Hi, this is Marty, the owner and founder of a dance commercial systems here in commercial roofing broken Arrow here at avast commercial systems. We do podcasts every week and as we do these podcasts, we’d love to tune in with you, hear from you and, and honestly just really get some feedback from you on what you think we should cover. Uh, we’ve, we’ve had well over 220 230 podcast, so since we’ve had so many podcasts, um, you know, sometimes you kind of deplete your topics and you start covering your same topics over and over again. But this is a live broadcast, so it’s really good to get live questions. And just last week when we were doing the podcast, we had a question come in. Uh, but the question was unable to be incorporated into that podcast. And so the question is which roof is the best TPO roof? Find out the best way to do commercial roofing Broken Arrow services.

I mean, I’m sorry, which roof is the best commercial roof? And so that would really depend many times on what type of building you have will come a business you have, how your building’s set up. And it really what you’re looking for, are you looking for energy efficiency? If you’re looking for energy efficiency, then it’s more about the insulation or the ISO board you put in the roofing system than it is about the waterproofing membrane on the top of the system. So here in commercial roofing broken Arrow, that’s the topic that we’re covering today. We’re covering whether it’s metal roofs, shingle roofs, flat roofs, gravel tile, steel, steel roofing, gravel, ballasted, roofing. Uh, no matter what type of roof and it is, we’re covering all different sorts and we’re covering about the different aspects of what it means, uh, was, you know, for your roofing system.

Now, so in my opinion, let’s talk about steep slope roofing. In my opinion, architectural shingles are hands down the best roofing. Um, you know, architectural shingles there, they’re inexpensive to take off. They’re inexpensive to put down, put on. I see so many homeowners want to go and get them. Steel roof. I mean with the residential home, so many, so many homeowners, I’ll tell you they, they Google and ask roofers continually about, you know, give me some pricing to put a metal roof, metal roof, metal roof. Matter of, it’s like all they can think about as metal roofing. Let me tell you something. If you put shingles on, if you port architectural shingles on, you do it the right way. You’re going to get 25 to 35 years with a good roofing system. If you pick the right shingles, if you do it correctly, you’re going to get a lot of life out of that roof and so metal roofing people, they’re like, oh, I want a metal roof.

Let me tell you something. Metal roofs leak so much more than shingle roofs do. This is why you need advice from commercial roofing Broken Arrow. You have no idea in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, how often I’m working on metal roofs with the steep slope metal roofs, these roofing systems or because of the hot and cold variances that we have in the state of Oklahoma, because of how it will be 25 degrees when you wake up and by two o’clock it’s 65 degrees. That’s a 45 degree variance and in temperature, think a think of the amount of contracting and retracting that metal does. You know, I mean we, everybody knows when metal warms up, it expands and when it cools down it contracts or retract. And so when it does that, imagine the screws, imagine the all everything on the roof that’s sitting in there and place now, now shingle roofs, they don’t do that the same way.

They actually get sealed down and they hold this shield and there’s quite a few things about making sure this show gets sealed correctly. There’s quite a few things about doing the, doing the the shingle architectural roofing system here in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, doing it at a certain temperature and above. Really I like to see roofs done 50 degrees and above. Uh, it’s a little bit lower that the specification can require, but I really liked her. See these roofing systems put on 50 degrees and above and not that it just reaches 50 during the day that it’s 15 degrees and above for over half of the day. And so I’m thinking about getting up to 55 even 60 degrees and then in the evening starting to cool down to 50 that’s what I like to do shingle roofs with because it just secures the roof with the flashing and the the under strip under the bottom side of the shingle gets warmed up in the sun and it gets heated up and it begins to stick and begins to it.

Here, one of the problems we deal with is a lot of people put these roofs on when the temperature’s not right and wind in dirt and dust can blow and can go up under there and calls the the strip. The seals drip calls it to get dirty. Once that thing gets dirty, well then it doesn’t stick anymore. And so then you’re sitting there with a whole bunch of shingles on your roof, 35 45 squares of shingles, which would be 3,500 square feet to 4,500 square feet of shingles that have not sealed and gotten dirty. And the basically the roof needs to come off, the roof needs to be replaced. And so shingle roofs are absolutely, I’m sitting on one right now. Our office has a shingle roof on it. It’s a steep slope roof. I’m sitting under one right now, shingle roofs or hand down really good because of their cost.

Go put a metal roof on, you’ll be two to two and a half times more. The cost of a shingle roof and it ended the capability of leaking. The capability of, of not being installed correctly is so much higher. Metal roofs are five times more challenging to install correctly five times more. So basically the subcontractors that a lot of people use theirs, you just don’t know what you’re getting. I know years ago I had a subcontractor that I was going to use. Um, and then we ended up using another guy because that subcontractor wasn’t available and I let one of my other project managers run the job and he hired the other guy and the whole roof was put on, it was a small room. It was only 11 squares. It was like a, an extended porch on the, uh, the sand springs wore a railroad company over there, um, sandy springs railway and it was a front extended ports of about 11 squares worth.

I remember the size of it and everything. And so I measured it. We’ve got numbers for it. We put the new roof on. The thing was put on so poorly, we turned right around, took it right back off, got another subcontractor to come in, in commercial roofing, broken Arrow and put a new roof on it. That’s the stuff we deal with every single day in the industry. Making sure your subcontractors that good at or good at what they do. If you’re a subcontractor is not good at what he does, you should not be using him because he’s going to cost you a lot more money, a lot more money than he’ll ever make you in this industry. So here at advanced commercial systems, home with a roof nerds, that’s our opinion here. Pretty strong opinion about shingle roofs. They aren’t great. Definitely highly recommend. I know we did three very, very large commercial shingle roofs just a few months ago.

Um, for kindercare, if you go drive around and you see the kindercare with a big black roof, uh, there’s a multiple of those in town. We just did all of those and no leaking, no issues. We had, we had one pipe that need to be resealed. We came out and found that there was a leak. And so we’re talking five, 600 squares of roofing and we only had one little pipe leak that we fixed immediately when we found out that there was an issue. And so that’s how it is here at advanced commercial systems. You know, we’re not perfect. Things can happen. I mean, come on. Our opponent is water the smartest other than God. One of the smartest things in the world is water. Water will find the crack and crevice. It will allow with its first cousin gravity to just basically kick your butt.

So here at advanced commercial systems were home with a roof nerds, let’s get under some other rooms. So we’ve covered steep slope roofing. Would I chew shingles over metal? Absolutely. I would choose shingles every single day. People just have this, this bad taste in their mouth concerning shingles. I’ll tell you what, shingles are cheap. They’re great, they do a good job. They last a long time if installed correctly. They will keep your home drive. They will do a great job and they’re flexible and I’m not talking about their makeup and the materialistic makeup. I mean they’re capable of uh, being applied and having a lot of variances and what we can do with shingle roofing. And so I tell you what. Next podcast, we’re going to get over into flat roofs. And we’re going to talk about, in our opinion here, advanced commercial systems in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, which is our favorite flat roof systems.

Those are coming up are on our next podcast, so hey, next week, be sure to tune in with us. You can catch us live or you can catch us, uh, you know, the recorded podcasts or within time. We will be turning this into an article and you’ll be able to find this in the article section of our website. Speaking of our website in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, you should check us out at, okay, roof nerds.com that’s where you find us. Hey, at the very top of the okay roof nerds.com at the top of our website, you see a little bitty f up there. I think it’s either blue or red, I can’t remember the color, but the little bit, the f up there, click on that f that takes you immediately to our Facebook page on our Facebook page is where we keep up and show you all the current jobs of what’s going on. So, hey, we appreciate you guys here in advanced commercial systems. We appreciate you for tuning into is again, here was advanced commercial systems. We would love to serve you. We would love to show you the best at what we do. And remember in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, there’s always one thing. It’s true. It’s not rocket science. It’s roof science.