Okay. We have another podcast for you this morning. We’re happy that you’re joining us with Oklahoma’s Best Roofer, uh, advanced commercial systems, home of the roof, nerds. We are experts for your commercial roofing broken arrow. And we want to talk today about um, storm damage, emergency services, whether you have a leak, you know, all kinds of things. We’re going to just talk about all the things that we can do for you at advanced commercial systems. Um, home of the roof nerds. You know, go ahead right now you can go and, um, go look at, okay. Roof nerdist.com or you can go to Google and you can check out our listings. I mean our, sorry, our Google listing, but you can check out our, um, what our clients are saying about us on both of those websites. You can on our actual website. And then on our Google listing we have hundreds of clients that are satisfied.

We have so many satisfied customers and they are saying great things about us. And if you want to just read and get an overview of um, good things that they are saying about us and just to see that you really can trust, um, advanced commercial systems, home of the roof nodes, um, the experts in commercial roofing broken Arrow, you really can trust us as a reliable, honest business and that we will do our very best to take care of our customers. And um, we also not just take care of them, um, with expert service, which we do, but we do it at a great price because we know that is important to you as a building owner and business manager. Price is important. It’s important to us. You know, we want it to be a win, win situation and if you give us a call it will be a win win situation because we are here to, um, to be the experts in a field where you don’t have to be an expert. We will be the expert in the field of commercial roofing broken arrow. We have roof nerds said are technical experts in the field of commercial roofing broken arrow.

Yeah. And that brings me to a really good idea of what we’re doing with commercial roofing nowadays in commercial roofing Broken Arrow.

So that’s a large part of what we’re about here. Can you hold this right here for me real fast from a seatbelt? So what’s going on today with advanced vast commercial systems, if we’re actually going in to meet our, we have a marketing company that we’ve worked with that really they’re not as much about marketing is there are about helping us just structure everything. Well one of the things that they have helped us learn about and the, the need for is that a hiring roof nerds and office staff, they are just full of character. Character is the key to having a great company in a successful because referrals and having clients that will call you back over and over and over again, you, you won’t have that happening with a lot of roofers. Um, just because those groups, you know, they dropped the ball, they don’t do what they say, you know, their price goes up.

Different things happen in commercial roofing, broken out all the time. It causes you really to be, they kept the beginning, get skeptical about, you know, the services that they’re offering. That doesn’t happen here with advanced commercial systems home in the root. And Eric’s here at advanced commercial systems. We have worked with companies that have been challenging to work with because of the ethics and different things. So we really stepped it up and a really endeavored to have the highest level of integrity, more or less the values and character, um, and we can in a company. And so transparency and accountability are the two main things that we focus on with our clients. We want there to be a transparency that they know what we’re doing so well. So here’s the, here’s what happens when we get up on your roof. The moment we stepped off the ladder on your roof, we’re turning on a Gopro.

And so that is a camera that’s going to record our whole, whether it be five minute or 30 minutes the entire time we were on your roof, we’re recording everything we’re doing from that moment on. Now the reason why we do that is because we won’t be accountability. And the transparency with you so that because in the industry for many years now, I have seen so many roofers that will go up there and cause damage go up there and lie about what they see. So we’re just eliminating completely eliminating their, he’d be in any false suits at all. We’re basically showing you a full video of everything it’s set on us is where anywhere we’ve faced the video is showing. So you get a full picture and the full video of what’s taking place often. We help with commercial roofing Broken Arrow.

How we, yeah, that’s a good question. And it’s something we deal with. A large part of our job is called leak detection. If you are not skilled or experienced and leak detection, I was highly advise you to not be a roofer. Roofers every single day. I posted something on Facebook the other day of a leak if we found and another Roofer, uh, posted about my posts that he hates finding links because that’s really a large part of what we do in the industry. If we’re not finding the leak for you, then you’re calling us out to do a preventive maintenance plan, which we’re going to find the leads as well and where you’re calling us out here in commercial repeat broken Arrow to do a full replacement in which you know, we would start the job in a few days so it wouldn’t be a big deal if what you had a leak or not.

You’re not too concerned about the leak because we want to replace the entire roof. But the leak detection, the more I do this after, I don’t know, 500, 600 groups that personally put my own eyes on trying to finally at finding leaks, doing a great job, finding them and eliminating mistakes. I have found the majority of the time you’re better off bringing a ladder going inside the building, not just looking at it from the ground, getting up inside the ceiling grid and looking with a flashlight to see where you can see where the water’s running from. Um, I know I was in, was it you condo? I was in Norman, Oklahoma a few months ago and this one leak. We’ve been tried to detect and eliminate for sometimes, and I drove back over there because they were wanting us to do some estimates on a group. We drove over to us having to be there.

So I went ahead and looked into this one specific leaking again. So we were not in commercial roofing broken Arrow, but we were over in the Oklahoma City area. And so as we were over there, I finally got frustrated and up is where I got my ladder, climbed up in the ceiling grid and spent 15 minutes up in, they’re detecting and, and really just gathering information of where does it look like the water’s coming from. And I begin to see where the water was coming out of it were metal decking, seamless steel, metal decking scene. One ended and the other one began. And that scene was an opening where I can penetration area, it allows water to come through. And so, you know, sometimes the more I do this, the more I’m just convinced every single leak we should bring the ladder inside. We should look and try to detect where it’s coming from the side.

All right. Red Color, write the intro tablet. Marsha has been around. And so, you know, a lot of criticism came to the construction industry board in 2015 around July of 2015 because that’s when the construction industry board stood up and said, we’re going to begin to change the requirements for roofers doing commercial roofing. And if there was a lot of, uh, a lot of ancient Greek root for backlash, I know there’s a roof rack now, I would say his name, he’s over from the jinx area, Bixby, airy, and he’s been doing commercial roofing for 30 years. And I completely, I feel for a situation because he’s really good at what he does, but he has been unfaithful to meet all the requirements for a commercial roofer that the construction industry board of aplomb. Let’s put in text. There’s testing that’s supposed to be taken and you have to make a passing grade on it for commercial roofing Broken Arrow.

And so I understand there are some downsides to the commercial endorsement requirement that these construction industry board, it’s required. But I gotta say that there are a few downsides, but on the other side there’s a lot of wonderful things about it. It is beginning to really eat out. A lot of the roofers that aren’t just fly by night storm chasers, guys that just do residential, maybe I’ve done a little bit commercial and they’re just trying to come in and get some big jobs. You know, those jobs should be set aside for someone that’s doing that illegally and illegal roofer doing commercial roofing in the state of Oklahoma. If someone who has passed the commercial endorsement towards me, they ain’t. Once again, we just want to share with you all the good things is happening with us and what we’re about here at the dance commercial systems, home of the roof, nerds here and commercial weekends up. Now, once again, thanks for joining another podcast with us, another podcast. This will be a 175th podcast we have done week after week after week. It’s been an honor to bring all this information that you guys and to talk to you about our passion of commercial roofing. Hey, once again, it’s not rocket science. It’s real science and stay dry. Contact us for your commercial roofing Broken Arrow needs.