So that’s why many times here at advance commercial systems for commercial roofing Broken Arrow, you’ll hear, you’ll hear our podcast, you hear here the many things that we’re doing and you might wonder, you know, to who does anyone ever really call in? Does anyone ever released ask questions? And I have to say, we really do. We do get some questions and we do get people that listen to our podcast. And it’s a great, it’s great to have customers and potential clients that really love the construction industry. Now I have to say, we probably have quite a few other roofers that listened to our, you know, roofing companies, commercial roofing contractor, uh, that probably is listening to our podcast and learning more about the industry as well. And that’s perfectly fine because, you know, there’s an old saying, a friend told me one time when, uh, when the water in the bay rises, so do all the ships in the bay.

And so within that mentality is I would rather see more roofers make less mistakes, then we be the only ones that make, you know, do a good job or, or, or less less roofers that do a good job. Because at the end of the day, we’re trying to increase our entire outlook. Um, our reflective look of how we in the industry, the entire industry looks. And that’s part of what the construction industry board bid did back in at, what was it? It was, I think it was July of 2016 or 2015 one or the other. That’s what the construction industry board was doing when they came in and said, hey, you know, whether it was the 2015 or 16 in commercial roofing broken Arrow, a broken arrow, commercial roofing broken arrow or you know, basically over the entire state, the construction industry board under the heading of the governor stepped in and basically under his or, or actually it was Mary Fallon was our governor at the time.

Um, the came in and basically put together a, just like what h Vac contractors need, just like electrical, just like plumbing. They came in and said, hey, for commercial roofing we’re now requiring testing. And it was extensive testing by the way. I actually took the test, got to tell you that I met with the ladies and talked with the ladies who do the testing, who give the testing and they said the testing for commercial, the commercial roofing endorsement was hands down, hands down far exceeding the challenge in the Harding harder than any other test unknown. It was, it was so much more challenging than any other tests. And so with advanced commercial systems, uh, one of the parts of what we bring to the table is all the different varieties of work that we do for you. And we’ve been covering those for the last two podcasts we’ve been covering roof repairs, we covered a roof restoration.

And then this last podcast we began to get over into roof or maintenance, which we here at advanced, we call it our smart roof plan. A smart roof plan is basically an annual or biannual checkup. So let’s at the beginning, let’s walk through the stages of what the smart roof plan is and so that you can see if it’s something that actually would fit for what you’re looking for because we highly suggest that everyone has some type of maintenance plan for their, their building envelope. So here are the basic is the basic outline of how we would interact with you and you would interact with us. Concern in our smart roof plan. The first thing you do is you check us out online. You might end up on our Google listing, which is advanced commercial systems, commercial roofing broken Arrow, or our other location in Tulsa that we’ve just recently opened up an advanced commercial systems over in midtown Tulsa.

And so in commercial roofing Tulsa. So, so now we’re serving the greater Tulsa area with two locations. And so, so let’s go through here. So what you would do is you would find this on Google listing. When you Google, you know, you look for commercial roofer or you look for advanced or basically you type in roof nerves, Tulsa, you’ll find us here and uh, also online. And so then when you do that, you’ll also either maybe end up with a, just a standard Google search and you’ll find this in the, what’s it called, the generic search or whatever, where you find advanced commercial systems or, okay, roof well you go to, okay, roof and then you see at the top of the page that you, there is a schedule now or our phone number, which is nine one eight two six nine oh sorry, that’s not the right number.

(918) 973-1010. So you give that number a call and we’ll answer the phone and we’ll walk you through the process of what we want to do for you. And so when we’re done with that or you hit the schedule now button, we get that information from you. We’ll contact you, we’ll set up a time to come out and sit down with you. You kind of share with us, we answer, you’ve asked 10 or 15 questions and we’d run through a series of, of scenarios of what you’re looking for and how you’re looking for it. And we began to devise what we need to do for you. So basically you’ve got a wonderful building. You’re wondering about the roof. Uh, you don’t want any surprise roofing issues over the next 10 or 15 years. You got a great business there. You look at the business and commercial roofing broken Arrow of the businesses a longterm, you’re not just coming a few years and sell the building.

You know, you’re going to be longterm and the gold in. You’ve got a great profitable business. So what we do is we get up on the roof, we take an initial walkthrough video, we take your camera, we take dozens of pictures, sometimes up to a hundred pictures of any problematic areas of the overall scan of the roof, of the overall life left in the roof, uh, insulation, coping caps, curbings for HVHC units, every single pipe penetration, every single pitch pocket that is allowing wires or pipes in and out through the roofing membrane. All of these things, we gather all this data. We come back, we’ll do a diagram drawing of the building in commercial roofing broken arrow. We meet with you in 24 hours, we sit down with you and we run you through the entire process of what’s going on and what this roof needs.

And so we’ll, we’ll, we’ll determine how old the roof is between asking you questions and inspecting the roof. Uh, we’re trained and professional roof asset management and we’re trained in professional roof, uh, evaluation because we are a, with a roofing, uh, engineering company that has trained us in all the different aspects of engineering and the structural side of every type of membrane in every top of roofing system. And so we’ll sit down with you, we’ll cover all the ins and outs of how old the roof is. If we did not touch, if we never touched the roof, if no one ever touched her, what would the life span of the roof be? If we came in and did our preventative maintenance plan, which were put patient together for you, what would the life of the roof be? So you can see the variance of the money that we’re asking from you for the maintenance plan.

Uh, the repairs that were laying in front of you on that day, how much more life where you’re getting out of the roof, what kind of guarantee are you getting from us on taking care of leaking on, taking care of any issues that arise, how, how, how set up, how well was the roof installed and how does it currently look concerning wind issues with wind coming over a parapet walls or you’re going to need a 60 mile an hour wind or a 90 mile an hour wind before there’d be damaged. These kinds of things because of the engineering background of what we bring to the table here in commercial roofing broken arrow. These are the things that we bring to the table for you. And so from that point, we sit down with you, we go through all of this stuff and then we see, do you want to a once a year or two, twice a year, a biannual checkup and then we get a signature from you to basically begin to start any repairs or issues that need to be taken care of.

And so from then on we scheduled with you one week beforehand we reached out to you through email or phone call and we let you know the once or twice a year they were coming out checking up on the things that we’ve done for your roof. And so when we have done an inspection and done an evaluation, done an assessment and then done repairs, we consider that we own the maintenance of that roof, that we’re going to treat it like it’s ours. We’re going to come out and take care of it. We’re going to look at him if we have any changes. Like just recently there’s a roof we’ve been working on. It had been about three or four months since we’d been up on the roof or the building of the WHO’s that’s been there 40 years has somehow shifted. There’s been a little bit of movement in the building and it created this 60 foot long crack all the way down the roof.

Some spots big enough to put your finger in. So here in commercial roofing broken Arrow with the torrential rain we get the water was coming in for about a 60 foot spot down the side of it, a restaurant, you know, over in Tulsa. So hearing commercial roofing broken arrow, so sand springs, sky to pool, it doesn’t matter where you live. This can happen to any of us. And this crack opened up letting water in. So we happen to come through just doing our our biannual maintenance checkup and literally solve this crack. Just sitting there just like opened up. It was really shocking that that had happened so quickly since our last inspection, which was about three months ago that we came through and done some work on the roof next door. And so really it was pretty shocking how quickly that just came out of nowhere.

So here at advanced commercial systems, the best way to reach us is (918) 973-1010 that is our phone number and that’s where you can reach us every single day, 24 hours a day. Because that is also our emergency hotline. We will have one of our roof nerds own call. Their phone stays on. So if you have an issue or a problem, you just dial that number and we will be talking with you and interacting with you very soon. And so seven days a week, 24 hours a day, we are here to serve you in commercial roofing broken Arrow, give us a call. We’d love to help you try to stay dry out there. We’ve got a good springtime weather coming up here soon and it’s not rocket science. It’s roof science.