Welcome to another podcast of the best roofing company in town and in the northeast area of Oklahoma by the name of advanced commercial systems. Hi, I’m already the owner, founder and the operator of advanced commercial systems. And over our last few podcasts we’ve been covering a lot of different aspects between us and the other guys. And what I mean by that is the other guys are other commercial roofing companies or just other roofing companies. Now, you know, in the state of Oklahoma, uh, you need to be not only the licensed in insured for doing roofing, but you also have to have more than that to do commercial roofing. Uh, the construction industry board requires that there is a, what’s called a commercial roofing endorsement and that is testing and higher levels of insurance and that’s added on worker’s compensation insurance. If you’re in the state of Oklahoma and you’re touching in any way commercial roofs without having these things and you are creative, you are committing a crime, it’s actually a misdemeanor crime and the state and you can be fined a up unto the place of where your business license could be taken away. That’s why commercial roofing Broken Arrow is no joke.

Uh, if you are doing commercial roofing. So we highly suggest if you’re going to have someone work on your roof here in commercial roofing broken Arrow, definitely or anywhere in the state, definitely give us a try. Give us a shout, give us the capability of being able to serve you and show you the level of expertise and professionalism that we bring to the table. Our accountability or transparency. There’s so many things that we do here with metal roofs, TPO roofs, flat roofs, you know, flat roofing systems. These are all the things that we do between maintenance for systems like our smart plan, smart roof plan, and many different types of repairs and reroofing. This is what we do in the industry every day, seven days a week, 24 hours a day worth living, eating, breathing and thinking about commercial roofing. We’ve, we are passionate about it and it’s what we’re really good at.

So like I’ve always said in some other podcasts, I would never name the name of other roofing companies because it’s never good to put someone down, but it is good to make your own self look good in commercial roofing Broken Arrow services. It is good to, you know, let people know that well how you built your business, uh, what you endeavor to do with your, you know, being truthful and being ethical and having character in the industry and really just your expertise and your capability of showing people what you can do in the industry. There’s nothing wrong with making your own light a little brighter by just merely sharing who you are. And so at the same time, I would never name other companies, but I would like to share some of the aspects of what they do. Some of the things they do is they really have for Paulo, the poor follow up and they don’t always interact with their clients.

I have no knows so many roofing clients in the last 10 years. I mean, so many roof and appointments and I mean I’m talking dozens and dozens and dozens of roofing appointments and the people, uh, the client or the potential client would look at me and say, you’re the only one I could get to show up today. You’re the only one, three others supposed to come. They’ve never come. And so a large problem with that in the industry is you basically have people that are doing construction, taking care of roofing, that really have no character and have no basically a sense of organization. So if you’re going to hire a guy that can’t show up for his appointment, imagine what’s going to happen when you pain a lot of money up front to start the job. Do you think he’s going to start on time?

Do you think he’s going to get the orders material? Do you think, uh, the materials ordered? Do you think that everything’s going to fall in line and work like clockwork if he’s already shown that he’s not showing up on time. And so I’m not in any way trying to put others down. But I want you to know there’s a lot in the construction industry. If you’ve had anything to do with it, you should know that it’s, it’s pretty dangerous to not see references is pretty dangerous to just use someone just because they exist. It really shouldn’t work that way. And here at advanced commercial systems we show up for our appointments and also we give a 24 hour free roof evaluation. That’s a no brainer. A No brainer basically means you would have no brain and not choose this. And so when I talk about a roof evaluation, I’m not talking about showing up and saying, hey your, you know, your roof looks good.

And walking away. I’m talking about a diagram I’ve drawn diagram of your roof, an initial walkthrough video of everything on your roof, problematic pictures and a sit down with you for a 15 to 30 minute consultation, which would share with you literally what roof you have, what are value you have in commercial roofing broken Arrow, all the different aspects of your roof. Uh, how good it is, the challenges of it, um, which way the slope is. Are there any ponding areas? How do you pair pit walls? Look, how does the curbings around your HPAC units look, how does your flashing look as you flashing begin to rush or not? Our nails and screws popping up out of your single ply membrane. The ISO board that was put under the single ply membrane, you know, the thermostat or thermoplastic are those screws backing up and punching holes in the TPO?

You know, there’s so many different things that we will share with you in commercial roofing broken Arrow, and there’s so many things that we’ll share with you so that you’ll have the insight for making the best decisions we’ve always solve with we, we’ve always said that’s what our main goal is. If we can increase your commercial Iq, your commercial roofing smart, uh, your sensibility to, to commercial roofing, if you’re a commercial roofing Iq can be increased. We’re the ones that’s going to do it and we’re going, we’re the ones that’s going to allow you to, um, uh, make another choice. And, you know, there’s something I want to bring forth to. I talked with a lot of different people and I’ve, you know, obviously I’m in sales because I’m the owner of the company and how oftentimes we’ll try to sell, you know, who we are and what we’re about.

And so just being, you know, being completely translucent here with you. Um, I’ve talked a lot of people in the past who, and they would say this, well, I’ve been using a roofer. I say, what? You’ve been using a roofer. I, when’s the last time you checked his prices and they’re like, well, I’ve been using him for 12 years. You seriously had been using a Roofer for 12 years and you’ve not got other pricing from other roofers. Absolutely ignorance. You should just go bang your face into a brick wall. That is literally the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. I know a ministry in town that had a big, big a book publishing, uh, you know, contract and had for 10 years been using this one publisher and a new boss came in and shook everything up and just started checking pricing and literally fired every subcontractor they had because every one of them was overpriced.

Every single one of them. Listen, you should be checking your pricing in most areas every two months to six months to 12 months depending on, you know, the top of the industry and depending on what you’re doing. And that’s what I do. I mean just, what was it four days ago, I called quite a few of the subcontractors that I use and I built a spreadsheet with all of their pricing and I plugged all of that in was I was interviewing them. How much are you for our recovery for modified minimum, how much are you for a in commercial roofing broken Arrow for all of these different types of Ruthie basically got a rundown for all the different types of pricing for the different types of roofing that we do. And I basically built that into a spreadsheet so that that could be available to me.

And I know pricing hasn’t changed or it’s gone up or you know, so sometimes it even goes down. And so that’s what happened with this publishing company was um, they found other publishers, other printers and other papers, suppliers that were extremely better priced and they literally, how much money have they wasted for 10 years, not checking pricing. Now, that is how someone operates who doesn’t know how to do business, who doesn’t know how to, you know, to financially and fiscally be ethically responsible for what they’re supposed to be taken care of. And I’ll tell you that that’s ridiculous. And I, and I talked to, I talked to a lot of people that are ridiculous. They literally say to me, I’ve used the Roofer, been using him for 12 years and I’m happy with who he is and what he does. He gives me a good pricing.

That’s a stupid statement because how in the world could you even know you’ve got good pricing because you’ve not compared. That’s where I say, if you’re that guy, stop being stupid. Give us a call. And I’m just being as blunt as I can today. Just give us a call and say, hey, I’d like to get some pricing from you. I’d like to see what you guys can do on pricing and what you guys can offer for us in commercial roofing broken Arrow, because you got to say you’re the best and we are the best. We are the best of what we do. We’re not always the cheapest in price because sometimes the cheapest in price, uh, it truly does mean you’re getting a cheaper, I’m not going to go off and get a really cheap cheesy my bed or cheesy cheap product or um, put the product in and have the labor in the expenses of installation to be a lesser form as to where it causes problems in, in the long term.

Just because I want to make a cheaper product for you just because I want to make more profit for you that we’re not going to do those things here at advanced commercial systems. We are the home of the roof nerds. If you want to give us a call, all you do is go to our website in commercial roofing broken arrow. You can check us out@okayroofnerds.com okay. Roof nerds.com you can see the schedule now button. Click that button. We would love to hear from you and we would love to help you. So if you need it, need anything in commercial roofing repair just to basically what is a maintenance plan look like? We were bringing out and lay that in front of you and show you just how well we can take care of you. Once again, we appreciate you today for joining in with us here at advanced commercial systems, home with the roof nerds in commercial roofing, broken arrow. If there’s anywhere I would ever want to be in the country, if Suriah it here in good old northeast Oklahoma and Tulsa and Bixby and Awaso in jinx in Claremore and Katusa and Wagner and I know la and sky took and Bixby and Claire Moore and all of the areas around here in commercial roofing, broken arrow. We appreciate you guys and hope you have a good day. Call us for any commercial roofing Broken Arrow needs.