Welcome to advanced commercial systems. Oh, my name is Marty Grisham. I’m the owner and founder of advanced commercial systems. And I’d just like to welcome everyone who has the opportunity and the chance to hear our podcast. I’d like to welcome everyone and thank everyone for joining in once again for our podcast and really just the mini things that we do in commercial roofing. And you know, there’s one thing, um, it’s so true about what we do in our profession. Um, obviously here in the United States we are very blessed country. We’re a country that has a lot of opportunity for real estate and property and construction and, but basically whether you are a contractor or not, everybody needs a roof. And that’s really our point today and that’s the things we want to talk about today. Everybody needs a roof. Now, not everyone may have a roof. We do our best in commercial roofing Broken Arrow.

He might have a homeless person who doesn’t have a roof, they could be in tall, so they can be in sand springs or Claremore downtown toolset or commercial roofing broken arrow. But I’m going to tell you, everyone needs, they need a roof. The roofs are really very large part of the aspect of, um, of, you know, just the lifestyle just and just basically having community, having, having civilization. The roofs are very important for that. Um, now I’ve got a real close friend of mine, his name is John and he is from, um, you know, the, the Samoan islands. And one of the things that John shared with me is when he was young, uh, in the younger, he lived in a, um, more of a hut, you know, a very nice but had a roof and had poles and it didn’t have walls. And so the one thing that really stood out about that to me was, you know, uh, I joke around with him all the time about how he grew up with no walls, but the aspect of it really stands out is he still, it needed a roof. That’s when you need commercial roofing Broken Arrow services from the best.

You’re, you’re really needed. Even if you don’t have walls, even if you have a floor that you don’t like it, you know, you need a roof because the elements we’re trying to protect you with. That’s where the roof deck texting you from wind and rain. And hail and things stolen out of the sky. I mean, you know, you could have a small medium or come to the earth and, and your roof can protect yourself, you know, just basically birds flying over and pooping on your head. Um, so these are the things that I think about all the time when it comes to roofing. It comes to commercial roofing. Your Business needs your roof. Yeah, you might have an online business, you might have a business, you know, when people just find your product online and they buy it from online and that’s great, that’s awesome.

But when it comes to being the best commercial roofing company in town, I know what to tell you one thing, you’re sitting somewhere, there is somewhere sitting some person somewhere sitting there under a roof, working on a computer, building the website, putting the products on, you know, collecting accounts payable, doing the things that be done, receiving the money, sent it to the bank with a bank’s got a roof or whoever built the website’s got a roof. So every business needs a roof. Every business needs some type of covering. And some type of protection from the elements. And so here at advanced commercial systems we pride ourselves in being professionals in that need. The need of a roof, we are professionals, whether it is residential, whether it is commercial, it doesn’t matter what type of roof you have. We are professionals and all types of roofing systems.

So there’s two terminology to two words I’d like to share with you today. One is system and one is assembly and in the National Roofing Contractors Association, according to those guys who’ve set up the standards for a roofing in the United States because they’re the national for the United States, they’re, they’re not the the rules and regulations and standards for other countries. It is the United States National Roofing Contractors Association. So it is a contract in association concerning commercial and residential roofers. And so basically they set the standards and all the rules and the regulations that they, you know, were asked by the government to follow with these rules and regulations. One of which is the definition of the word assembly member assembly is like a roofing assembling that is the decking of a roofing system. And everything above it. That’s part of the roofing system. Theirs that’s not talking about mechanical machinery sitting up on the roof, but it is talking about from the very tip top of the roofing membrane that does the water protecting all the way down to the bottom of the decking, that entire, um, that entire framework of multi multiple layers and that, that the whole area working together, that’s called an assembly.

Now when it comes to the terminology, a system, a system is anything above the roofing deck above it, all the way to the top of the roofing. And so whether it be insulation, whether it be some cover board in there, uh, whether it be just different type different plies. If you’re doing a, uh, a bur, a built up roof, um, you know, no matter what it is and you might have multiple layers, you not have five or six layers, all of that is still part of that assembly if there decades included. And then here in commercial roofing broken Arrow, it’s also part of the system. So I bring those terminologies, uh, in front of you today because of the name of my company is advanced commercial systems. And because of that, um, I really love roofing system. When I talk about roofing, I normally use the terminology system in commercial roofing broken Arrow because here in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, a system is to me is the entire network of what we do.

We, when we go to work on the coping cat, when we go to work, all of this is part of just a watertight waterproofing system that we work on, that we put together that we install for you, that we do our smart plan prevented by annual preventive maintenance for you. So all of these things is what we do for you to give you a dry building suits to protect you from the elements. Because remember everybody needs a roof. So if you need a roof, if you need a new roof, if you have a roof that’s leaking, you’re just like someone who doesn’t have a roof at all. You know, because you need a contractor, you need someone you can trust. And honestly, that’s where we come into play. We are definitely a roofer in my opinion. Uh, being the owner and founder, being the guy that’s actually responsible for the phones, calling in and all the things that is taking place every day.

I’m the guy that’s responsible for making sure you’re well taken care of. So here with advanced commercial systems, um, our job is to find out if you knew your roof, if you need a roof repair, roof replacement, fool, ref, roof restoration, a, whatever it is you need, you might just need a full roof replacement. Whatever it is you need, it’s our job to locate and help you see what you need. Because many times you’re not getting on the roof. You’re, you don’t understand what’s going on up there. You don’t really have all the details. You know, I can show you a modified bitumen roof that’s 15 years old and you think it’s horrible and you think, oh my gosh, it looks so bad. It’s gotten a little spots on it and it’s, it’s, it’s really in bad shape. What’s that black car stuff doing everywhere?

I look at it and say, man, you got another five or six years in this room, let’s just take care of a few spots that are ponding. Let’s take care of some areas that are a potential leaking areas which could be causing some problems. And Man, you know, just spend one or $2,000 this year to get some things taken care of. We’ll tighten up the Copeland capital a little bit for you know, a few hundred dollars and then for the next, you know, five or six years, you got a great roof. We’re going to, we’re going to take care of me with a preventive maintenance plan where we check it twice a year. So here are the vast course was systems in commercial roofing broken Arrow, we’re going to go the extra mile for you. Now we don’t go just a mile, we’ll go every mile. We need to, sometimes we drive many, many miles all the way to Oklahoma City, all the way to Lawton Oklahoma.

We’ll drop the Fayetteville, we’ll go over to Arkansas. Whatever we need to do, we can do for you. And so with that being the case here at advanced commercial systems, we are the roof nerds. Now Ruth nerd is someone who is technically skilled and trained in a specific technical field. And that’s what we are here in commercial roofing broken arrow. We are the roof nerds. And so we say many times it’s not rocket science, it’s roof science. And so with that then we say to you, hey, if you ever need a roof or valuation or a free estimate, you can go online at, okay roof nerds.com and you can schedule one. We would love to help you, we would love to take care of you. But you know, when it comes down to roof nerves, what is a nerd? Once again, it’s a single mine, an expert in a particular technical field.

And so that is in the particular technical field of commercial roofing like that of commercial roofing broken arrow. So why roof nerves? Well, roofs are complex. They’re not, they’re not very simple at times. The roof systems, the roof assemblies can be very complex. It takes a lot of extensive technical expertise. Uh, and there is a science behind what we do. There are chemical composition and there are different products that just don’t work together. We need to know and we do know, but you need to know that we know what we’re doing when we get on your roof. Um, so for instance, just the other day I was on a roof, a TPO roof and a in a in south Tulsa and you know, off of Sheridan road. And while I was on the roof, uh, just a few miles here from commercial roofing broken Arrow a while I was on the roof, I began to see that because it was a restaurant, it was a Mexican restaurant and the roof was beginning to decay because of the animal fats.

It was coming off of the roof, off out of the vent where the exhaust vent from their cooker inside the kitchen and the animal fats were literally disintegrating and eating away at the TPO, fixing to be create, create a lot of leads and a lot of problems for this roof. Those are the kinds of things that we know. We study, we stay on top of product knowledge. We stay on top of all the different types of proof types. These are the things we know, we know and the technical skill of the particular field of commercial roofing that we bring to the table to create a great roofing system or assembly. Just for you. Hey, if you need anything, please give us a call here at commercial roofing broken arrow. We would love to take care of you.