Well, welcome to advanced commercial systems and another podcast that we have here. I am the owner and founder of this wonderful, amazing commercial roofing company. My name is Marty Grisha. Anati I am proud to be an American. I’m a proud of our president Donald Trump. I am proud of a president, vice president Michael Pants. I would love for him to be our, our next president after president Trump goes eight years. I’ll tell you, we have really been blessed in this nation and, and one of the aspects of being blessed in this nation after four years with a horrible precedent, I’m sorry, with eight years with a horrible precedent, it’s really good to have a great president now that actually wants to protect our nation, will sell at walls. Won’ts to, uh, really began to work a lot with the American people on the small business. And so concerning walls, I have a lot of people, uh, in the construction industry, in the commercial roofing Broken Arrow industry that are, you know, that they’re Mexican.

They are from Mexico and many of those are legal. And, uh, so I’ve got a lot of wonderful friends and I was talking with one of the other day, a contractor that I work with and he’s a, he does not very much a, a fan of president Trump. And I understand because they basically believe the media and how the media is so screwed up. There’s such liars. And so here with advanced commercial systems, I want you to know whenever we work with you and whenever we do things with you, uh, we do not care if you are a conservative Liberal Democrat, Republican. We did not care if you’re a Christian Mormon, Muslim. We did not care what religion we do not care what race. We did not carry anything because we had blinders on. Um, because we are here to do roofs and we’re here to do a good job.

And so I just want you to know if you ever have any questions or challenges along the line of working with us, please give us a call. Talk with us. We love all people, we love everybody and we really like to be able to do a, just have a great working relationship with everyone. And so I’ll just, because we like one president and we don’t like another, another precedent in commercial roofing broken out doesn’t mean that we can’t get along and we can’t get a good job done for you. So if you ever need anything for commercial roofing, the first thing I would say to you is go check out our website, www dot [inaudible] dot com it is a website that’s been specifically designed for you to very quickly, very accurately, very smoothly began to find in commercial roofing broken Arrow, a roofer. They can assist you and that would be us here at advanced commercial systems.

So let me just share one thing with you. Uh, Jess, over the last three or four or five weeks, we have been covering multiple aspects of what it means. And this had been some of the, my favorite podcasts I have to tell you, I spend some of hands down some of my favorite podcasts that we’ve been doing because it really, really meets Louis where the rubber meets the road is really the nitty gritty needed for that person that’s trying to figure out what the next step is. So what’s the next step? Well, the next step is you basically you go on our website, www dot. Okay. Roof nurse.com. And you look at where it says schedule now and you just click on that and it opens up another webpage and you just put your name, you put your phone number, you put your email, you put in what you’re talking about in commercial roofing Broken Arrow.

If you know, and you just give us a quick little question, I mean a quick little, uh, you know, statement of what’s going on with you. And we get that and we give you a call and I tell you, we give you a call. And when we do, uh, we set up a time with you. So when we’re on the phone with you here in commercial roofing broken Arrow, we’re going to spend a few minutes asking you questions. We’re going to spend a few minutes just trying to dissect really what you’re looking for. Because if I, if we cannot relate to what you’re looking for and we’re not a roofer that can help you. So we want to make sure that whatever, cause you might say, Hey, you know I’ve got some some parts on the side of the exterior of my walls that are messed up and I’m going to say, well sir, we don’t do exterior walls, we do commercial roofing Broken Arrow.

So you know, we just want to make sure that we correlate, we connect, we want to make sure that we supply for you the things that you need. And so when you give us a call here at advanced commercial systems are, you know, our phone number of other ways on the top of our website is (918) 973-1010 you can give us a call day or night, 24 hour. Now why would I say that? The reason why I say that is because we’re a commercial roofing Broken Arrow company that takes care of emergency issues. If you have an emergency leak, if you have an emergency situation, give us a call, we’ll stop what we’re doing and we send someone, we get someone to come out literally as quick as possible. Now there had been rare occasions when someone could not come out within, you know, I get a call at you know, 10 o’clock at night.

There are occasions when it’s just just impossible to get someone out. But the objective is for us to get the message from you and as soon as possible we get out to you because we are doing what’s possible. So when it comes down to it here in commercial roofing broken Arrow, we’re going to do the best. We are going to beat our competition, we’re going to beat them in price, we’re going to beat them at how quickly they come out. One of the hands down compliments that we get over and over and over from our clients and from our customers is basically these guys answered the phone. You know what I’m saying? I mean that’s a big deal. I mean I just, I were doing it. We just sold a roof the other day for someone. Uh, they have some pretty bad leaks. There’s some things going on.

And the reason why they called us, they said basically we’ve got a Roofer we worked with for three years, but they’re just not answering their phone. We call and we call and we call and they’re not answering their phone so we have to call you. And I’m like, can I can be out in two hours? Can you give me two hours? And they said, sure. Yeah please. We’ll see you at 11 o’clock. So he was, cause it’s like nine o’clock in the morning when I talk to them here in commercial roofing, broken air. So we loaded up, we went out, we were out at 11 o’clock wrapped before lots of collaborative on the roof, found the problems, came down, shared with them what they found. And they said, well we do have another roofer that we’re just trying to wait to see if we need them to call us back for commercial roofing Broken Arrow.

I said, that’s perfectly fine. Here’s what’s going on with the roof. And they said to us as we were walking out, go ahead and send us an estimate. And so I went ahead and took me a, you know, a very short period of time. I put the estimate together, I emailed him to estimate, uh, her name is Marcia. I emailed Marsha the estimate and about 24, 48 hours later she shot me back an email said, haven’t heard from the other roofers. Uh, I need you to do this job for us. You know, that’s the kind of things that we do. That’s the kind of things that we bring to the table. That’s why we stay so busy here in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, because we answer our emails, we answer our phone calls. Uh, you know, a large part of our business is really reaching out to people with commercial buildings, with, with property management companies and really just interviewing them to see if there’s something we can do.

Just in the last few days, I’ve talked with four different commercial property management companies that have tons of roofs and all four of these guys are looking for some routes to be done right now. So I tell you when it comes to advanced commercial systems, when it comes to our roof nerves, when it comes to what we do here on a daily basis, I really think you’ll be impressed with the level of expertise here in commercial roof, in broken Arrow with the level of expertise and experience, expertise, product knowledge, experience, um, satisfaction from communication, transparency in what we do on your roof, accountability in what we do on your roof. These are the things our roof nerds are trained in. So then let’s look at some other good aspects of our company. Are we our roof nerves, which are nerd is a technical, um, specifically trained, technically trained person in a specific field?

Well, we are that, uh, literally for commercial roofing. And so we’re professionals in what we do and all of our roof nerds, every single one of them, I send them to Dallas, I send them to actually to Irving, Texas. And to an engineering company and they’d go through training for determining hell damage with an engineering company in Irving, Texas. And so this is an engineering company that’s been doing this. Actually, I was wrong. I’ve been quoting, I’ve been quoting this engineering company has been doing this work, uh, looking and studying commercial a storm damage for commercial roofs. Uh, I’ve been quoting like 20 years that they’ve been doing this. I actually just saw the paperwork and read through the paperwork the other day. The company started around shortly after 1946 and so with a little bit of time, um, it was a little bit of time after that that the company got up and going in commercial roofing Broken Arrow.

So it’s been well between 50 and 60 years that this company has been a determining, um, affects and causes of commercial wind, storm damage, Chroma and commercial damage from hail to commercial building envelopes and commercial building roof. So I have to tell you that, that we are the best in the industry. We have so many things going for us that causes us to rise above our competition. You know, I’ve worked with and around other commercial roofing companies, and I’ll tell you, a lot of them have these big dreams of, of how they want to set their company up, how they want to put things in place. And you know, I love these guys. You know, there’s a lot of good people in the industry. I respect these guys and uh, you know, there’s a lot of great people that I really think here in commercial roofing broken arrow that are just really just trying to do a good job.

But many times though, they’re lacking and the accountability and they’re lacking in the transparency that we saw, we saw a real quickly, we understand that men sometimes need accountability in life. You know, you get a guy that’s, you know, going to an AA and he’s alcoholics anonymous, anonymous. I think it’s good for a guy like that, with that kind of problem, that kind of issue. I think it’s good for a guy like that to be able to have accountability. I think it’s good for someone, you know, to be able to have someone that can bounce things off and say, Hey, I’m having a rough day. Well, men, I’ve just going to be honest with, uh, for them to grow and do their best. It’s best to have accountability and for there to be trust, establishing the right relationship, there needs to be accountability. And so with that, we will immediately begin to build trust with our customers and clients and our potential clients by the accountability that we bring with video, pictures of problematic areas. Our first issue, our first initial walkthrough video, we do these things for you. We draw diagrams for you in present, all this to you after our first 24 hour roof evaluation, these are the things that we’d bring to you here at commercial roofing broken arrow. These are the things here in commercial roofing, broken air that we do every single day. So thanks for joining us for another podcast in commercial roofing Broken Arrow. Hope you have a wonderful day.