Well, once again, we have a wonderful podcast. I’m the owner and founder of advanced commercial systems, the absolute best roofing company, commercial roofing company in the entire state of Oklahoma. And you know, the reason why we say that is because I believe of how we have our company’s structured. I believe a how we, we put our company together. And honestly, and in full disclosure, we set our company up to be one of character. That’s where we set our company up in the beginning. And you know, I’ll tell you, it’s a very true that you can’t please all of the people all the time. And that’s very, very true. Uh, we had a client the other day, hi, hi. Showed up and gave them a huge discount after we had already gone to contract because I heard they were a little upset. So I personally went out, took the contract. This is the way we do commercial roofing Broken Arrow services.

So if you’re looking for a great company with a great reputation, I really believe you should look into advanced commercial systems. Um, advanced commercial roofing. Uh, we have tons of experience in every type of flat roof that we have in the entire northeast Oklahoma region. Uh, we will stretch over in the Kansas or over into the northeast Arkansas. Um, w w northeast, northwest walking zone. We will reach all over and t the Oklahoma area. We’ve been down to Lawton, Oklahoma. We’ve been up to Kansas, we do tons over in Oklahoma City, Norman Mustang. We have got extensive experience, especially here in commercial roofing broken Arrow, uh, with roofs just right here. There are multiple companies that we just do, I don’t know, 30 or 40 roofs for every year, uh, that we just do roof after roof after roof, taking care of their problems, taken care of their, their plans and helping them succeed and helping their building. They’re building envelope

watertight. And that is the plan. That is absolutely the objective of advanced commercial systems to help you. So one of the things that we bring to you as a commercial roofing company, we know the majority of the time you do not understand commercial roofing. You don’t really know the assembly, the systems, you don’t understand TPO, you don’t understand, you know, uh, all the different secure deck, you know, mechanically fashioned with five and a half inch screws. These things we do every day, you don’t do every day. And I’ll tell you, when I go to a doctor, I don’t just go to a doctor and have the doctor work on me. I also go to the doctor and I hear what he has to say. And then I trust what he says the majority of the time. And then I take what he says and I can go and repeat it.

I’ve learned a little bit from the doctor. And so that’s a large part of what we can do here as well. At advanced course or systems. Many times we find ourself just in the role, uh, here in commercial roofing broken Arrow of educating and informing our clients so that they can increase their commercial roofing Iq is the way we like to say it. So if we can help you increase your commercial roofing Iq, then suddenly you are more capable of making the best decisions, the wisest decisions. And all of this many times revolves all around your budget. Uh, as a property manager, as a commercial building owner, I tell you the budget really is a very large aspect of what you do on a day to day basis. I know you’re budgeting, I know you’re, you’ve got a pricing performa, you probably have a job, she performa financial performa and you’re continually keeping this in front of you probably every few days, at least every week, hopefully at least a month.

Keeping that in front of you, seeing what you can do and the short term and in the longterm projects, you know, cause when you own or, or, or manage a property, especially, you know, uh, specifically detailed commercial property with multiple tenants, it’s very important to keep your tenants happy. And a large aspect of that is making sure you don’t have roof leaks and you’re keeping them dry. I mean, if I was to just get over into my mind, I could think of so many tenants. I’m just telling 50 to a hundred tenants right now that are relying on advanced commercial systems. You know, because property managers and building owners have hired us here in commercial roofing broken arrow. I can think of so many tenants that are relying on us to do our job. Just building after building after building a, there are some buildings with 20 tenants in them, literally 20 tenants and we have to keep that place dry and we’ll, we’ll have a crazy storm come through.

And because the roofs age, now let’s talk about aging little bit because roof’s actually age and flat roofs age and because how they’re so specific about needing to be watertight, when that flat roofs ages, it allows the potential for cracks and seams opening. I was on a roof over in sandy springs. Oh what was it three days ago? Three or four days ago? Cause it’s wintertime. I’m not getting on a roof every day. Right now we’re having sleep actually rot while I do this podcast in is sleeting and snowing are really light snow, but it’s actually sleeping here in commercial roofing, broken Arrow right now. So, you know, I’m not on the roof every day. You just don’t get on the IC roof for one thing. If you didn’t know that, then you don’t need to be a homeowner doing any roof work at all. Um, so there’s this one building that I walked by this one area so many times there’s no, never been any cracks there.

I got a call from a property manager just a few days ago and uh, the lady who runs the office there, she basically said Marty, we’ve got some leaks over here in sand springs. Um, it’s in a new area we’ve not seen before. So I was actually on a brownies restaurant, so the restaurant roof. And so I went out to check it out and immediately I’m seeing new cracks, these large cracks where the building has been moving. I haven’t known that there an earthquake. The building has been moving and the membrane, the roof membrane on the roof and Yo in sand springs cause it can also happen here and commercial roofing, broken arrow. But basically it had shifted and moved and this same ad opened up and about four to six different places. One of them was three foot wide and you can put your finger in it. You can literally stick your finger in this scene that had just been opened up on this modified bitumen roof. So this was a mod bit roof. So it’s a hard roof. It’s not a soft single black and it basically just the building move to such an extent that it just opened up. So you know,

these are the things we do with everyday. You think you’ve got something song and then you get a leak, you go out and you find, wow, did you have to have basic, uh, just life happens and time, you know, in time all things happen. And so it literally happened that the roof just cracked, right, right. Open.

So that’s a large part of what we do every single day here at advanced commercial systems home or the roof nerds. My name, once again is Marty Grisham and I love to do commercial roofing. You know, some of the things I like about commercial roofing is the technical expertise and skill that’s needed. Uh, not everyone really understands, uh, when you’re talking about a large roof with just an absolute pouring down rain to where you could build up and half of an inch, even though you might have a decent drain, a different slope, odd decent slope on the roof. You know, the National Roofing Contractors Association, uh, and it applies here to commercial roofing, broken Arrow as well, but the National Roofing Contractors Association specifically says that the minimum slope for a commercial roof is one eighth of an inch, drop every foot. So it takes eight lineal feet to drop one inch. So imagine just a little bit of a bump, a little bit of a, of a ponding low lying area in that roof. How easy it is for water to just sit there. Now when you have the torrential rain that we have here in Oklahoma, and it’s just pouring now, it’s just pounding on the roof. It can get up to a half an inch thick just because of the hard rainfall and just because of the direction of the rainfall.

Oh, literally shove rainwater.

Otherwise literally shove it in the cracks and crevices of Bruce and parapet walls and you know, curbings around a HPAC, you know, screw holes. Uh, you name it. There’s so many years termination bar. How many times in Tulsa have I gone through, uh, take care of a leaking roof or something. And basically it was because of termination bar was put on correctly, but without water bought behind it. So technically it’s not put on correctly, you know, t bar when it is fascinating, a single ply membrane to a pair of but wall, whether it’s an inside or the exterior

of a parapet wall, if you’ve lap it over, you always, always, always put water block. But between that TPO or that single ply membrane and the actual wall, you always put a good bead. I’m saying, I always say that the needs to be about the size of your pinky as far as how big around it is because you want that Tpo, you want that TPO to be a bit smoosh in. You want that TPO to smushy and and create that water block to expand and truly do a good coverage of the whole area of not allowing a new water in. So, so these are the things we talk about here in commercial roofing, broken Arrow every single day and these are the things that we are experts at our roof nerds are the best in town. If you’re looking for the best commercial roofing contractor, if you’re looking for the best commercial roofing company here at advanced commercial systems, home of the roof, nerves in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, we are that best commercial roofing, broken Arrow, advanced commercial systems is the best company for you. All you do is give us a call at (918) 973-1010 and we’ll come out and we will help you. I hope you have a great day. Thanks for joining in another podcast with us. Once again, remember, stay dry and it’s not rocket science. It’s roof science.