Well today we’re having our 100th podcast here with advanced commercial systems home with a roof nerds. If you’re interested in roof coatings, if you’re interested in just basic slate roofing or getting a new roof, if you are interested in roofing in broken Arrow or toll some commercial roofing, you might be answered it in different types of roof installation, quality roofing. Then you have called the right commercial roofing company. We are a commercial roof repair company and we’re uh, we do roofing torch downs, Roueche and roofing torch. Uh, we do emergency roof repair here at advanced commercial systems. Today is our 100th podcast and we love to talk about commercial roofing. We are a roofing contractor and we know a lot of other roofing contractors. A roof repair for roofing companies is a large part of what we do and when we interact with our clients and we, you know, whether it is a roof replacement cost or just basic roof replacement with all the details that we do.

Um, so in metal roofing, uh, and then also just in roof shingles, there’s a lot of information that we love to share with our clients that helps them understand in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, the roof types that we deal with. And so you might go online and Google roosters near me and that’s perfectly fine. When you Google roofers near me, you’ll find the advanced commercial systems has more reviews than any other roofing company in town. So if you have a hip roof, if you’re looking for different types of roof pitch, it doesn’t matter. Uh, you might need the metal roof cost for your commercial building. Now you can be a property manager or you could be, um, you know, uh, you know, a property manager that does leasing and sales and property management of a commercial building. Or You could also just need some metal roofing.

Um, or you might have a red roof and say, what’s up with the red roof that I have? And you know, that’s probably a clay slate, a slate roof. And so roof replacement, a roof replacement cost. We are a roofing company, uh, this far above all other roofing companies at trying to serve our clients and really bring them the best that we can in commercial roofing, broken arrow. So today we’re talking, uh, this is our 100th podcast. So for 100 weeks we have been interacting with the general public here in uh, the Greater Tulsa area, commercial roofing, broken arrow. And we talk a lot about roof coatings. We talking about a lot about metal roofs. Uh, we talked cons about roof repair, you know, commercial roofing, roof installation, uh, even just basically if you’re looking for quality roofing, uh, many people call us and have questions and we talk a lot about, you know, commercial roofing.

We do residential roofing as well. You know, just recently I begin to put on our podcast in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, quite a few of our residential clients, you know, because when you do a commercial, a steep slope roof that has shingles on it, you basically know exactly what to do when it comes to a residential roof, a residential roof that has shingles on it. And so the commercial roofing company that we endeavored to be the commercial roofing repair that we endeavored to serve, uh, and to offer our clients not just a new roof, but more of a roof replacement cost and budgeting. If you’re trying to budget for your commercial roof, I assure you we’re going to bring to you multiple, a roofing contractor, uh, opportunities. And so that other roofing companies really can’t even compete with a roof replacement costs that we’re bringing.

Metal Roofing, uh, roof shingles, you know, uh, hip roofing, a pitch, roofing roof pitch, all these different things like Tpo, EPD, single ply thermostat, thermoplasty, all of these, we bring your way, uh, with the highest level of knowledge and information. So, uh, we appreciate our callers who’ve called in and commercial roofing broken Arrow, and we appreciate the time that people have taken and we get lots of reports. People I’ve taken time to listen to our podcast to catch us live whenever our podcast is live. And so today, let’s, let’s go real quick. I’m just up on my, uh, my computer here, my laptop as we’re doing this podcast today, waiting for any calls to come in where you are at. Okay. Roof nerds.com. We are a commercial roofing company. We provide quality roofing, we provide roof installation, we provide commercial roofing for the Greater Tulsa area and we offer slate roofing.

We offer roof coating and roof coatings. Uh, we do new roof for a lot of different people, so whether it’s metal roofing or whether it’s shingle roofs, hip roof doesn’t matter. Um, roofing contractors, they know us and roofing companies, they know us and we interact with those guys. Always have a great relationship with other contractors in the industry. Um, because many a times we are competing, we’re interacting concerning roof replacement, roof repair, you know, roofs were roof replacement cost. When it comes to estimating for a specific job, a, whether it’s a public bid or a private bid, it doesn’t matter. It we’d love to interact with you for commercial roofing. So we’re on our website here at, okay. Ruth nerds.com at the top of the west side. I always like to point out (918) 973-1010. That is our, uh, office number that when you call that number you get, you’d get patched into our office and you can speak with our roof narratives.

You can speak with our staff if the staff are all out on the job. Sometimes I have that number specifically routed directly to my cell phone as the owner and operator of advanced commercial systems home with a roof nerds, I’ll commercial roofing company above all other commercial roofing companies. And so we endeavored to be a commercial roofing and provide commercial roofing slate, roofing, roofing and Tulsa roofing, Tulsa roofing, broken Arrow and commercial broken arrow. So roof repair for us is an everyday thing. We do it every day. Uh, actually I probably have three or four roof repairs that I personally inspected yesterday wants. The jobs were done. I think it was four different roofs that I inspected yesterday when the jobs were done to make sure that the roof coating was applied correctly. To make sure our roofing, a subcontractors and roofing contractors all did the job that they’re supposed to do.

So we would love to help you with your roof. We’d love to help you with roof replacement. We would love to help you and give you a roof replacement cost, um, better and beyond that of other roofing companies. So roof repair is something we definitely shoot for in commercial roofing every single day. So commercial roof repair and even residential roof repair is something we focus on here with advanced commercial systems home with a roof narrative here in commercial roofing, broken arrow. So here on our website you can scroll down and see that we have a free roof inspection in 24 hours. You know, it’s not rocket science, it’s through science. Uh, we would love to for you to schedule with us, you know, your next free roof evaluation and estimate. Um, or you can use the word inspection. So here in quality roofing, commercial roofing company like advanced commercial systems, we provide a roof installation for you every single day.

So as you, as you go through and you really think about it for a second, it’s a no brainer. It’s really a no brainer that you can use. Uh, our services, our expertise. We are roof nerds. We’re technically skilled for commercial roofing. We are certified with Haig Engineering as certified, uh, with an engineering company for commercial roof, storm damage. And so we come out and we inspect for you and you can use our services for free. There’s no charge, there’s no obligation. You basically say, hey, come out and tell me what’s going on with my roof. We love to build rapport with clients. We love to build rapport, uh, because as a commercial roofing and a commercial roofing company, um, roofing contractors many times don’t do it or many roofing companies, many times they don’t do it. But here in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, we specifically strive to bring the best deal we can for your roof replacement for metal roofing, for roof shingles.

Uh, if you need a metal roof cost, uh, if you’re just looking for a roofer near me or roofers near me, you want to learn more about rooftops. That’s what we do. We specifically do that here with advanced commercial systems and we endeavor, uh, here in commercial roofing broken Arrow to really give you the best, the best quality that we can. So within that, let me just name off a few of the clients that we’re working with currently right now we just finished a job for San port auto. We just finished a job for a kindercare. Just finished a job yesterday for Maggio’s pizza. Uh, we just finished a job for farmer’s insurance, chewies, Walgreens, Oklahoma state and medicine. Um, see what was a bank of America. We just finished that just a few days ago. Uh, some repairs to an EPD m retrofit roofing system, uh, on a bank of America at 91st and elm.

And I’ll tell you, we just got report yesterday that after the rains we have had no rain, no leaking in the building. Everything’s turned out great in good old commercial roofing broken Arrow self. So a roof coatings, we love him. We love roofing toll. So, um, we do slate roofs. You know, if you need a new roof we’d love to help you because we are professionals in commercial roofing. A roof installation is definitely a part of what we do every day. And we endeavor to really offer quality roofing. And so, uh, many roofing contractors, they don’t always, you know, so hold up to their word like they say they should. So we, we offer tons of roof repair. If you’re looking for roof repair, you definitely need to let us come out and give you an estimate. No one does roof repair like we do. No one does the budgeting systems that we do, no one offers the technical skill for roof repair and roof companies like we do.

And so when it comes to roof replacement, roof maintenance or roof repair, where therefore you, we definitely can show you the best possible solutions in commercial roofing, broken arrow. So once again, we’re going to sign out today, another great podcast, our 100th podcast today. So we’re glad you’ve joined us. We’d glad that you sent us questions. And you always had been great. The, the Tulsa and broken Arrow community and commercial roofing broken arrow has always been great to serve and work with people who are genuinely very nice and just really great to work with. So, once again, thanks for joining in and day. It’s not rocket science. It’s real science. And as far as commercial roofing, broken Arrow is concerned, stay dry.