when you’re not there? That’s why what we do is we, we ask our clients to trust us. We asked our clients to really believe that we’re going to take good care of them and that they are the center of our universe and we’re going to really make sure that they get the best service possible.

Yeah. So we hire all of our roof nerds and we put them through training with Hague engineering. They become all certified with training, with for commercial roofing, storm damage. And then we go and make sure before we even hire them that they have tons of character. What’s your, Jenny, what’s your thought about hiring care?

Sure. Well, when we’re hiring for commercial roofing broken Arrow, we definitely look for someone who’s trustworthy, who, um, just exemplifies everything that you would want because, um, I like to feel safe. I like to feel secure that they know what they’re doing, that they know that, um, if they are touching my roof because it’s an important investment to me. Um, so I want to trust them and I want to trust that they’re going to take care of my business because my business is super important. I’ve spent years building my business. Um, even my personal business, I’m not even talking about roof cars that my personal design business, I speak years and I would not want just anyone coming in and that I couldn’t trust. So I’m very thankful that roof nodes, um, takes care to make sure they hire with character.

So one of the words you said there, Jenny, was the word trust. You know, there’s something about trust. I was talking with someone just this last week, um, that was going, that had gone through enough fair in their life. And basically I said to him, I said, it’s one thing to love. Love your spouse after an affair. If you decide to stay together, it’s another thing to automatically trust them. Trust is something that should be earned. Trust is something that we will only be earned. It doesn’t come free and if trust is broken, it is one of the hardest things to get back and to earn and to win back. And so that’s why we really do here at advanced commercial systems, home with a roof nurse here in commercial roofing broken arrow. We really do want to earn your trust and keep it. We don’t want to come in and give you crazy overpriced numbers.

I’ve got property managers that I’ve done 80 jobs for probably probably 80 to a hundred jobs for maybe even more than that. I have to sit down and see the books over the last few years. And those guys, they trust us because we give them consistent pricing. Our pricing doesn’t go up high or pricing, you know, we don’t just go in and lie to him and say, oh, material prices have gone up a whole lot. We got to charge your five more thousand for the same size job. Now they always know what our pricing is and we literally have an agreement with them. Then if our pricing goes above a certain range that I would call them and chat with him and talk to them and what’s going on. We’ve never had that happen. So it’s really been a good, it’s really been a good experience with us. And with, you know, one of the number one, one of the top property management companies in the Greater Tulsa area here at advanced commercial systems. Uh, you could be from Tulsa Jenks Awaso Glenpool, uh, Katusa you could be from Coweta commercial roofing broken Arrow, Glenn Pool, sand springs, Sapulpa, Claremore. It doesn’t matter. The area from you could be from Okmulgee. Does it matter? The area from doesn’t really matter where you’re from. We would love to show you that same top of excellence and build trust with you.

So here’s some of the things that we hire based upon. We, we want an honest person so we make sure our roof nerds are honest. If they had integrity and loyalty. We look for optimism. We like, we want our customers to feel safe and secure and just, and, and, and we want them to have a great experience that’s very important to us. Um, we look for kindness and overall just someone that you can trust. So those were some of the things that, yeah,

we look for in our employees. I love kindness. I’m sure I, I don’t know your class level where you live, but if you’ve ever gone through drive throughs quite a bit, you’ve seen, you’ve seen the people working in a drive through how, you know, where you could be in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, you could be anywhere. If you go through a draft, I’m sure you’ve seen them. You know the person you’re talking to in a bad mood. Just kind of grouchy. Just, you know, the, the facts of life are beaten down on them. They’ve lost their joy, the gloss of spring in their step. I’ll tell you something. If we’re going to send our roof and out to you and you’re not going to have that issue, you will not get rudeness. You will get someone with a smile, a good handshake, and someone who’s there to serve you.

The whole premise of our business is roofing and serving. We’ve combined those two to such a level as there were every customer we have right now has having over and over again. Excellent experiences. You know, I mean honestly, when we’re done working with customers, they consider, uh, now I’m the owner of advanced commercial systems and the founder, um, they consider us their friends. They literally like to just keep us informed of how life is going with them. And you know, we talk about our families and that’s the kind of relationships that’s the kind of trust that we like to build

with our, with our customers. Um, how important is it to you that, um, that you know, your employees, if they make an appointment with you, with your clients, how important is it that they keep it? Like, like, I mean, what are your thoughts on that? It’s important.

Well, so this is, this is how this works at our company. We are extremely organized and our project management and daily maintenance. I mean our daily management of all of our roof nerves is second to none. Um, you’ve probably heard of people use the word micromanage and macro manage. Well I want to tell you that we micromanage are our customers. I’m sorry, our [inaudible] are our roof nerves. All of our staff, I know where they are every hour I have gps in their trucks. Uh, I’m going to keep up with everything going on with them every hour. So in my phone or in my tablet, I can be anywhere in the nation and I can pull up their appointment book right in front of me, their calendar and their to do list. I can start in the morning seeing their calendar and then I can touch base with them a few times throughout the day to make sure they are updating that counter.

So every time they have an appointment with you, our office knows it and I their boss, their manager, no it. And we were keeping in contact with him, asking them to give us immediate up on like if they have a one hour appointment with you, when that appointment is over, we’re asking them to immediately sin a document into us, fueled out with how well the appointment went. We’re always staying on top of project management and also time management of our roof nerds. This accountability hour by hour is what causes our roof nerves to hold the character that they had when we hired him.

Well I think that’s really important because we know that our clients time is important and I just think in order to respect and honor our clients, it’s so, it’s very important to keep your appointments and be on time for the appointment. And so we do really, um, we pushed that with our employees and I do, I think that’s him. I can’t imagine that there’s anybody out there who has had, it, hasn’t had a bad experience with a contract or not showing up when they expect them. And it, and if you have had it and whenever you, it’s, it’s unfortunate that these days whenever we have a good experience in something, it’s more unusual than it is usual. But um, but we want it to be your normal with us at Ruth nerds for your commercial roofing, broken arrow.

So just, I’m just being reminded. Two days ago I was with a new potential client, which I’m doing an estimate for him now to do some repairs. Three years ago they got a metal roof put in. It’s leaked ever since. Not a brand new metal roof, probably $80,000 roof. It’s leaked every month or every big range since it was putting in three years ago there their contractor, they got paid $80,000 to put it in. They were having a really, really hard time even getting them on the phone. Now they’re not some big contractor that’s super, super busy there. A smaller company, they should be answering their phone, you know, I understand if you’re a big company and your phone’s burning up and you get a million calls a day, this is a smaller size family owned company. That’s just not answering their phone. They literally called me to come out and do an estimate to repair what the other roofer was not fixing because they weren’t answering their phone. Uh, I always tell everyone I’m going to answer my phone by the second ring if I don’t, I was on another line that I could not get off of because I wanted to honor the people I was on the phone with and you’ll get a call with me immediately after.

So this is just some of the basics and some of the ethics that we endeavor here at advanced course for systems and in commercial roofing, broken Arrow to show all of our customers in all of our class. Thanks again for joining. Knew that with us today for another podcast. Uh, when all else fails, stay dry.