Advanced commercial systems is hands down the most sought after and best roofing company in the Greater Tulsa area. Today we want to cover some of the differences between the other guys and advanced commercial systems here with commercial roofing, broken Arrow here with advanced commercial systems. Let me name off some of the clients that we’ve worked with in the past and we still work with a bank of America. We just worked on their roof two days ago. A Bank of America is a great client of ours. We’d love to work with them. A bower in associates, property management, some of the better. And there’s some of the best property management companies in the city. Cvre we work with these guys. We do a lot of different companies, a commercial roofing, uh, broken Arrow and a lot of different property management companies. Maggio’s pizza, kindercare, childcare centers, Bsn Sports, Oklahoma state medical facilities, Oklahoma state farmer’s insurance, liberty mutual, farmer’s insurance.

Uh, what about Walgreen’s? You ever heard of Walgreens? You ever heard of them? You know, every, every corner in the city has a Walgreens, a, we work with Walgreens and take care of a lot of their roofs. You’re hurting chewies the restaurant. You ever heard a fish? Daddy’s restaurant. These are places that we’ve worked with and uh, uh, Mexican restaurants, uh, banks, schools. I know a public schools. Uh, we just yesterday worked for a half the day on Mac Daniel technical services. A great building, a great group of people there. Uh, so here in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, we find ourselves every day the phone ringing, jobs coming up to do things, to take care of people to take care of. We really enjoy the broken Arrow community. We really enjoy the Tulsa community. Uh, Waso Jenks sand springs, Sapulpa sky took Bixby, Glynn Pool, Katusa of Claremore Wagner. I know La. We really do enjoy all of these communities. That’s why we are experts in commercial roofing Broken Arrow.

And I’ll tell you, no matter the size of the town you’re in here, you can always feel like you’re at home because I’m, I grew up in the country, in the, in the swamps of Louisiana and share, the people here are a little different, but I tell you what, what always look for is a friendly smile and people who want to work with you and people who are friendly and that they’re honest. And I’ll tell you, haven’t been in Oklahoma. I live in, in broken air for 20 years. That has been my experience. It has been a great experience to live in here. And I’m not going anywhere. And neither is advanced commercial systems, home of the roof. Nerds. What is a roof nerd? That’s a question that we get in sometimes. Like why, why did you choose that? And someone said, well, did you try to do a spin, you know, off of the Geek squad with best buy?

Well, honestly, yes I did. Uh, I love the, when I first heard of the Geek squad with best buy out years ago, um, you know, cause I’m the owner and founder of advanced commercial systems years ago, we got started, you got moving forward with our company in commercial roofing, broken Arrow when I got started years ago. I, uh, and when I first heard of the Geek squad, about the same time, um, I kind of felt to myself, that’s just, that’s not gonna fly, that’s not going to work. They’re calling themselves Geek geeks are really looked down upon. And then over the last 20 years of looking at those guys and seeing how they’ve developed it to really the experts because they have the best by name behind them backing them, they become really some great experts and what they do. And I really saw that we wanted to be called the roof nerds because when you look up the term, the term of a nerd, it’s an endearing, it’s an endearing term. It’s not a term belittling someone. It’s a term, uh, qualifying someone. If I can be so blunt, our roof nerd is, or a nerd is someone that’s a specific expert in a technical field. And so that’s what we are exactly

with advanced commercial systems. We are experts in the technical field of commercial roofing. It’s something we do every day. It’s something we’re passionate about. And I’ll tell you, we’re not going anywhere. So here at advanced commercial systems, let me take a few minutes to share some, share some of the aspects of what we’re about and who we are. Uh, many years of it, over 10 years of experience in the field, more than that, uh, about 16 years in general contracting and, uh, commercial, uh, rehabs and commercial property management and asthma. So asset management. And so with that behind us, we saw to be a roof nerd. It really here in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, it really behooved us. Uh, if I can behoove you, it behooved us to understand that we needed to get the highest level of training and expertise possible. And so we sought out and look for who I had the best, uh, the best certification program, who had the best specs of being in commercial roofing that could give us training and make us the best in town.

And we found that with Haig engineering down in Texas now they’re not just in Texas, they have other locations as well. But the Texas one is definitely the ones closest to us. I think they may have one in Kansas City or St Louis. I remember it’s about four or four or five hours away. But we focused in the one down in Texas, um, and have had a great, it’s great, uh, experience with these guys. We’ve came down over and over and had classes and going through the training and all of their training, we go into the depth of what hell does what windows to commercial buildings, commercial roofs. We’ve gone into the science of what happens to a hell, the hell itself when it begins to hit, you know, fall at 60 miles an hour and they hit a TPO. Uh, whether it has ice or board or not, with all the specifics.

And what is hell due to ISO board below a single ply membrane. You know, how can you look at a hell hit on a metal flashing or a flashing on the roof and determine the size of the hill. All of these things have been scientifically salt out and we’ve been specifically trained. Uh, when you have a soft metal flashing like aluminum, uh, like a pipe jack on roof with a pipe vent, it’s very easy to assimilate that the, the hail size hit that you see is only about one third the size of the hail. So if you get a quarter of an inch hail a dent, if you measure the dent, you’ve got a quarter of an inch. The hail was probably in the range of about three quarters of an inch in size. And so these are the things we look at. These are the things we’ve learned with advanced commercial systems seeking out in commercial roofing broken Arrow, the absolute best training that we could.

So when it comes to hail, when it comes to wind, when it comes to all the different specifics of every type of commercial roof cause see what we did with the engineering company when we, when we went in and classes with them. So, um, being certified with Hagar Engineering, is it really a large part of what we advertise? And a large part of what we share as a commercial roofing company, uh, go look at other commercial roofing companies. Go look at other commercial roofing contractors and you’ll see that a hardly no one has this level of expertise. They most, a lot of guys not in any way wanting to put them down, but a lot of them are just basically storm chasers. And a lot of them are also just residential guys who’ve gotten into doing commercial. But we, we named our company advanced commercial systems because we are commercial roofing contractors.

We are a commercial roofing company that specializes in commercial roofing Broken Arrow, we have our commercial endorsement, we have a million insurance, we have our worker’s compensation. All of these things had been met to show that, uh, we are capable of doing what needs to be done in the commercial roofing industry. And so we’re, we are certified with an Engineering Company for storm damage for commercial roofs. The other guys, they’re storm chasers. Uh, they, they lack the technical expertise experience and the product knowledge that so many times we’ll just overwhelmingly uh, you know, show to you over and over again. And then one of the things that we are and that we offer is the 24 hour commercial roof evaluation. There is no one that does that. And now I understand, I want you to go to their websites if you want to. You will see no one does that. That is something here in commercial roofing broken Arrow that we and we alone offer a 24 hour full commercial roof evaluation.

Uh, we’re not just doing an inspection inspection is they come down, they tell you in five minutes what they see. A roof evaluation is so much more than that. And if you listen to past podcasts, you would see that as well. So then that causes us to be what we say is on the ball. We are on the ball, we take care of business. We’ve got to be moving fast cause 24 hours is not very much time. Now on the other hand with the, uh, the other guys over and over again, I mean I just worked on the roof yesterday, literally yesterday. They could not get the Roofer, the installed the commercial roof they installed or a pretty nice standing seam metal roof. The owners of the building could not get the roof or back out there. Time and time again here. And this is local here in commercial roofing, broken arrow.

This is a mile and a half from my house. They could not get the roof back out. The guy was in Texas working on roofs there. He’s not even local. The guy’s not even here. He’s in another state working. So these are the things that makes us stand out, that we’re not going anywhere. I’m not going to Texas and I’m not going to Alaska to do jobs. I’m going to go to a Waso about 20 minutes away and do a job. So I’m always within 20 minutes of you, you just give us a call. Our phone number is (918) 973-1010 here at advanced commercial systems. And we would love to hear from you. And by the way, it’s not rocket science. It’s real science. So have a great day and call us for any commercial roofing Broken Arrow needs.