It’s commercial system is a commercial roofing company and the Greater Tulsa area in northeast Oklahoma. We cover the entire northeast region area of Oklahoma. And so let me just name some of the cities that we are currently working in. Uh, you know, now one of the cities that I really love, the city, it’s called the city of sand springs, Oklahoma. The sand springs to me one thing, one reason I really like it is it’s small. Uh, the highway kind of cuts it in half. So it’s got, it’s two sides and I’m always seeming to be on one side, not the other. But I’ll tell you why. I like the city. The buildings, they’re cute. They’re, they’re great. That’s some sweet little architecture there off of main street. The community’s extremely nice and it reminds me a lot here of commercial roofing broken arrow. You know, I’ve done probably more roofing jobs, repairs, replacements in the city of San Springs, in any other city other than Tulsa or broken arrow.

I’ve done quite a few in Wagner. I know, uh, uh, a Waso Claremore Katusa Coweta big speed, jinx sky took, remember the gentleman’s guide took, uh, all over the place. Oh, what was it? A month ago we were in Haskell, little bitty Haskell doing a job, a Bixby Glenpool Jinx, you know, the south side. We’re all over this area of the country. And I’ll tell you here at advanced commercial systems, we know that there are many commercial roofing contractors. There’s a lot of commercial roofing, uh, construction companies. There’s a lot of commercial roofing companies that you could call it, but we appreciate, uh, the many, many, many phone calls and many times that we receive emails and phone calls, people schedule appointments with us because I know there’s a lot of choices out there, but that’s what we’ve began to do here in the very beginning of starting a company was to make it as to where it was a friendly company.

It was easy to find, it was easy to find us online. Um, sometimes people don’t really say, well, I don’t remember the name, advanced commercial systems, but I remember the roof nerds. And so I liked that aspect that we are advanced commercial systems home with a roof nerds because that’s who we are. You know, we, our roof guards, we refer to ourselves even in the office when we’re around, you know, as the roof nerves because that’s what we do. We will labeled herself that way because that’s our passion from day to day. That’s what we do. And so also from day to day we’re continually competing with other roofers and I’ve always just, you know, I worked with a guy years ago who said to me, he said, the roof and the industry is a challenging industry. We should never put other roofers down. And I, you know, I’ve heard him say that many times over the years and every time he ever said it, I agreed with him.

And now after years and years of having my own company, being the owner and founder here in commercial roofing broken Arrow, I still believe the same way that he said many years ago. It is a challenging industry. It’s, it’s challenging. I mean there’s, there’s so many requirements required by the state of Oklahoma for you to do legally do commercial roofing. That’s why there’s so many people doing commercial roofing that’s not legal. One of the big hospitals in town. I got to lead to go work on that hospital and to give them some quotes and I got a pretty significant lead with one of the major hospitals and, but what also, what I got at the same time was the name of the company that they’d been using for years. Well, I looked up the name of that company. The company is not even endorsed with the state of Oklahoma to do commercial roofing.

They’re not even legally working on this hospital roof. Imagine the trouble that can happen, uh, with the engineers. Now what I mean by that is hospitals and large a building complexes like that, that have a lot of different mechanisms and machines to keep it. The office in the building’s running, you know, the backup generating systems, you’re the cooling systems for the HVHC and the heating and air many times in the, the bottom floor. Then they have some mechanical rooms under the hospital that are field full of from from two to four engineers. And those guys full time are monitoring the building, making sure everything’s running well, and they’re the ones that is basically over maintenance for the building. And so, but just imagine what these engineers in commercial roofing broken Arrow, the trouble they would get in if something serious happened and it came back that they didn’t even have a roofer that was illegal.

So since they have a roofer that’s not legal, who’s to say they even had workers comp, one of the most important insurances that you absolutely need to get. So right in the middle of how I believe I shouldn’t name commercial roofing companies and any roofing company and I shouldn’t put them down. I’m never going to change my belief in that. I absolutely believe that. But I believe there is something else that I should do. I should be able to generally say the problems and the issues that they bring to the industry every day. And I believe that I should be able to very specifically say the things that we do and advanced commercial systems that causes us on a daily basis to rise above the level that they operate that. And so the first thing I have to say that bringing to the table, I mentioned in law here in commercial roofing broken Arrow, and I think I’m always going to mention them because we’d go out of our way to get the highest level of training possible.

So earlier I was making a reference to the mechanical engineers that are running the hospital maintenance plans. Now I’m going to refer to engineers probably along the basis of structural engineering, the engineers that we have trained at butter and that we are certified inspectors with of Haig Engineering, uh, multiple locations throughout u s and we function and operate out of one down in, near, near Texas. We go down and we go through classes, training. All the education needed for us to be the best that we are today. And so with that, uh, the certification that they give us isn’t just a piece of paper. It’s something that they stand behind. Could, if I had an issue I could call them and they stand behind you know, my decisions and they will obviously research to make sure I made the right decisions. But yeah, I mean I’m basically are an an outstretched arm, uh, an extension of who they are and what the and what they have learned now. We are the best in commercial roofing Broken Arrow.

So now a lot of engineering companies, a lot of engineering companies or are fact finders, they gathered data and that’s perfectly fine. That’s what they should be. Hagan generic has to create the gathering of data. So instead of just going and looking at hell hits and saying, oh, those are hell hits the hill was this big, the hell had these different characteristics. They come back and create machines that makes hale and then they do hell testing with hell flying at 60 miles an hour inside their, their shop inside there, they’re building, they create machines and they began to do wind and hail testing in their facility. So this is a whole nother level of roofing for you. When I go look at a roof, I know what engineers are looking for and now let me just say I in the profession of commercial roofing here in commercial roofing, broken Arrow being in the profession of commercial roofing, I have been on the roof with engineers that state farm, Liberty Mutual Oklahoma Farm bureau have hired to come out as structural engineers and inspect the shingles.

I’ve been on the roofs for hours and hours and hours with these guys. I know what they’re looking for. I know what they’re looking above that and below mat of that shingle. I know with the foundation of that mat what it needs to show that there has been a detriment to the issue or to the foundation of the shingle that would cause it to not performance job properly. I know I’ve done this with these guys and then you put on top of that the training within the certification that we have with an engineering company that specifically has for 50 years studied that there is no better roofer in town to inspect the roofs for you. There’s no better roofer in town than an advanced course or systems that can bring out their roof nerds in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, and do a full free roof evaluation. I know you’ve heard of the terminology.

No brainer, right? I mean you’ve heard someone say, Oh man, that’s a no brainer, right? You’ve heard, you’ve heard that said before. Well, what I’m sharing with you right now is the bro. No brainer of the decade, the no brainer of having a free free free with a capital, capital f, capital R, capital e, capital e, we’re talking about an absolutely free roof of valuation. Now, this is not just a roof evaluation for, for Bob’s roofing that lives Alphas tailgate to come out and look at the roof. Eight minutes later he walks down and looks at you and says, your roof needs to be replaced. This is a roofer and this is a evaluation where we do a core sample. We tell you exactly every aspect of what your roof is currently about. Then we lay out a plan for you. Haven’t gathered that data for the best thing to do for your roof, for it to live his full life, and then increase the lifespan of your roof in commercial roofing, broken arrow.

All you do is you call us for commercial roofing Broken Arrow needs. That’s all you do to get this no brainer. It’s that simple. It really is. We’ve not made this complex. You can go to our website is okay. Roof and you can schedule now, hit that button. You’ll be able to send us your info. We will call you. If you can’t answer the phone, it’s okay. We’re really good at pushing phone buttons. We’ll call you back if you don’t answer the phone. Guess what we’re gonna do? We’re going to wait a day. We’re going to call you back again and we’re going to come out. We’re going to look at your roof and we’re going to take good care of you and you’re going to give us good reviews and good testimonials because every single person we work with WHO’s a smile on their face, because here at advanced [inaudible] systems in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, we are the best roofer in town.