So we’ve been talking on our podcast for a little while now at least I know the last podcast we were talking about TPO and PVC roofing systems. You know, TPO and PVC roofing systems are what we’re going to talk about some Morgan today. And I just want to say hi to you real quickly. We have so many fans, so many customers, so many clients out there in radio land. If I can say radio land out there in podcast land and they spend a lot of time with us talking with us, um, helping us see what their needs in the industry are. And so here at advanced commercial systems, home with a roof, there’s, we just love commercial roofing. We love our clients. We love to work with them. We love to share with him different kinds of information. You know, it’s just great to be the best at something in commercial roofing Broken Arrow.

And being the best is what we do here at advanced carceral systems, our knowledge, our expertise, all of the aspects of the industry that we bring of the transparency, the accountability, the videos, um, the multiple budgeting, our propositions to you to find that one that needs to know exactly what you’re needing and looking for. All of these are the things that we bring to you here from advanced commercial systems in commercial roofing, broken air. I’ll tell you what, before we get back into thermoplastics us real quickly, go through our website and let me just give you some brief information on our website. All you do is you go to your internet, Google, you know, or what’s the [inaudible] explorer? Google, you know, um, chrome, internet explorer, Google being, I really can’t stand being, but you go to all of these and you just type in a commercial roofing and you know, in broken Arrow or to broken Arrow Commercial Roofer, you can type in advanced commercial systems, or you can actually put in the name of our captain, which is okay.

Roof So that would be www dot. Okay. Ruth When you plug that in, you’ll see right at the top, we pull up advanced carceral systems home of the roof and ours. And by the way, I am Marty Grisham, the owner and founder and very proud operator of this amazing company with a commercial systems. We go beyond the expectations with two areas. Uh, the transparency and the accountability that I think every roof or should establish number one and the number two. Basically communication, keep an open doors of communication. And really just from the get go, when we sit down with a client, we establish a direct communication with them concerning what budgeting they need. Um, the timeframes that takes to get a job done very quickly. We can put together numbers for you to let you see. Um, if you are, if you’re doing a reroof and you don’t have to put installation on, all right.

You know that. So, I mean, I hope you know that. So you don’t have to put installation on. If you have a question about something, a Roofer in commercial roofing broken Arrow or anyone else has said to you, please just give us a call. We would love to answer your questions. We would love to, to make that those other guys are just being unethical. You know, it’s not my, I was not my purpose in life to go around and put other roofers down. This is a challenging industry. Uh, and people sometimes coming from challenging world are trying to, you know, make a success in and pay their bills and take care of their families. And so many times, I mean, we’re not trying to put down other companies, but we are trying to build up hours. We’re trying to share with people how we do things better in commercial roofing Broken Arrow.

So I think we can make our light shine brighter without putting down the lives of others. So, so that’s what one thing we tried to do here, the ethics, the more reality, the character, uh, that we endeavored to show every day in commercial roofing broken arrow. It doesn’t have to do just with who we are. It has to do with how we’re going to treat other people. And so when you call us and you need something from us here, uh, we could be running down the street. We could be on top of a roof. We could be hanging off a ladder. Uh, we can even be on vacation. Please do not hesitate to call. Give us a call when you go to the top of her website. Okay. Roof you’ll see our phone number up there, which is (918) 973-1010. I’m going to say it again, (918) 973-1010 when you check out our phone number when you check out.

Okay. Roof you’ll see pretty quickly that we’re good at what we do. We’re open 24 hours. Now, some people would say to you, so how do I know one commercial roofing company is better than another? And I’m glad that a lot of people ask that because there is a finite answer to that where there’s a definite answer to that finite question. Here it is. You know, businesses get reviews. If I go to a restaurant, if I go to call an electrician or a plumber, I won’t tell you exactly what I do cause I’m a businessman and I understand how reviews work. I understand how the Internet works. I understand. I mean, we’ve got a website, we are optimized. We’re getting leads every day from our website. So I understand how business works and how industry works and how marketing works. And within that, I still know that if I go see reviews for a restaurant, I’m going to get a good idea of how good that restaurant is.

You ever looked at two different, uh, I don’t know. Let’s just take sub shops or, or Mexican restaurants or Italian restaurants in a small town, you might drive it through. I know sometimes I’ll drive over to the inlaws over in Arkansas and there’s a small town there. There might be two or three or four restaurants and a small town, maybe asylum springs or just wherever I’m might before five so I’ll go through and look at each one of those and see what their number is. What is it, 4.1 3.8 4.3 what is their overall number that they’ve gathered and they don’t even have to be here in commercial roofing broken arrow. What’s the overall number that they’ve gathered from their reviews? And then I see the number of reviews, how many reviews are they had? And when you add all the numbers of the reviews up and you divide by the number of views, it brings you to a point of a 4.2 or 3.3 if you’re not above four and an and a roost restaurant, there’s something wrong with you.

If you’re not above four and you have a restaurant, there’s something wrong with you. Cause I hardly ever go to a restaurant that are below 4.1 I mean very seldom. Most good restaurants are going to be 4.3 4.4 and so with advanced commercial systems, I see the case as well. I see quite a few come, I mean every day, every week I’m looking at commercial roofing contractors and commercial roofing companies, commercial roofing companies and commercial roofing, broken Arrow, and I’m looking at what they’re about. I’m looking at what they do and I’m also seeing what kind of reviews, I mean how many reviews are they getting? How much business are they doing? Right now we have over 108 reviews with advanced commercial systems. These are reviews that we have gathered with customers that we’ve worked with and I, I’ll tell ya, we have a 5.0 review status, meaning we get five stars after FiveStars after FiveStars over and over and over again here and commercial roofing, broken air.

We are advanced commercial systems and we are the best, the a best roofing company in the state. And so as we grow, as we develop, the challenge in commercial roofing is to make sure that ethics stays in place to make sure the accountability and the transparency stays in place to make sure that w in the middle of growth that you don’t lose that communication and that customer service that every single person was. They might not say they want it, but trust me, they do. They might not show they want it, but trust me, they recognize moral character. Moral character is completely required. I tee it up for someone to have respect for you. It’s just how it works. There are a lot of people in life. I’ve seen that the last character, even some of this industry, commercial roofing broken Arrow, there’s some people I’ve seen that last character, last morals and I’ll tell you, I literally have zero respect for people like that.

Now. It doesn’t mean I don’t wish they get saved. I look at it doesn’t mean I won’t wish the best for, but I want him to straighten their life up because they’re ruining their name. They’re ruining their companies. And I know there are commercial roofing companies in the Greater Tulsa area who the owners can’t even live here. They had to move away because their company was so unethical and so cheesy and had every potential in the world for taking this town and just be in a record setting. Producer in this town had every capability, but they just could not live right. And it was a shame. It was a complete shame. Bring tears to your eyes. And so this is what we do. When I started my business, I started coming out of an experience like that. I started seeing what not to do. I remember many years ago, one of my first jobs that I got and then I started in commercial roofing, broken arrow. Um, I started a job with a company many, many years ago and it was a company in Tulsa, broken Arrow, and that they, they managed a large investment properties. And at any given point in time, I was overseeing maintenance owned from 20 to $40 million a property. I was overseeing complete rehabs, a home, rehabs, repairs, remodeling, um, new new construction. I was seeing and overseeing the actual all the maintenance side of 20 to $40 million. And so in the middle of that

I had a really bad experience, not with my job but with the people I had to work with the owners of the company. And so when we got done, I only lasted, there are certainly at the time and I left and one day I was praying and I asked the Lord, Lord what is going on? And he said, I didn’t bring you here to to teach you everything about their industry. I brought you here to learn what not to do. And so that’s so oftentimes what we learn in life here in roofing and everything else, you know, that’s why we, we at advanced commercial systems, home with a roof nerds in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, we specifically hire for character because we’re not here

necessarily do everything that someone would say. We specifically are here to hire employees that walk in the character character is key to all that we do here with advanced commercial systems. Hey, thanks for joining in and they get another day. Or if you guys are doing great out there in radio land, we’ll talk to you soon. And once again, it’s not rocket science, it’s through science and stay dry.