Welcome again to another podcast with advanced commercial systems, home of the roof, nerds, every single a week for many, many weeks and the best in commercial roofing Broken Arrow. Now we here at advanced commercial systems, we go and we hear to her office and many times early in the morning, like right now it is six 49 in the morning or what does it, Tuesday. Today’s Tuesday morning, we go early in the morning here to our offices and we begin to work on putting together the content and the information, uh, in commercial roofing, broken Arrow and all of the different things needed to uh, really begin to bring you just the top information, the information that you would want, that you would need for your business, for your company to know about how you should hire and how you should find, you know, a great commercial roofing company. And so that’s what we’ve done. I’m Marty the owner and founder of advanced commercial systems here in commercial roofing broken arrow.

And uh, we are just pleased to bring another podcast today. So let’s get started with our topic today. We’re talking about roof asset management. Now that’s basically roof asset management falls under our category because that is a terminology it falls under our category. Um, whether you have a metal roof and modified bitumen roof, you could have the steep slope roof. You could have an architectural laminate or three tab shingle roof, single ply, like a Thermostat, thermoplastic TPO, EPD, em, um, PVC roof. You could have a built up roof, doesn’t matter. Modified Bitumen, I think I said that doesn’t matter. The type of roof you have, we can still put together a roof. My Asset Management Plan for you. And in doing that, we basically say that it is a roof maintenance plan and it is a roof maintenance plan, which we take care of it, we keep up with it.

We give you a reports twice a year by annual reports and what ours is called is the smart roof Flambe. Now we are the roof nerves. So we love things that are smart. We believe we are the smartest in town when it comes to roof and asset management. So we have created what we call the roof, the roof SmartPlant. So here and commercial roofing, broken arrow. Let’s go over some of the aspects of what we’re about. Um, so there are tons of facilities, there are tons of property managers that are tons of especially apartment complexes in the area. And with that, there being so many, uh, it’s, it’s challenging sometimes to call out one roofer and then you have another problem on the same building. You call out another roofer and then another roofer. And next thing you know you’ve called a lot of different roofers out and you’re running into, you’re getting mixed information, not every roofers on the same page.

Sometime it’s good to get someone that has a great magnus plan and put them in place and just let them do their job and let them do a long term. Now this would take care of your headaches when you outsource to just one commercial roofer, like advanced commercial systems, home with a roof, marriage and, and then also you save time and you save money in this process. So instead of dealing with just the daily small, minimal repairs and the cost of the frustration of that. And then also you’d be dealing with, you know, roofing problems that are unexpected, you know, that you really wouldn’t understand and see because the roofers getting on the roof, you’re not doing that. And so we put together the smart roof plan because it is a very proactive management, basically a roofing, uh, putting roofing assets on a portfolio for you.

If you could say it that way from the property management mentality or stand point or a point of view here in commercial roofing broken Arrow with advanced commercial systems. We come out twice a year now if we need, if we see there’s a problematic area, this is what I want to put into play for you so that you can see that we’re going, we’re not just, we don’t just have a plan put together and we stick to it is, it’s an alive plan. It’s, it’s, it’s a changeable plan. We can come out every month, we can come out every three months, every four months, every 12 months, every six months we can come out, you know, as much as we need to make sure that you’re getting your roof taken care of. But we just need eyes on your roof because our eyes are trained to know what to look for.

And so here with advanced commercial systems are smart roof plan. Today we want to talk about what exactly the happens on the the roof maintenance side as far as asset management. Okay. One is we give you basically a comprehensive inventory of each and every individual roof and it’s built than that of a plan of possibly that someone said like a roofing portfolio. And we do that with detailed drawings, video and pictures. And this allows you to, although you’d never get on the roof to be able to see every aspect of the roof. You know when you see about a 10 minute video of a walkthrough of the roof and the video shot correctly and done ride with voice layover, talking about the roof here in commercial roofing, broken heroin, uh, you don’t find commercial roofing contractors doing that. You don’t find commercial roofing companies doing that.

That is what we do and that’s the highest level of excellence that we bring to you. Now we do have an exhaustive roof inspections and analysis plan. Now that’s part of the, the higher part of the smart roof plan. We have a 30 point checkup, a 30 points of specific details. One not be screws on coping cat seems of coping cap, parapet walls. Um, the cat strips are, they were, you know where the mod bit will come down a roof and has a cat strip at the bottom of the parapet wall a lot of times because of just that bend in that, in that, uh, product in that membrane. It will cause that seemed to open up. I’ve see it over and over. No, it’s the number one area. And so, and then also plastic and cloth can be used, uh, on that scene. That where it transitions from the flat level on up the wall and where you see that scene where that transition takes place, you can definitely see that that plastic and cloth many times, I don’t know if it shrinks about thinking might be the stretching of forces of shrinkage, but it would definitely in commercial roofing broken arrow.

I know there’s a roof right over here, a off of um, broken air express way, highway 51 that I see that that’s a problem all the time. So another thing that we bring to you is what brain core samples and infrared scans, you know, infrared scan. We have a infrared scan. Um, it is a thermal, so thermal imagery with a thermal camera, thermal optics abilities. This is what we bring to the table so that we can do infrared scans and thermal scans. And we do this so that we can determine whether there is water under your membrane and where the water is. It’s a very, very inefficient for you and your roofing system. If you have saturated icer board, if you have a saturated roofing area, especially I board the ISO board, when it gets saturated, you’re breaking down and losing all of your, your thermo, uh, your thermal attics, uh, have thermo, um, potential and the capabilities, um, it’s completely goes away. We are the best in our ability to provide amazing commercial roofing Broken Arrow services.

When you, when you saturate, see, one of the, or the aspect of the ISO board, what makes it powerful are the, all of the little air pockets. The airport, you know, it’s, it’s just like a Styrofoam Cup at eps. There’s one styrofoam that we have called a installation called eps and it’s basically just like a Styrofoam Cup. And it works because of all the little millions, a little air pockets inside, you know, the Styrofoam and those separately have to have the hot or cold try to go through it. And you understand you have a really hot coffee and you can hold it in a little bitty Styrofoam Coffee Cup and it doesn’t burn is really a powerful, really amazing. So think of the ISO board. Um, but think if you were to turn that into like a wet paper where there’s no air inside it, then suddenly in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, what’s you’re dealing with, you’re dealing with heat transferring through the product.

So, uh, we, we definitely want to make sure that you did not have wet ISO board and wet, um, you know, membrane under the membrane. We got to keep it dry. So that’s a large aspect of what we needed to do. A, okay, so tomorrow we’re going to pick back up. I’m sorry, I’m not tomorrow, but next podcast we’re going to pick back up right where we just slept off here at the same spot. We just, uh, we’re going to get into core sampling and share with what core sampling is about and we just covered infrared scans. We want to talk a little bit about laboratory analysis tomorrow of the roof membrane. So these are the two things we’re going to pick up because we’re going to keep moving forward on this commercial roof asset management plan that we call the smart roof plan here at advanced commercial systems with commercial roofing Broken Arrow.

If you ever need anything I tell you, we’d love to hear from you. Uh, you can go to our website, check us out at, okay. Roof. They’re nerds.com. Okay. Roof nerds.com in commercial roofing, broken arrow. We are always here for you. Now we are one of the few companies that are open 24, seven, seven days a week. All you do is give us a call now that that 24 hour emergency that is not per email because we don’t have someone always looking at an email 24 hours a day, but we do have a phone set up and ready to be answered. If you dial (918) 973-1010 that’s the phone number that goes directly to us. (918) 973-1010. We are advanced commercial systems. We are the home of the roof nerves here and commercial roofing, broken era. We are the best absolute best commercial roofing company in town and we’ve done well over 200 podcasts to help you understand what we’re about so that we can bring the highest level of service to you, but we appreciate you guys for joining in another day with us. Stay dry.