Advanced commercial systems is a commercial roofing company and the Greater Tulsa area. And we focus on flat roof, which is mostly referred to in the industry and the commercial roofing, broken arrow industry as flat roofs, as low slope roofing. And then we also focus a lot on shingle roofing, which is what you would normally call it. But in the industry it is referred to this steep slope, slope, steep slope, roofing, steep slope and low slope roofing are uh, basically a very common, uh, in the commercial real estate industry. And these are the different types of roofs that we do with on a day to day basis. If you’re in need of a commercial roof, if you have a roof that you would just like to have an evaluation to see what your current condition is in. That’s one of the things that we specifically do and we do very well.

We do it better than anyone in town because, oh, what we offer for free. We, you know, a lot of like if you had a business that you wanted to sail and you were selling the building with a business or you had a commercial realtor beginning to work with you, our broker, uh, to begin to sell your business or at one of the things that you can do is you can call our roof nerds out here in commercial roofing, broken arrow. We will specifically come out and measure your roof and do a full diagnostic of the condition of your roof. Now we will make it, is that available to you? You do not need to share that with anyone beyond us. It will fall in the scope of disclosures. I will say though, uh, but that’s still in your hands. That’s has nothing to do with us and what you know, who we interact with concerning the roof.

Uh, that’s the only in your hands of what you do with those disclosures. So to explain how that works and real estate. Um, a disclosure is for someone who has occupied a building, a discloser is that person disclosing all of the information concerning that building. And so the roof would be in as part of that, we would consist in that information. And then as well, uh, they, uh, there’s another side of this called for someone who does not occupy the building and is not familiar with the building, that would be called a disclaimer. And the disclaimer, basically you saying you’re disclaiming that you have any given information about the specific building, the building envelope, anything about the building, plumbing, you know, any different aspects, uh, in commercial roofing broken arrow. And so the majority of the people do fill out disclosures and we do these also in commercial roofing and also we can do this for a commercial roof assessment.

And so we do a commercial roof assessment that allows you to have all of the disclosed information, a lack the r value of the roof, the slope of the roof, the current condition of the roof, how much your money would it take to get the roof up to current specs as to where it’s watertight. And his has basically a maintenance warranty part of the program. And so we do give them maintenance warranty with our programs. Uh, we have the smart roof program, the smart roof plan and which we put together a maintenance warranty plan for you over a period of time we will warranty the roof to the last, the amount of time that we say and if that does not happen, but, and then we will take care of the issues for the roof, uh, based upon the issue by issue, circumstance of what’s taking place with the roof.

And so our last podcast, uh, last week, I think it was probably we did our podcasts a lot of times on Mondays and Monday of last week we did a podcast and we talked exclusively about TPO roofs. We talk about advanced course where systems here, home with a roof, nerds in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, and we specifically talked a lot of the podcasts in the past about the single ply thermoplastic membrane called TPO. That is a thermal polyolefin, t p o thermo t poly p, olefin o t t o roofing system, which allows so many variables, so many great values, um, as far as choosing this roofing process. So, uh, I would like to first pick a and just go down the line of just something that comes to mind of some of the great values. That’s the TPO. Single ply polyolefin roofing system applies. One of the things is the, the, the majority of this roofing system is a single ply membrane.

Meaning there’s just one ply that creates the water tight membrane. Now let’s dissect that Pli own the inside under the underside, the, the base and the Scrim of this, uh, very thin, uh, 60 60 thousandths of an inch membrane a, they’ll go down to 45 mil, uh, and then maybe some 50, depending on the manufacturer. And then also a 60 male is the most popular. And which you can go up to different sizes where 80 is fairly popular, but 60 meals, what we’re going to refer to, it’s the majority of what we’ve installed and it’s the majority of what the industry calls for here in the Greater Tulsa area here in commercial roofing, broken Arrow here in Oklahoma. So, uh, so this, the, the base in the Scrim of this membrane has woven nylon fibers and these fibers are extremely strong. If you were to pull one of these fibers out, you could not break it hardly leave with your hands.

Like if you a wrap or fiber or around one hand and then drought around the other, there’s a pretty good chance that you couldn’t even break this fiber. They’re extremely small, extremely strong and they’re, they can through your hand, I mean, they’re very strong product and you’ve got literally thousands and hundred thousands of feet of this fiber or woven inside this membrane. And so it’s inside woven inside the plastic, the underbelly, the scrim of this membrane that creates such a fantastic strength of this TPO membrane. And then from there, another aspect is it creates an allows them and brain also to have a lasting city. You know, so the elasticity of the membrane is it can stretch out with heat or be pulled out and then it can be stretched back. And so there is a great uh, there’s a great amount of last [inaudible] in this product. It can double its size as far as the last history is concerned.

And so when you talk about Tpo, one of the things that’s really evident to me as an installer to our company, you know here in commercial roofing, broken Arrow is the price of the TPO is a good price and the price of the installation and you have variables, you have multiple types of installation, you have multiple types of being able to work with this product to create it, to be really what you need to be to fit for your specific roofing system. It can go around pipes, they can go in corners, it can go up walls. This roofing system has been specifically manufactured to be extremely flexible and as many times as you would guess it here in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, uh, a lot of commercial roofing contractor, commercial roofing contractors, commercial roofing company and commercial roofing companies that are online. A roofer’s near me, roofers near Broken Arrow, broken arrow, commercial roofing companies.

These guys all use TPO roofing. It is taken over almost. Well I think at the latest statistics I heard was just about two weeks ago. I was in a class with mule hide maybe three weeks ago and I think it was over 80% that TPO has taken as part of the market. And so as taken over that much of the market, it tells you there is a lot of TPO being manufactured. There is a lot of people trusting the product. Now let’s go back. Well lightweight. Here’s the benefits of TPO. Lightweight alas, stability, reflect ability of UV rays. It is highly reflectant of thermal UV rays to shoot them back up in the atmosphere and to keep them from entering into the building. Now the majority of these TPO roof, remember they’re white. You can get them another colors. There’s Tan, there’s blues, there’s other colors you can get, but you have to special order tons of them, tons of squares to be able to get that.

So basically the majority of this product comes in white just because it is referred to is the cool roof. It creates a cooling effect for the building and I’ve seen it over and over again. So now the installation aspect of this roof is absolutely great because it’s a weldable product and so you’re actually heat welding the seams and the membranes together and then it is re weldable re weldable membranes. That is absolutely amazing. You can weld it, it can come apart, you can re weld it, you can reword it, you can re weld something on top of it. It is an absolutely a great commercial roofing, broken Arrow product. And we here at advanced commercial systems had gone through training classes, tons of installation, tons of expertise and assessment of this product. We have gone through Haig engineering training for commercial roof storm assessment for this specific type of roofing system. So give us call if you need anything. We would love to help you here at advanced commercial systems, home of the roof, nerds in wonderful Oklahoma, we take care of the entire state of Oklahoma. Not to mention commercial roofing. Broken Arrow gives us a call at (918) 973-1010. We absolutely are waiting on your call to show you that it’s not rocket science. It’s roofing science.