You know, there’s nothing greater than being able to every week to come and do podcast. Um, but you know, the podcasts that we’ve been doing here with advanced commercial systems, uh, here in commercial roofing broken Arrow have really helped us, not just our clients has really helped us as well, um, be able to speak about and share, you know, just because you’re a genius at commercial roofing doesn’t mean you can articulate it in the way that should be so that the general public who doesn’t do roofing every day has the capability of understanding it, perceiving it, being able to comprehend and practically apply what they learn to their specific situation. And so that’s what I’ve won. One of the things I’ve really loved about what we’ve been doing here at advanced commercial systems as these podcast for this long period of time, we are almost reaching 200 podcasts now.

I think we probably have done a hundred and probably 190 495 podcast over the last few years. And so every week we come in at a lot of times on Monday mornings when we get the we going, we check her emails, we come sit down, we hook up our recording device, you know, we get our microphone, we get everything set up because we lack that of a radio podcast or radio show. We’re setting everything up for this, the success of tomorrow. So here were the advanced commercial systems. There’s one thing you can always be guaranteed that we’re going to share with you what we know. So that’s where these podcasts come into play and that’s where we come into another week of talking about tp Oh, thermoplastic roofs and PVC thermoplastic reus. We have been talking about these roof systems and these styles of roofing for quite some time. Now, you know, I’m in the industry every single day.

I’m in the industry, I’m talking to contractors, I’m talking to subcontractors. Let me tell you all a very large part of the commercial roofing industry is the subcontractors that we use on a day to day basis. I was on the phone with one of the top subcontractors in the entire area yesterday. We were talking about a specific roofing system that I’m needing to build for a client. And a, you know, he’s given me some inside of his experience because you know, many times I’m building the roof. I’m a, but I’m not the guy there with the hot mop mopping a doubt. I’m not the guy with the screw gun every single day screwing in the plates and screws for a mechanically adhered single ply thermoplastic or Thermostat, you know, uh, you know, roofing system. So that’s where these guys come into play, their expertise and their ability to be able to keep us in the loop of what they’re seeing on a day to day basis.

And a lot of times product knowledge here in commercial roofing broken Arrow product knowledge of a commercial roofing contractors and commercial roofing companies isn’t really what it could be and should be. So for commercial roofing, Tulsa and the Tulsa area, uh, we ended asked commercial systems. We appreciate the subcontractors are giving their best and working seven days a week. I’ve seen, we’re six months have gone by and these guys have not taken a day off. And I’ll tell Ya, uh, recently I’ve taken by work about six to six and a half days a week just because we have so many jobs coming in. There’s so many things we’re doing with our marketing department. There’s so many things we’re doing to just stay on top of paperwork. There are payroll. Everything we do, it is a continual challenge. Uh, businesses, if you are an entrepreneur, if you are a business owner, I know, I know, I know that you fully understand what we’re saying by that.

So when it comes time for you to getting busy, you’ve got payroll. You know, if you’re not jumping or if you’re a property manager, you got payroll, you have so many different things that you’re on top of. And, and then the end, you have a problem with the roof. A roof starts leaking. What do you do? The first thing you do is you call advanced commercial systems home with a roof nerds here in good old commercial roofing broken arrow. What we do is we come out and we literally go through your roof with you and we evaluate what’s going on. First thing you need to know, the absolute first thing you need to know what your current roof system is like. You need to know what kind it is. You need to know how much insulation there is. There’s quite a few things that you need to know because you will never know where you need to go with your route, what you need to do to your roof.

If you don’t know what you have, if you don’t know what you got. So that’s why we sit down with you and we, after we explore your roof, after we probe your wood roof, after we do all the things that we do, we sit down with you, you’re in commercial roofing, broken air, and we share with you all the specifics. How much insulation do you have? What kind of decking do you have? Which way? If you have a state, a steel decking, what’s the gauge of that? Is it 24 is at 26 22 you know the lower the number of the thicker of the gage. What type of what? What kind of roofing system do you have? What condition is your parapet walls? What condition is the, the mechanical machinery. Do you know how many times that h vac contractors are called out to work on a unit?

Because the unit is not functioning and you know the only time they call them is when the unit’s not functioning properly. They call them out, they work on the unit, they serve the unit, they do the things that they need to do and they leave trash and material everywhere. They leave a junk pile up there, have screws on, on thermoplastic roofs, basically just creating holes for the next time someone comes walking through and just stepping on these screws. It really is a bad situation. Well, we go up there and we take a video of these things. We show them if you truly care about your roof, if you’re published, paid $300 to a HPAC contractor, you should see what he’s doing to your roof while he’s up there. If you’re paying someone to get on the side of your building over the top side of your roof to do painting on your building, you always at the paint that they smeared on your roof.

You ought to see the things taking place up there because a lot of times building owners, property managers, a maintenance they hardly ever get on the roof because they don’t like heights. That’s where we come in. You know I’m not crazy about high. It’s either but two story roofs and then internal ladders for other sides. Roots actually in the next two or three days I will be on the eight story roof here in Tulsa off of the sh off of Yale. The first and I’ll be carrying up there with with me a five gallon bucket of product to work on a roofing system and cause there is a balanced covered a built up roof up there that is leaking along a long seem of a parapet wall coming up and we’re going to go up there and make that leap go away. They had one on the other side up there on the other side of the roof, uh, in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, just, I don’t know, might’ve been about a month ago.

They had one on the other side. We went repaired it. The property manager called me about four days ago, said, hey, you did a great job. It’s not leaking anymore, but there is a leak on the other side if we can get you to address that one. So these are the things we do every day here at advanced [inaudible] commercial systems, home with a roof nerds, we take care of leaks. So you’re busy, you’re a property manager, you have a million things going on. You’re a building owner, you’re running a business. You might be running multiple businesses, you might have three or four business. I personally, I’m a realtor so I have a real estate business as well. I have a real estate business which I run that full time and then also have the commercial roofing company, so I understand. I have a wife and kids.

I have a home to run. I have trucks and take care of. I have staff, I have employees. I have people that answer the phone. I’ve got a marketing company. I’ve got all this stuff going on. I would absolutely hate it if I got a leak in my roof. Give us a call, go to okay. Roof check us out and click on our phone. Number (918) 973-1010. We are the best commercial roofing company around. We actually answer our phone. Do you know from 20 to 35% of our competition doesn’t answer their phone. When you call they don’t answer their phone. What would you do if you had a leak and an issue and an emergency time and you call these guys that don’t answer their phone. I can tell you you’re going to keep leaking. That’s where we come in. You call us, we answer, we answer, we get back to you.

We respond, we come out, we evaluate your roof. We share with you the roofing situation in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, and we take care of your problems. We are problem solvers in commercial roofing. We’re the best at what we do. We love what we do. Why not hire someone that’s going to walk in the door that’s excited to see you, that’s excited and work with another roof today excited to, to get paid for doing a really good job. I mean, this is what we do every day. So here to batch commercial systems home or the home of the roof. Nerds, why are we roof nerds? You have you just thought about that recently. It’s been quite a while since we’ve talked about that. Why are we roof nerds? Well, do you know a roof nerd is a single minded expert in any particular field? Well, a roof now.

Now that’s the definition of a nerd. A roof nerd is a minded expert in the particular field of commercial roofing. That’s what we do. We are the best in town and we don’t frown. We come out excited to see you. And so here, whether that’s commercial systems, we’re always ready to answer your call and take care of you. If you’ve got a problem. We’re problem solvers. If you got to leak, we’re league solvers. If you’re just not happy today because of your building envelope is not doing this job, uh, we solve those problems. Give us a call at (918) 973-1010. We can do matte metallic Ruth. We can do metal roofs. We can do TPO. PVC, we can do buildup. We can do my bit. We can do slate. We can do every type of roofing system. Have you heard of a hot mop? We do that. I’m actually going to do a hot mop roof with a, with a mob bid cap here in the next few days. We’re fixing to get that thing wrapped up and moving forward with it. We do these routes every single day and we’re proud of what we do because we are here in commercial roofing

just to give us a call here with advanced commercial systems and we’ll show you that we’re the best at what we do.