This morning and we’re going to talk about emergency repairs. We get calls all the time with um, people wanting to know if we do emergency repairs. And of course we do. We’re happy to help if you are having any problems with your commercial roofing broken Arrow at advanced commercial systems, we are here to help with whatever problem you are having with your roof. We can um, do roof repair, roof restoration, roof maintenance, and even roof replacement. But today we’re talking about an emergency repair. We, if you give us a call at nine one eight, nine, seven three one zero one zero, we can come out and, and check out your commercial roof, your industrial roof, you know, your office building roof. If you have a leak, then you definitely want to give us a call because that could mean some pretty serious problems in between what you see on the top of your roof and what you’re seeing as a result of it leaking down inside.

It could be something as small as repairing Elu shingle, but it could be something larger like um, ponding which means just basically like a pond on top of your roof that’s causing some, some damage to your building. So you, it’s an important investment. And if that happens then you definitely want to give us a cough. So what you could do right now is go to okay roof and read all about us. We have some great reviews, we have excellent Google reviews and we have some reviews online. But you can also go to Google and look at advanced commercial systems and read what people are saying about us. They appreciate the integrity that we’re trustworthy and we’re experienced and our guys, you know, are the best in the business and they’re honest and reliable and they, they can patch leaks but they can also provide a great price point for repairing and replacing your commercial roofing broken arrow.

So give us a call at (918) 973-1010 and we will send out one of our roof nerds are technical experts in the fields of roofing. We will send one of them out to, to give you a, a roof inspection, a roof evaluation. They’ll use videos, they use the latest in technology, they’ll use videos, take photos, they have drone cameras and they will shoot footage and really give you a, a great overall evaluation of your roof. So you know, what’s the best option, whether it be right now or you know, maybe in a few day I in a few, you know, months or, or a year down the road they’ll let you know, okay, hey we could do this for now but you really are in the next two years, you know, um, probably need to look at replacing it. Or they could say, hey, if we can put a coating on the whole thing, we can extend the life of your, of your roof and really make, give it a good watertight seal.

Um, they could just be a re a ridge vent, maybe is is off or the flashing needs to put some flesh needs to be re re flashed. I mean there are things that they can find it. So it could be just some little small pin hole. That’s the way these roofing membranes work. It’s basically a membrane that’s creating a watertight seal on your roof. And if there is an entry point, they are expert at finding an entry point for any water that might be leaking into your property. So for your commercial roofing, broken Arrow, give them a call and they will check out your system. They will review it all and make sure that you’re, um, entire system is working and functioning the way it should be functioning. They work with built up proofing, single ply roofing, metal roofing, modified bitumen roofing, steep slope roofing and roof coatings.

They’re experts with roof coatings and they use the best product in the business and they use only, only the best products that have a, um, a warranty and, and they have a warranty over their installation of it too. So, um, they also work with insurance companies and not only within your price point, but they can work with your insurance company. And so often people don’t realize and they maybe are afraid to even call or are, you know, deal with their commercial roofing, broken Arrow because they are afraid of what it’s gonna cost. But listen, give them a call and it’s, it shouldn’t be an intimidating process. They’re here to make it easy for you. These guys, these guys are the nicest guys. And, and, and we can send these guys out and, and they will our, I mean, our guys will just help you to understand and feel comfortable with this whole process and work with your insurance company.

If that’s an option we’ve seen, we’ve had, you know, huge roofs get replaced because of hail damage, wind damage, rain or maybe the, um, the product that was used on it. It’s still under warranty. And so you can get a replacement for that. So it’s super important to have an expert to come out and really give you a good evaluation and an overview of what’s really going on. You know, kind of look up under the hood and in an in essence like you would a, uh, a vehicle when you’re providing, um, maintenance for your automobile. You know, you want them to look up under the hood. Well you need an expert to look up under the hood of it, your commercial roofing, broken Arrow, and they will give you a, um, a good evaluation to repair the problems, identify anything that might need to be done and they’ll provide exceptional roof repair service and they will save you money because they are not only the best value in Tulsa, Oklahoma area, there also the, um, the best roofers in the Tulsa Oklahoma area.

And read our reviews and you’ll agree, we believe you will agree once you work with us that, um, that you’ll agree with what all our clients are saying. And that is that they are appreciate working with a trustworthy, reliable, you know, fast company that’s, that’s experts. And they appreciate the quality that’s been done. And just to work with a nice, honest business. Let’s be honest. That’s, that’s amazing. So, um, do we do reemergence? He repairs? Absolutely. And we’d love to do that for you. Hey, it’s Oklahoma and in Oklahoma, it’s January in Oklahoma and in Oklahoma we get snow, we get ice. Um, we have extreme temperatures. We, we, one year, I remember it got up to like 114 degrees here in Oklahoma. And then the next winter it was like below 14 at one point. It, that is, I would say some pretty extreme temperature, probably some of the most extreme we have, you know, in the country.

So we’re going to have rain, we’re going to have hell storms, we’re going to have, um, wind in tornadoes. It’s Oklahoma and it is inevitable. And so it’s important that your roof be ready for whatever weather, um, has to bring to your commercial roofing, broken arrow. So give us a call at nine one eight nine seven three one zero a one zero. And we’d love to send one of our experts out to check out your, um, your industrial building. So, so one of the things that we wanted to talk about also is, um, after they come out and give you an overall repair, you can also, we have services that include roof maintenance and it’s called a smart roof plan and they can talk to you about that and they will begin any necessary roof repairs. But they’ll also provide regular maintenance for your commercial roofing, for your commercial roofing, broken arrow.

And there are numerous benefits with when you get the smart roof plan and that they will, it will apply to your current roofing system for instance. Um, they will work with, make sure that there’s no warranty claim because if there’s any faults who roof products that have been used or improper installation techniques, they, we can take care of that. And, and it’s important that, um, your products to maintain their warranty, that they be some good, proper care of the roof and if you’re going to follow warranty claims. So you need to show that you’ve taken good care and taking a proactive steps to maintain your commercial roofing broken arrow. Also with our smart roof plan. You can be proactive and instead of being reactive concerning your roof and basically they will stop the leaks before they start and become a real problem within your business and could cause any problems that in the, that will inhibit your business from doing, you know, maintaining its regular services to your customers. Because we know your customers are important to you and you are our customers and you are important to us at advanced commercial systems. Home of the roof notes, give us a call at (918) 973-1010.