With advanced commercial systems. There’s one thing you can know. One thing you can be guaranteed about. We are the best commercial roofing service providing and striving to be the best commercial roofing service in the Greater Tulsa area. We protect our clients, we protect their homes, we protect their buildings, we protect their investments. Now what does it mean we protect them? Well, Mother Nature is the queen of agony. Now only say that Mother Nature is beautiful. Mother Nature could, you know, if I can say mother nature a really creates a lot of wonder and a lot of wonderful things. But at the end of the day, um, mother nature, if you can say that she actually exists, uh, theoretically, uh, she can wreak havoc on your building. She can wreak havoc on your car, on your home, your property, uh, she can wreak havoc, havoc on your yard and rip trees down. And so now I’m not trying to really just say mother nature’s the culprit. We’re here for your commercial roofing Broken Arrow needs.

I believe there’s an enemy. I believe there’s a devil and I believe there’s a god that does good and only good. But what I’m trying to say is that weather does not a dis distinguish between who they like and who they don’t like. Whether it will come to the nice person and the not so nice person, whether we’ll pound on your building and not pound on your neighbor’s building. You do understand that, right? You know how many buildings, how many roofs I’ve gone to that they had wind damage and storm damage and the one right next door to him had none whatsoever in commercial roofing Broken Arrow. We see that’s the case all the time. No. So how is that so? Well, have you ever heard of a straight line wind? Have you ever heard of a dip in the wind? So sometimes buildings are engineered and designed to deflect wind. We love what we do in commercial roofing Broken Arrow services.

Sometimes buildings are engineered and designed with not really wind in mind with more in mind of just aesthetically looking good. So you go off and make a building this and create with an architect or building that looks good. You better keep in mind if it’s getting some height to it. If it’s getting above two stories, you better really keep in mind, well how is it going to react to wind? How’s it going to, we react to weather. And so this is where we come in, uh, with Haig engineering, which is an engineering structural engineering company that is focused on commercial roof assessment before, during and after storm damage. And so this is specifically for commercial and industrial roof services. We have been certified, we’ve gone through the classes, we’d go through their schooling and we are fully certified to be inspectors capable of doing commercial roof assessment, like what they have brought themselves in.

So for 50 years they become the best of what they’ve done. And we’re one of the, one of the few companies in the entire state, uh, advanced commercial systems here in commercial roofing broken Arrow that has gone and joined the end with his engineering company and become a large part of what they do. So within that, you have to understand, we’re called the roof nerds because we’re smart. We’re called the roof nerds because we know things. People just naturally don’t know. We study roofing, we have studied the engineering’s statistical, a structural evaluation assessment of capabilities that we have for commercial roofing that is continually being increased. And so if you have a commercial roof, we would love to help you. You know, our customers, we have an ex exploration customer service, and upon using the finest roofing materials and the finest workmanship, you know, I think actually I remember a podcast a while back, we had talked about the word workmanship and we’d brought it up.

And so I want to bring up the word workmanship because it is some terminology that’s being used in the roofing industry and it’s terminology being used in the general contracting and basic basically contracting industry, the word workmanship in commercial roofing broken arrow. So when it comes to the word workmanship, many times we use that word when we’re referring to the warranties that we’re offering with the work that we’ve done. So if you hire our company to come out and do a $3,000 repair to three different areas on your roof, each area’s about a thousand dollars to repair. This is a very common, it’s a little, a little bit on the high side if we’re just hitting leak areas, but I just did this. I did a $4,500 repair just recently. Uh, I just did a $4,700 repair recently. I just did a $1,500 repair just this week. So I’ll let you know.

It’s a little bit on the high side of what our normal is. A normal repairs go between 800 and 1600 because it just depends on the size of the roof and everything. You know, all the determining factors in commercial roofing broken Arrow and, but this one specific situation with the workmanship warranty is you hire us to come out and work on your roof. We come out, we do the work and we hand you a invoice and with that invoice we can hand you also a warranty. Now the warranty we hand you is not a full life warranty of the entire roof. That’s ignorant. That’s stupid. We didn’t install the roof. We’re just come in and took care of these very small areas of the roof. So it’s our job to warranty the things that we worked on. Now we would not warranty that the roof won’t leak because there’s other areas on the roof that is going to leak.

What we will warranty is the products that we put down that they do their job and they’d do it longterm the way they’re expected to do and then we will, we will warranty our workmanship. That’s called a workmanship warranty and oftentimes your workmanship warranty, we’ll go between six months and three years. Normally six months to a year is what you see the majority of the time. That’s just basically saying that the roof and the work that we did, the products that we used are going to do their job. Now the leak could still leak from another area and come that direction and I have to say that and have to share that with you here in commercial roofing broken Arrow, because when you do this as much as I do, you absolutely never forgetting. You’re continually aware of what you’re dealing with of leaks coming from 30 feet away, 30 feet away, a small hole, the size of a pencil eraser was allowing water in.

It was hitting the decking running 30 feet before it was entering into the building. It was absolutely the most aggravating Leek I’ve ever seen in my life. I spent a lot of time, a lot of energy, a lot of product testing, studying, looking for the sleek and the challenging part with this one specific leak, it was over in sand springs was this specific leak was only built up roof. Well if you know anything about built up roofs, they’re tricky route out of the gate because that’s asphalt. It’s an asphalt ply built up ply system. And so that built up ply system has the capability of leaky many times just because of the alligator in and all the different types of cracks and crevices that are very commonly found all over the roof. And so I’ll tell you, look for the seams once you have to do with a built up roof as you have to look for the seams.

Because normally when you have multiply down and you’re heavily weak in an area, it’s got to get through that first ply somewhere. So try to find your seams and probe those seams in any area that looks just a little shady. You need to probe and poke around on that because this is a really good chance. That’s where the leaks coming in and this is so common. We see this every day in commercial roofing broken Arrow, so once again, I’m Marti the owner, founder operator of advanced commercial systems. We are the a best roofing company in town. We do full roof inspections. We have expert personnel called the roof nerds. We give second to none. Attention to detail. Our craftsmanship is the highest quality in town and we give you so much more than that. Be An Haig certified for commercial roof inspections given a 24 hour free roof assessment given our smart roof plan, which is a bi annual plan of maintenance plan for your roof, given our smart solutions, which means we don’t just give you one estimate, walk away, no call you, we sit down with you.

We cover moldable estimates, multiple ways that we can take care of your roof. That way you can pick and choose what fits you, what you feel good about and what works with your budget. So how do you get us, how do you call us? How do you find this here in commercial roofing broken Arrow, easiest thing in the world. Go Online, go to being, go to Google. I actually don’t mess with being, I can’t stand being you know, being as just a Predator site. That just by Biggie that just piggybacks on the, on the back of Google. Google is our, they’re the guys that take care of business. Go to Google, google.com. Click on that and then type in the open this space. Type in advanced commercial systems and you’re going to pull us up. Type in, uh okay. Roof nerds. You’re going to pull us out. Type of roof nerds of Tulsa typing commercial roofing broken arrow. Type it in, give us a call. We’re here here to help you. Our number’s (918) 973-1010. Our website is okay. Roof nerds.com with a www. Okay. Roof nerds.com and the front of it. Give us a call. Remember, it’s not rocket science, it’s roof science. We appreciate all of you guys and we look forward to serving you.