Welcome to another episode of a dance commercial systems, the podcast and the article extension of what we do in commercial roofing. You know, commercial roofing is a passion for us. And here in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, we endeavored to be the best commercial roofers in town. So if you’re online looking for a roofer and you type in something like commercial roofer near me or commercial roofer near me and broken Arrow or toll. So a commercial roofer or broken Arrow commercial roofer, don’t worry about it because here in commercial roofing broken Arrow, we had advanced commercial systems endeavor to be your one stop shop for commercial roofing. So it, when it comes to commercial roofing, we are a commercial roofing company. We are a general contractor. We are a commercial roofing contractor that loves to take care of our clients. And so we, you know, I’d like to go through to some of the things that we offer for our clients on a daily basis.

Um, one of which is a 24 hours, seven days a week emergency. Uh, you know, a lot of businesses are not open on Sundays. A lot of them are not even really open on Saturdays, but you can still have a leak in a building on a Saturday or a Sunday. Well, if you happen to find out you have that happening and you’ve got an emergency, all you do is you go to our website. Okay. Roof nerds.com and you’ll give us a call. Whether it’s Tulsa, Jenks, Claremore, Awaso, sand springs, Sapulpa, Glenpool, Bixby, Katusa. Doesn’t matter. You could be in Kuwait, you could be an Oklahoma City, doesn’t matter the situation you had. Just give us a call now you go to the top of our website. Okay. Roof nerds.com here in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, and you see our phone number up there. Nine one eight now that’s a local number.

Let me tell you what local means. I’ve lived in the city of Broken Arrow for 20 years. Go Google me. I’m a realtor with our local realtor company here in town. Have been for eight years. I’ve been doing commercial roofing and doing roofing projects, doing construction and general contracting. For 20 years I had been doing a commercial roofing and roofing. In the state of Oklahoma for over 10 years. Actually, we’re in our 11th year. So if you’re wondering if were local or not, go to my local church and broken air and ask them how long I’ve been there. I’ve been there on the books as a member for 20 years. I don’t go to other churches. I don’t go to other cities. I’m a local guy who’s been here for a really long time. I’ve gone to college here. I’ve gone to Oklahoma Wesleyan. I’m going to Raymond Bible Training Center.

I’m a local guy as the owner, Marty Grisham of advanced commercial systems and the founder of the roof nerds. I’m a local guy that loves to do commercial roofing. I challenge you. Give me a call. Let me come to you. Let me talk to you about what your situation. I guarantee you you’ll have a great experience. We’re not arrogant. We’re not puffed up. We’re not short. We’re not short tempered. Uh, we’re not sure either were pretty tall, but in all the things that we do, you’ll find there’s an excellent, uh, a level of excellence and superb, um, communication that we continually offered our clients. When we say we do something, we endeavored to do it. Now, sometimes I’ve got to be up late at night to do it here in commercial roofing broken Arrow, because I live in broken arrow. Sometimes I’ve got to be late. I gotta be up to a 10 o’clock, 11 o’clock, midnight, just getting paperwork done so we can get some projects done on time.

I got, uh, this last few days, 10 roofs to take care of. I’m just this morning and got a call. You know what, about an hour and a half ago, got a route to take care of, got a whole building over at 71st and Yale to take care of. So there’s always things that we’re doing here at advanced commercial systems to keep us busy. We don’t have downtime, we don’t have luxury time. We love to work and we love to do our best that we can to take care of our clients. And so one of the things that we offer that’s really one of the highlights of our business is the 24 hours, seven day a week, no brainer. Emergency phone line. You give us a call if it’s not directly linked to my phone, it’s directly linked to one of our roof nerds phones. And these guys, they’re trained and programmed and they’re well paid to answer the phone.

So these guys are, they answer their phone, their professional roof and our, it’s now every single one of our roof nerds. They had been graduates of an engineering certification school called Hague engineering now as h a g engineering if you’d never heard of Hague. Hague is a internationally known, especially here in this nation. I really highly revered engineering company. I have been in their test labs. I have seen how they produced wind and hail damages, the tests that they’ve done. Now you can go research a s, t, e m that is the American testing, um, American standards for testing and materials. Uh, a STM is a worldwide, a renowned testing, uh, codes that have built the international codes of a built local codes. And roofing is basically about 90% of it. 95% of it is based off of the a. S t m the American standard for testing materials built off of their procedures built off of what they do.

Hey, engineering is just like that. They’re continually testing shingles. They’re contesting metal roofs, they’re testing of complete building envelopes of what they can handle with wind, what they can handle with hail and storm damage. Whenever you have a hurricane, I assure you within days the engineer’s of Hague or on the scene beginning their process of determining storm damage on many, many, many buildings. So with that being the case, I want you to understand that we are certified inspectors. Every one of us here at advanced commercial systems, we’re certified inspectors for commercial roof storm damage. Say that with me. Commercial roof storm damage. Now in commercial roof storm damage, it is also encompassed residential storm damage because most residential homes are going to be steep slope and they’re going to have shingles. Those shingles on a commercial roof are normally identical to that. On a residential roof it’s the same shingles.

It is a three tab. It is a laminate or architectural 30 or 30 35 50 or unlimited lifetime warranty shingles. So with that here in commercial roofing broken Arrow, we endeavored, endeavored to give you the standards of an engineering company that comes out and looks at your roof. We are certified, we’ve gone through their schooling. Their schooling isn’t something online. You have to drive there to Texas, sit in their classes for day upon day under Immaculate Instruction and discipline and training of, of learning, all the specifics of what they have learned in their testings. And so we’ve learned commercial roofing from them as far as storm damage is concern. And we then bring that back to you and we offer that ability to be able to sit down with an adjuster and intellectually talk on the same level as a commercial roofing adjuster or as a residential insurance, roofing adjuster or a public adjuster.

We can speak on the same level of intellectual capacity that they do concerning your commercial roof. So if you’ve had storm damage, if you’ve had where hail, if you think there could have been, how if you’ve had wind damage on your building, it’s nothing more than going to our website at okay. Roof nerds.com and given us a call, we will come out within a 24 hour evaluation time or if you’re having an emergency, we come out literally as quick as possible. I got an emergency call about a week ago. I received it at cafe was directed to my phone. It was channeled to my phone and I answered the call. I told him I’ll be there in 30 minutes. It took me 45 so I had to apologize to him. When I got there. I said, hey, I’m here. Sorry. It took 15 minutes. Now it was a 20 minute drive.

So it took me 25 minutes to stop everything that I was doing, finish a task that I was trying to accomplish and then hop in my truck, my roof nerd truck and drive over there. So 45 minutes, I’m there on the scene talking with the doctors and a medical facility because water was coming in in the patient room. So I’m there talking with them. I’m dressed well, I’m intellectually speaking on, on on behalf of the property management company that called me. And then I get up on the roof in the rain, may I say for two hours in the rain and fixed the leak and took care of it. So that’s the level of expertise. That’s the level of dedication here in advanced commercial systems. Home with a roof, nerves, we are commercial roofing, broken arrow. So if you’re looking for a roofer near you, if you’re looking for a commercial roofing contractor, if you’re just looking for a roofing contractor in broken Arrow it, you know, just give us a call.

Now if you have a residential home, I steal a jury. You give us a call, we know a lot about residential homes. I had personally done over 300 residential homes with insurance adjusters and now, so I want you to imagine how many times I’ve been on the roof with many different insurance adjusters, helping them find damage to replace roofs that specifically our expertise and our level of expertise because we are certified with an engineering company that literally studies what Hell does when it hits a shingle. I want you to understand that there is the, there are the granules of a shingle, there is a base and there was a mat of a shingle. Every one of those have a different look and have a different response when an inch and a half piece of hail hits it going, you know, 40 miles an hour. And so we’ve studied with Hagar, engineering what exactly engineers look for, what exactly insurance companies look for.

And we’ve been able to work with them hand in hand very closely. And there was a probably about a $2 million of roofs, uh, just just about a year, you know, just a little while back, um, that we were up on a roof for four hours with an engineer for the insurance company and we didn’t get the roof bought, the hail damage just it was on there. It showed that the shingles had granular, granular loss, but the mat of the shingle was not compromised. So therefore it was only at aesthetics as far as what they said, insurance company didn’t want to pay the money. So there’s, at the end of the day, you’re, the best you can do is with the best you can do. And so, but we appreciate your joining us again today with us for another podcast here at advanced commercial systems. If there’s anything we can do for you, give us a call at nine one eight nine seven three one zero s of one zero. We would love to serve you the same way that you would love to serve us. So we appreciate you a lot. Remember, it’s not rocket scientist route science and stay dry.