Yeah, today we’re in Oklahoma City, uh, in the Norman area and this is advanced commercial systems home with a roof nerds. And we’re not just doing podcasts all the time from commercial roofing broken Arrow, but today we’re over it actually in the Oklahoma City area. Um, hi, I’m Marty, the founder of avast tours or systems and the owner and operator. And for years now we’ve been doing commercial roofing and really just try our best to share with, you know, the state of Oklahoma, really an overall in general, different types of roofing concerning commercial roofs, TPO roofs, single ply roofs, thermostats, thermoplastics. Uh, so if you’re looking for a great commercial roofing contractor that’s near you, or if you’re looking for a great commercial roofing company that’s near you, uh, were everywhere, so you can just give us a call and we would love to help you.

And so today we’re over right next to the University of Oklahoma. Over here in Norman were about three or four blocks from the actual campus of the university. There are some roofs over here that we’re looking at today. We’ve already been inspecting this morning. And so we really wanted to just end up doing a podcast from over here where you could have an idea of how versatile we are and how we go from place to place. And many times, uh, we’re endeavoring to go and see roofs, you know, that w way out of our comfort zone, way out of the local area that we live in now. I’ve lived in broken arrow. They have broken era area of commercial roofing broken Arrow for 20 years. And, but we go as far as Lawton, we go through the panhandle, you know, we hit over into Arkansas. Uh, we’ve had some opportunities for Missouri, so we take care of roofing as it comes our way.

And within that you can see there’s a level of excellence that we try to bring to the table. Um, and so sometimes we have to work with other contractors. We always step in the door and really show them, you know, endeavored to show them a high level of respect. The last thing we want to do is get to be known as the guys that no one gets along with. And the guys that you know are stingy with their money, uh, you know, we’re wise with their money. There’s a difference between stingy with your money and wise with your money. I believe wise with your money, I specifically point you to a place of where you’re making the best decisions possible without just wasting money. And at the same time here in commercial roofing broken Arrow, that’s kind of how we do with our, our clients and their roofing systems and especially when it comes to a roof maintenance like our smart roof plan.

And then also, uh, just normal everyday repairs that we do literally every day, every day. While we do repairs, we endeavored to not use just the most inexpensive products, literally, um, roofing products. It’s kind of like guns. If you pay a little for it, you’re going to get a bad quality. And so there’s a big difference between advanced commercial systems home with the roof nerds and a lot of the other commercial roofing companies that you’d run into. Uh, you know, you can go online and you can see pretty quickly, uh, our roof thirds and our company has as many five star reviews, uh, as anyone out there in the Greater Tulsa area, in commercial roofing, broken arrow. Uh, we’ve done the best that we could to communicate with our clients and to really shift share with him. If we do a good job for you, please let everybody know by giving us a review and sharing your experience.

And so if you want to give us a three star or four star or one star, you know, just share why, you know, that way we could respond to that and share, you know, trying to fix any problems or issues. Now have we done a roof and it’s leaked? Yes. Have we done a roof that needs more work to it or something was missed? Absolutely, because it’s a construction job and we’re using contractors and subcontractors and not everything is perfect that we do. Um, but what we do with here in our, our facility with our office, our staff, our roof nerds, is we communicate, have transparency and really try to have the client accountability, um, that second to none. And so if you’re interested in buying a residential home, now you might be thinking, you know, advanced commercial systems, they’d focus on commercial roofing and you know, and that is true, but if it come down to it, I mean, we do residential roofs.

I’ve done over 300 residential roofs and a, we are professionals at roofing. And so, um, a steep slope roof for a residential is just the same as a steep slope roof for a commercial building. There’s very few differences. There’s a lot of similarities and being able to do one causes us to be able to do the other just as well. And so being licensed and endorsed in the state of Oklahoma as a commercial roofer really is a large part of, of uh, who we are. And we were in some, I actually went to a class yesterday, there was a single ply class. They require you to take some classes so that you can get to a place where you can begin to be a certified installer with different types of materials. And so there is a specific single ply that I’m not, um, um, put a lot down with that manufacturer.

I put it down with Gaf and other companies, you know, versa cope. But I haven’t put a lot down of that specific manufacturers. And because of that, uh, we really needed to take a class and get herself introduced exactly how they do things. And it’s really good to do different classes with different manufacturers. They have a little bit of ink and consistencies and how they do some of the things. They just have their own preferences and it’s good for us to be able to hear the different preferences for us to be able to see the differences in how they want things done here in commercial roofing, broken arrow. And so as we’re in the class yesterday, I have the privilege of meeting some really good commercial roofing companies. Um, frontier was a great company. I got to meet with those guys. The owners were there. I got to meet with some of their staff. I just had a good experience, you know, they’re really nice people. I was really impressed with their company. So there’s a lot of great commercial roofing companies, you know, in the Greater Tulsa area and we’re just glad to be a part of that. So if you’re looking for a company you can trust, if you’re looking for a company that you can depend on, if you’re looking for a couple

who know their word is what they’re saying is, and they’ll stand up, I believe, do what’s right each and every time. Give us a call here at advanced commercial systems. You know, you can go to our website. Okay. Roof now that is the world wide web, www dot. Okay. A roof and you can go check us out. And when you see at the top of our website, you’ll see our phone number at (918) 973-1010. Um, so we don’t do a lot of advertising for residential roofs on our website, but we absolutely do residential roofs. And I’ll tell you the majority of the residential roofs that I do, that I do to, uh, are specifically, uh, the majority of the town, their insurance jobs. We have had an amazing success with farmers. Liberty Mutual Aaa, Oklahoma Farm Bureau. We’ve had a great success with all the different state farm, all the different insurance companies.

Being able to work with them and have a great rapport with them really had gotten to have a good name with those guys as the where when they see where the ones taking care of the roof, you know, they have some confidence that we’re not out to just try to make up a lot of allies and try to deceive them and try to cause a lot of problems. Sometimes it costs us money and we might lose a little profit from a job because we’re having the work with an insurance company on specific things. But we always bring to them code and we always say, hey, we just want to meet code in the home, don’t meet code for the roofing system that we have. And because of that, it’s good for us to know the code and you better know that they know the code.

They do this every single day as well. So residential roofing is definitely a part of our forte is part of what we do. We haven’t marketed as much as what we could because I really wanted everyone to know that when we say advanced commercial systems and advanced commercial roofing, um, that that’s really who we are here for the most part in commercial roofing, broken arrow. Now commercial roofing toll size on the other hand is a really large part of what we’re about and what we do as well. And so here at advanced commercial systems, just to understand that we will step up and do the best we can for you in a situation where the insurance company is trying to fight, that your roof should not be replaced by storm damage. And, and I ask everyone to keep in mind, we’re literally looking for storm damage.

That’s what we have to find. Not Wear and tear from age, not just any other thing that makes the roof look bad, you know, not foot traffic for when someone installed it or came did a repair later. We’re specifically looking for foot traffic. I mean I’m sorry, it was specifically in commercial roofing, broken Arrow looking for storm damage that is directly related to a storm that happened in a timeframe while you, the homeowner or building owner had a policy with this insurance company. And so let’s say in 2017 July of 2017 you started a new policy with state farm. You moved from another company over to them and so, and the storm came six months before that and if it points all the damage to the roof points to the storm that happened before you had a policy with state farm, then you’ll need to go file a claim with whoever you had the policy with the six months before that you were with state farm.

And so that’s how that works. You can still file a claim, but you can’t wait too long. So if you believe you have storm damage, if you believe there’s something has happened, you need to do something as quick as possible because many insurance companies were say 12 months or 24 months or 18 months of, of the age of a storm. And they’ll say, you can no longer file a claim on that storm. And so just go out there and, uh, get it moving forward. Give us a call. We’ll come out and help you. Once again, this is Marty Christian with advanced commercial systems, raw hoe, Bro, all of the roof nerds here and commercial roofing, broken arrow. That’s, I’ll give you one more reminder. It is not rocket science. It’s roof science and stay dry.