Well, thanks for joining us today and advanced commercial systems. We’re here with advanced commercial systems doing another podcast, uh, here in wonderful broken Arrow, Oklahoma. You know, every single day here in broken Arrow, we at advanced commercial systems, all of the roof nerves we have here. We just want to know, we just want you to know that we really appreciate, uh, the many people who have given us such great responses. We’ve done close to 180 podcasts for 180 weeks. So literally years and years worth of doing a podcast a week. And really just sharing all the insight, the concepts, the complexities that there are concerning commercial roofing. We are commercial roofing experts or we are commercial roofing nerds. If you need a nerd, come check out the roof nerds. We put on the glasses for you. We do the things that need to be done to show you that. We are the experts in commercial roofing Broken Arrow.

We’re going to figure out why your roof is leaking. We’re going to figure out where the room, where the leak is coming from. And so I tell you one of the biggest aspects, let’s talk about the three biggest aspects today. This is our question for the day. This is our podcasts with the day. What’s the three biggest aspects of requirements, necessities, um, to hire the right commercial roofer. What are the three things that really need to be required? And I’ll tell you the first one that comes to mind, it just right off the floor is that here in commercial roofing broken Arrow is that of experience. Experience is king. I’m telling you, you can know products, you can know. I mean there’s so many things you can have, uh, you know, under your belt. But at the end of the day, my friend, I’m just going to tell you straight up experience is kink. Let us help with commercial roofing Broken Arrow.

You, if you have not spent years looking for leaks, there’ll be leaks. You don’t find a, if you’ve not spent years putting together complex roofing systems, there’ll be systems you don’t know. Experience is key in commercial roofing Broken Arrow. And that’s one of the things we bring to you here with advanced commercial systems, a wide variety of, of complexity and diverse experience of years and years. And years in the industry studying roofing, practicing applicant as applicant applying applicably the rules and the standards of code and the international building code, doing the things that need to be done that causes us to be the best commercial roofing company in the Greater Tulsa area. And so experiences number one, if there’s ever something that you want from someone that’s experienced with maintenance that’s experienced, you know, that’s commercial roof maintenance like our, we have a smart roof plan, which is our, our biannual, a free checkup, uh, prevented maintenance plan that we do for commercial roofs.

You need maintenance, you need repairs, and you need replacement experience. All three of these, you need some diverse experience in these. So here at advanced commercial systems, one of the things that we do everyday is get experience. We’re not open six days a week, we’re not open five. We’re open seven days a week, seven days a week. We’re reaching out to the community, climbing on roofs, fixing roofs, buying product, paying off our suppliers. Can I say to you that’s a big deal. That doesn’t make our top three list in commercial roofing broken arrow, but ain’t really is a big deal to have a supplier to have a commercial roofing company that pays off their suppliers. I know a commercial roofing company in town that was $400,000 in debt to their supplier. Their supplier very ignorantly just kept giving them product and didn’t demand money before more product was given.

And before you knew it, they were $400,000 in the hole and then that roof or had no money and couldn’t pay them back. So what did the supplier to the supplier had the address for all of the properties that they had given and they had delivered the product too. So then they start doing mechanical liens. If you know what a mechanical lean is, they start doing mechanical liens on everyone of the homes, meaning they contact their lawyer, they have a lien drawn up and they mail the lien and they have the lien recorded with the courthouse. You understand we’re talking legal matters. The roofer company did not pay their bills and it went into the legal hands of a lawyer and it went before the courthouse, a lien being filed. So these are the things I see happening every single day. People they’re not necessarily aware of, these things are taking place.

I see these things happening all the time. And so this is what we want to bring to you. Just, uh, the caution of who you hire and what you do with what you hire. And so that didn’t make our top three today, but I just really thought I needed to share with you here in commercial roofing broken arrow. Be careful in who you hire. Try to do some look into, you know, some of their past clients now to specifically protect you from this specific deal. This is what you can do. You can say to your, your roofing contractor, I’m not giving you final payment for the roof. I would, this is what I would do. I would hold back about $1,000 so if you got a big job done, you know, if you had your residential home reroofed or you had a commercial building roof, I would say to the contractor, I’m not going to pay you the final $1,000 until you pay off.

Um, and give me a, a lien free a note from the supplier. Now what that means is basically the supplier would provide a note saying that the material’s concerning your property address have been paid off for the specific job that were delivered on specific day. You can get that from your roofing contractor. You can ask for that and get that because that’s a requirement that we’ll make sure that they pay their bills off. And honestly, I think depending on the size job, if it was a $10,000 job, I’d hold back $1,000 if it was $100,000 job, I would probably hold back about $10,000 I really would if I was the person hiring the contractor. Because if it’s very important for you not to get Alene, you’ve done nothing wrong. You hired a contractor, you’ve paid these guys 100% of the money and they’d go off and don’t pay their pay their bills, and then suddenly the mechanical liens shows up against you in commercial roofing broken arrow.

Now let me explain to you exactly what a mechanical lean is. You go to sell your property. That mechanical lean will not allow you to sell that property until that lien has been taken care of. So either you or the person buying the property has to cover the needs and then finances for that lane. So if you get a $100,000 roof worked on, you know, a commercial building in Tulsa, you’re probably looking at about 22 to $30,000 of material, maybe more, probably up to $35,000 of material just depending on what type of job it is. Because a lot of times the materials are going to run around one third the cost of the job. And so here in commercial roofing broken Arrow, how would you like to get your building done? You get your roof re roof, get a new replacement on there and then suddenly about three months later, because it took about two months and they’re not paying their bill for the supplier to get upset and go through their lawyer and get a lien placed literally with the courthouse.

So it took about that long for all this to take place, but all it took place. Okay. Yeah, it sure did. Because suddenly you’re receiving in the mail Alene a mechanical lien saying that you owe, there’s a mechanical lien on your property for thirty three thousand thirty three thousand dollars so it’s pretty important to make sure that you are just using a contract that will do the things that need to be done. And so here to, that’s commercial systems. I can tell you, I think right now I probably owe about three or $4,000 out of all the jobs that do every day. I probably only about three or $4,000 right now to our number one supplier. We just bought some material like a week ago and we haven’t paid them for cause we haven’t done the job yet. But we’ll go ahead and and and get them paid off every, every two weeks or so.

It was just the other day I paid them $29,000 and paid them off. You know, we had finished a big commercial job and we ordered a lot of product. I just want you to know here with advanced course or systems home with a roof nerds here in commercial roofing broken Arrow, we’re going to do what we need to to take care of you. We’re going to do what we need to to take care of us. If we’re not surveying our suppliers, suddenly they stopped giving us product, then we’ve even got a bigger problem then we can’t even do roofing. So it’s just really poor management practices and that’s exactly what we saw from that company that I was referring to earlier. It just really had very poor management press practices, very poor spending practices of just blowing through money and live in big. And it just really wasn’t something that was successful for their business and, and, or anyone’s business in what those guys were doing.

And so here at advanced course or systems home with a roof nerds, we are going to take care of you. So we’re trying to cover our top three big things to look for. We didn’t get very far. I know cause I got off on a side note of making sure you don’t get any mechanical liens on your building, but I have to tell you that’s a pretty important part. I’m glad I covered that. I’d never cut the out of the hundred and 80 podcasts, I had never covered that aspect and how you can protect yourself. So I’m actually glad I got that covered today. So once again, we’ll have to do another podcast real soon to cover the top three things you should be looking for are number one top thing that you should be looking for. We covered it, this podcast and so we’ll have to pick back up another podcast here this coming week and get that covered for you.

So once again, this is Marty Grishin with advanced commercial systems. I’m the owner and founder of advanced commercial systems. We are the home of the roof nerves here in wonderful Tulsa, northeast Oklahoma and commercial roofing broken arrow. We appreciate all you guys every week that join in with us. We appreciate all the responses and all the wonderful comments we get back and all the people that are attentively checking out our website and seeing all of the things that we’re up to. We appreciate you guys. Go to the top of a website and you can see our phone number. It’s (918) 973-1010 give us a call if you need anything. It’s not rocket science, it’s Ruth science and please stay dry.