If you’re in need of a commercial roofer, if you’re in need of a roofing company that congest flat take care of you, we’re definitely the guys to call here with advanced commercial systems for any commercial roofing Broken Arrow needs.. We are appreciate you. We appreciate who you are and what you’re about because if you own a commercial roof, who we are the guys that are going to step in and give you the highest level of expertise and the highest level of maintenance. And so maintenance is the word today. You know, sometimes I just get to do it. That’s how it is in commercial roofing Broken Arrow. Our podcast on these Monday mornings, uh, I don’t know how many podcasts we’ve done, probably over 260 podcast, but sometimes on Monday morning I’d just say that one word and it just really stands out that that’s what we need to have the podcast about today. So here today we are having our podcast about maintenance. We love commercial roofing Broken Arrow work.

What is maintenance all about? Now the first thing I want to share with you is that we are certified with an Engineering Company for commercial roof assessment, commercial roof, a evaluation and assessment. So, um, now there’s an engineering company that studies commercial roofs that their composition, their, their chemical makeup, how much force does it take in a hailstone two calls, uh, an actual structural damage to a single ply membrane or a modified bitumen membrane. You know, and that’s one of the big mysteries. I’ve always wondered how they really say, you know, with hail damage to them to hey built up roof. Cause you know, just recently I uh, worked with liberty mutual and we got an insurance company to fully replace a modified bitumen. I’m sorry, excuse me, a built up roof with a, just an asphalt topcoat, uh, on the, on the built up roof. We’ve got an insurance company to recently replaced that, uh, and completely paid for it except for the deductible, which was small.

And it was just because of hell hits that had hit the built up roof, the top asphalt and just put little round circular hell hits. And honestly, at the end of the day, I mean, the chances in any of those hell hits causing leaking is so minimal because there’s probably a three or four ply of, of built up on that roof. Um, but the chances of just that very top one, eighth of an inch or or less of the roof, having those small, minimal cracks in it, uh, is very minimal. But see, that’s where it goes. You know, it’s the capability of it creating Lincoln and the building is so minimal, but that’s where it actually goes in the hands of engineers. And so that’s why, uh, I went down and hooked up with these engineering company. There’s structural engineers now, just keep in mind they’re not here in commercial roofing broken arrow.

They were down in Texas and I joined with their company. I worked with them, I studied with them acid in their classes. I, uh, went through every bit of information that they’d gone through in the last 20, 25 years. And really just, we did a full in depth study and then at the end of a long period of class and, and testing time, we had testing time, which I made good grades on and, and really walked away with a certification in what they do. Now I am not an engineer but I am certified by them. So if I say something, those guys are backing me because anything I say is based off the data validation and the data accumulation that they’d been doing from 25 to 50 years is structural engineers for commercial building envelopes. And so as we sit down and we look at this, a built up roof with the hell hits, um, in your mind you’re thinking there’s cracks everywhere.

Why do these small little dense, these small little perforations in the top asphalt, which you know is called the flood coat, the top flood coat, why there’s the top flip coat have these little circular cracks and it’s any worst than the alligator. And I’m seeing everywhere and socially, but there’s science behind it. There’s science behind what we see. There’s science behind what we study. And here in commercial roofing broken Arrow, we’ve learned everything to look forward, everything to find as far as hell damages concern. And so he could have a single ply. You could have a mod bit, you could have a ballasted roof. It doesn’t matter. You could have a stone, a Pavestone roof. You could have Ebdm, TPO, PVC mod bit. You could have metal, you could have ag panel, Agra panel, you could have our panel, you could have, you name it, slate stone, um, tile.

Uh, you know, brick, you can have a concrete roof. There’s so many different kinds of roots. We’re going to know exactly how to identify when and hail damage on your building. They’re building that you own the building that you work with. And so an advanced commercial systems, um, everyone of our roof nerds own staff, every single one of them has gone to the same training that I have, the same, uh, level of expertise, the same training. We send our guys down to get the same certification so that everyone is on the same page and the same certification with an engineering company. So here at advanced commercial systems, there’s a few things that always makes us stand out above the other guys. And this is one of those things. No company in the area, hands down in commercial roofing broken Arrow is spending $2,000 per employee to send them to this engineering company for training.

And that’s basically what it costs me. It’s what it cost me to send myself. It’s what it costs me every single time I send someone, it’s around $2,000 to get all of my guys one, one by one down there and get them tested, get them trained for days upon days. They’re there basically eight hour days. They’re studying commercial roofing and they’re learning all the good, bad and ugly of of the wind and hail damage for commercial roofs. And so they’re learning the composition of commercial roofs, the assessment, the inspection, the evaluation of commercial roofs, how to structure your data validation, how to make it presentable to clients. And we bring all of that back to our company here in commercial roofing broken Arrow with advanced commercial systems and our roof nerds. We then evaluate and we, we, we inspect the roofs that we have here in the Greater Tulsa area and they’re broken era area.

We’ll go over to Coweta. We’ll go to Glen Pool, jinx, Bixby, sand springs. I mean we go to many different cities. I’ll just keep naming some, uh, did I say s sky took, we’ll go to, I know La Paul Huska we’ll go to prior Bartlesville Claire Could Tusa we’ll go all the way down to Haskell. We just did a roof and Haskell just recently, we’ll go over to Sam’s sprains. We’ll go out to Oklahoma City. We do a lot there. Uh, we do roofs really all over the area. And I was just on the phone with some people in Claremore today and we were getting some inspections done and we were getting some things put together for some people in Claremore, a multiple businesses out there. So every single day, uh, whether you’re in Tulsa or commercial roofing broken Arrow or no matter where you are here at advanced commercial systems that we’re going to bring you a level of, of roofing, a level of productivity, a level of being a commercial roofing contractor and a commercial roofing company that’s second to none.

We’ve built our communication up on what we share, how we share it and their frequency of sharing it. Those are the three things. What we share is all of the data that we’ve gathered with our engineering backing of the structural engineering back in for commercial roof and commercial roof evaluation for storm damage. And then how, how do we share it? We share it in data form and we share it extremely well verbally. We all have great skills. Every roof nerd has great skills as a gift of Gab, if you could say the art of communication and there’s no lion, there’s no unethical aspect of what we do. We’re very straight forward and what we do and then the frequency in which we share and we interact with our clients. That transparency and that accountability, uh, is fully shown in the frequency. So before we get on your roof, uh, during the time where you’re on your roof, we’re taking video and we’re talking to you as well.

We’d give you that video for free when we get down from the roof. So you have that in a data file. We have it emailed you to you from a Dropbox that we build. It is labeled is strictly for you. No one else has it. That’s a video that you can show to your boss, your clients, you can show to, you know, uh, the board of directors for your business. It doesn’t matter who you show that to. And that video was show and present. Exactly. We’re trying to say about your roof to bring you to a place of making the right decision here at advanced commercial systems systems. Our goal in commercial roofing broken Arrow is to increase your commercial wisdom or your commercial Iq. That’s what we call it. We want to increase your commercial roofing Iq. The way we do that is we gathered data far beyond what other people would have ever, ever gathered for you, and then we sit down with you and we to the entirety.

We explain it to level by level in a systematic way that causes you to understand what we’re saying because our job is to help you make the best decisions. See, our job isn’t to replace your roof. Our job isn’t to put the best roof on we can. Our job is to find you, give you the best information we can, the best data, the best wisdom on what you can do, and then with multiple budgeting options so that you could choose what best works for your budget because your budget might won’t lesser of a roof, and that’s your choice and we can respect that, but at the end of the day, it’s our job to help you do what you want to do with your roof. Hey, thanks for joining us again today in commercial roofing broken arrow. We appreciate all the people that Jonas or week after week with our podcast. It is such a blessing. Be able to do these podcasts and have the great responses that we get in commercial roofing broken Arrow over and over and over again. We are not a second or a lacquer or a slacker as a commercial roofing company or a commercial roofing contractor. We are the best commercial roofing company in town.