Welcome to the advanced commercial systems and our podcast channel here with advanced commercial systems home with the roof nerds. We’re glad you tuned in with us today and we’re glad that you could check us out. We are the world of commercial roofing here in northeast Oklahoma. It’s what we love. It’s what we specialize in. And commercial roofing Broken Arrow is a passion of ours that we live in and breathe it every single day from, from morning to dark. We dream about roofing, we think about it throughout the day. We talk about it while we eat. Uh, every time that we get together, it’s just nothing about, uh, you know, TV shows. It’s nothing about restaurants, it’s just always about commercial roofing. It’s a passion of ours and it’s what we take serious in life. And so, uh, I’m Marty Grisham and we’re very glad to have you join in with us today.

Today is our 62nd podcast. I’m here with advanced commercial systems home with a roof nerds and we are talking about all different types of roofing. Um, well let’s talk about a dependable roofing. A dependable roofing is the kind of roofing company that, uh, we interact with and we claim to be every single day. You know, you might get wind damage, you might get hell damage or rained. They might pound down on your commercial building. You can call us. And when we say we’re coming, we’re actually coming. I think just in the last, uh, seriously about the last six days of business, I’ve gotten, uh, directly calls a probably about 10 direct calls just to me about commercial roofs throughout Tulsa and through out broken Arrow, uh, with broken Arrow commercial roofing, um, from property managers and building owners. Uh, and they’ve had a leak, they’ve had issues, they have businesses in certain parts of their building that are complaining and calling and emailing them with their roofing problems and almost every call, um, I am out within two hours.

That is the expertise. That is the dedication. And that is honestly what we try to bring to all of our clients. The dependability of a commercial roofing company. Um, when water’s coming in a building, there’s nothing worse because you have machinery, you have equipment, you have your employees, you know, if your roof is leaking and your buildings in bad shape, you’re the owner of the company or the owner of the building. People don’t have much respect for them. Uh, the people that work for them. And it’s really good to have the respect of the people working for you in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, we really strive to show the dependability that our property managers that we take care of, that they would like to show to their clients. So we come out, uh, like I say out of probably eight or 10 phone calls I’ve gotten in the last six days, probably out five of them I came out with in two hours.

And all of them, I came out within 24 hours a week. What we say and one of our mottos is that have we give a 24 hour roofing the evaluation of with pictures, with video if needed, withdraw, dammit, diagram of the, of the roof. They’ll be able to give that to our client. And so many times our clients call us and they just say, Hey, I’ve got this roof. And then they get off the phone, they’re busy. Um, and when they call us, they leave a stat. I normally have an email sent to them within a few hours letting them know exactly the condition of the roof. That’s how quick we try to move. Uh, we might have some big fires were taking care of care of, we might have some, some big projects. Like just a while back I had, you know, we needed to get 60 more sheets of a inch and a half ISO board for a full roof replacement we were doing in broken arrow.

And honestly I just shut out everything real quickly and ran over to see a client. Um, last year, I remember one time it kind of struck my client kinda crazy cause he called me on a Saturday morning and there was a light drizzle rain that morning and commercial roofing broken arrow. He gave me a call and he said, Hey, what you doing? I said, well, my son’s ball game. And he said, well, uh, are you playing over at so and so school? I said, yeah. He said, I thought I saw you drive by a while ago. I’m over here just a half a mile away and I’ve got one of my clients over here. This is a property manager I’m talking to and you know, they’ve got some leaking and the building, actually it was a building perfect practice there, right off of 51st and Sheridan and uh, you know, Bauer and associates there, they called and asked me what I come look at that.

And so I literally left my son’s ballgame and they were kind of shocked that I did it. But, you know, there are times when you have to show your clients that you’re, you’re really dependable. And today, I guess we’re just talking about dependable roofing being dependable. Um, they can lean on you, they can rely on you. Your word is something that you uphold. And so in broken Arrow, commercial roofing in Tulsa, commercial roofing, a commercial roofing broken arrow, it doesn’t matter where you are doing business. Dependability always looks the same. It looks like you say you’re going to do something and you do it. And so that leads us to our next point. You could be operating a warehouse. Uh, you could be in a restaurant, a very busy restaurant. You could be in a retail storefront. You know, it doesn’t matter what time of of business you’re in, whether it’s the restaurant or even a office building.

Uh, we can install and we can also repair your roof. It doesn’t matter what, what’s going on. And now let me just share with you a lot of roofs we can install and repair without causing any disruption to your business while your business is operating. And we do that the best possible way and keep that within your budget. You give us a budget and we will find a roofing system that will meet your budget. I mean, that’s oftentimes what we have to do with our clients because property managers, they might have 100 properties in three of them. Are they replacing roofs this week? We’ve come in replace all three roofs, but they equals out because, uh, you know, two years from now they replaced some other ones. So it really equals out at what they’re accomplishing and it equals out the dependability that they receive from us in commercial roofing, broken arrow.

So we strive to offer many options to our clients, whether it be repair, whether it be replacement, whether it be restoration, whether it be, um, I don’t know. Reroofing I mean, reroofing is a great aspect now. It could be, uh, asphalt roofing, metal roofing, um, you know, single ply. It doesn’t matter the type of roofing we are experts in every time that we do. And, and honestly, we really strive to show dependability, uh, on a daily basis. You know, there’s a lot of, uh, concerns with commercial roof and has a lot of concerns with roofers in general here in the Greater Tulsa area. And I know in Oklahoma City we do quite a few roofs in Edmond. I mean, in the last 12 months I’ve worked on buildings and Edmund Yukon, Norman to places in Yukon, um, to places in Norman. Uh, and just Midwest city actually worked over there.

And Dale City, it’s been multiple buildings. We’ve worked over there in Oklahoma City region and uh, we obviously do a lot in sand springs. We do some in Claremore. I’ve recently just finished two big roofs a that we did projects on and Wagner of the city of Wagner. And so, you know, oh by the way, we just finished a big project, uh, just yesterday for the Bank of America here in broken arrow. There’s a bank of America at 91st and elm. We just finished a renovation project on some, some areas that obviously had been leaking in the past of the roofers, couldn’t get the links to go away. So we step in and commercial roof in broken Arrow, we take care of those leaks and uh, I assure you they’re not going to have any more problems. We spent quite a bit of time making sure we have the right product and you know, that’s the dependability.

Once again, going back to that word, that’s the dependability that we look for with our, uh, our manufacturers. And this has been an ability we look for in our, our suppliers. Just recently, uh, we stopped using one supplier and we’re weaning them off a weaning ourselves off of using them because there was just no dependent dependability and the shipping of the product, we would order, you know, $10,000 a product and it would come five hours later than they said it would come. Caused a pretty big problem here in commercial roof, in broken arrow. It really got to be a kind of aggravating. Our crew was sitting around for two to three hours twiddling their thumbs, waiting in which made them to finish the project, work well into 30 minutes or an hour after dark. Well, you know, you don’t work good on a roof in the dark, it’s not safe.

There’s a lot of different things. So we had to shut that project down and come back the next day. And so it’s really aggravating because the next day we had another job lined up. So it’s really aggravating when your supplier doesn’t do what they say they will. And I, I looked for dependability ever. She had more time. So with that being said, we just recently, actually just yesterday morning at, what was it, 10 30, I went and met with a different supplier in town and spent about an hour with their, to the top people of the staff there. Um, a local roofing company, your local roofing supply and company here in Tulsa. And I was very impressed with the technical expertise. They fit real and really in line with the roof nerd, a mentality that we have. They really are passionate about roof systems and that’s what we are. We were very passionate about what types of systems can we add to your roof, what can we do to make your roof the Iq of your roof, uh, higher.

How can we turn your roof into a, uh, you know, uh, maintenance, uh, smart roof plan. And so we spent quite a bit of time talking with those guys and we s and so we’re going to give them a try. We’re going to see how the dependability is with those guys. We won’t give them a chance and uh, going to order a few hundred thousand dollars a product through, see how the shipping goes, see how things go, and we’ll see how, uh, how our relationship goes in the future. Um, we are rotten dead, dead at Midland, the, the, the winter months right now. So being in winter with the ice, you know, I don’t know if you understand really what snow does to a flat roof. Let’s say you get three inches of snow, which is extremely possible at any given time in the winter here in Tulsa and broken Arrow and commercial roofing, broken Arrow, three inches of snow is going to begin to melt when it gets down and starts melting and it turns into one and a half inches of snow.

That one inch, one and a half inches of snow has completely turned into water soaking one inch and a half snow. What that means is that inch and a half is, it begins to mail the top melts off and the bottoms there and the top becomes pure water. That just completely saturated with moisture. You know, you have dry snow and you have a wet snow. Like with the dry snow, it’s hard to make a snowball cause it’s not any moisture inside the snowball. Well, wet snow is what happens when that snow starts melting on that flat roof and that bottom snow area, that answer two inch, uh, gets completely saturated with water. What happens is you’ve just turned the entire roof, whether it’s a steep slope or low slope or whatever, you just turned the entire roof into a water pool, a swimming pool upon the entire roof has got a ponding problem and you need someone like advanced commercial systems, home of the roof, nerds in commercial roofing, broken arrow to come out.

We can move the snow back if possible. We can create a dry perimeter. We’ve done it before. We can do it again and we can do roof repairs. Now we do have some roof repair repair products that actually can work underwater. Some great products that really, because they are moisture cured, not air cured. So we put them under water, the moisture actually charism. And we have some great products we can use for out there. Hey, thanks for joining in for our second or 62nd podcast today. Uh, 60 seconds, 62 weeks in a row. We’re doing this podcast and it has been an absolute pleasure, uh, the just to continually keep bringing you a commercial roofing, uh, dependability, commercial roofing ideas, just bettering the industry every single day here at advanced commercial systems, home with a roof, nerves give us a call when you get a chance at nine one eight, nine, seven, three one zero, one zero. Uh, it’s not rocket science. It’s roof science and stay dry.