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Here at advanced commercial systems, we are very familiar with commercial roofing type systems and the roof decks that are needed for each and every type of system. Every roof system needs a different type of roof deck, so here are a few things that are required for successful roof deck types, but first let’s cover types of roof decks. The first is mentise wood fiber panels. The next is lightweight insulating concrete and steel. Another is structural concrete posts or precast pre-stressed, or another type is cast and place structural concrete. Wood panels often are types of plywood or oriented strandboard wood planks and wood boards, or the final types of roof decks. Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow The structural support needed for roof deck systems is very, very important. Roof decks often take the transferring of all the dead loads and the supporting framing up under the roof deck section, purlins and sub purlins.

The live loads in roof decking include environmental loads. Now this would include things like heavy rainfall, snow, ice, and even high winds. These are all required to be supported by the roof deck substrate. Now those are live loads, so let’s cover dead loads. Dead loads can be anything from stationary loads to mechanical equipment. Even the weight of the deck itself is part of the dead loads that are required to be upheld by the purlins and sub purlins. What about sheathing, overlay mint roof membrane, and the installation. Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow These are all part of the dead loads of the roof deck system and the last and least that comes to mind is the ballast roof system, which could be very heavy from 1000 to 1200 pounds per every square of roofing area. Another important part is dimensional stability for the roof deck. The dimensional stability serves as the substrate on which the roof system and be installed.

If a roof deck should form a stable substrate than it is what we call dimensional stability. Fire resistance is a very large part of what roof decks contribute to a roof system for a commercial building in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, when a roof deck shows good fire resistance, this ensures a longer period of time that the roof system will hold up under fire system. So during a fire, the more fire resistant that roof deck is, it gives more time for the fire department to begin to distinguish the fire. Another aspect of roof decking is what type of a temperament should be used for roof systems to work well. The roof deck is oftenly where the entire installation, substrate, and roof system is attached. Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow This has found common in fully cured and mechanically installed and fully adhered roof systems. Roof systems need roof decks that can accommodate movement within the building. Oftentimes, whether it is thermal activity or seismic activity, roof buildings can move and the roof system and the roof decking should have stability in commercial roofing. Broken Arrow,

I bet you’ve never heard of. Roof anxiety. Roof anxiety is basically having problems with the roof and not knowing what to do and the product pretty manager or building owner begins to lose hope. With advanced commercial systems and the Greater Tulsa area and commercial roofing, broken Arrow, our roof nerds will eliminate your roof anxiety by giving you a full free roof evaluation within 24 hours of you contacting us. You know, it’s not rocket science, it’s roofing science, and we consider ourself roofing scientist with a technical expertise and precision to not only assess where your roof is leaking, but also repair it for longterm waterproof systems. Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow in the Greater Oklahoma, Greater Tulsa area is more about construction and project management. You would be surprised at the number of commercial roofs.

Unlike most commercial roofing projects, general construction projects are the same period. It involves materials will be purchased, and it involves laborers that do the work in a timely manner. With advanced commercial in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, we have done building remodels, home remodels, and residential roofing Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow.

We’ve done more than just commercial roofing and all of those types of project management processes, systems, and jobs have led us to the place to being one of Tulsa’s. Number One, commercial roofing companies. A commercial roof is more than a roof. It specifically called a roof system. It’s not rocket science, but it’s science with commercial roofing, broken arrow. Commercial roofing is not just a job for advanced commercial systems and our roof nerds. It is our passion and as with every passion, you should understand that a passion that has over 10,000 hours of expert study and professional workmanship has become more than just a passion, but it has become a profession with many, many years of experience behind us. We had events, commercial systems in the Greater Tulsa area and broken Arrow in commercial roofing, broken Arrow endeavor to bring the latest technologies and the best roofing systems to you. That’s absolutely possible. We’ve worked with an under other roofing companies over the years and we’ve seen the good, bad, and ugly. I never believe we should put down other roofing companies because it’s a in the industry and within this industry. We should always respect each other, but the fact of the matter is up on inspecting over 500 roofs over the last two years alone, Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow our roof nerds with advanced commercial systems has specifically seen probably 20 to 35 percent of these roofs that have had wrong types of installation problems and wrong types of repairs

using products that did not work, or products that did not fasten or adhere correctly. Over the years. We’ve seen these products being used wrongly and that was a creative driving force behind us to go and find specifically the best products for every type of roof system for repairs of the great success of repairing roofs. Over a long period of time. We began to study the differences in how we were having great success and others were having challenges. One of the keys to make an roof repairs go away is persistency. The roof leak may still continue after the repair, but within a 24 hour call we will come back out and once again, endeavor to stop the leak looking for whatever is allowing water into the roof system. Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow, a roof system, multiple layers and multiple components all put together in a specifically designed plan to make a waterproof membrane upon a large or small commercial roof system with commercial roofing, broken Arrow, advanced commercial systems knows a lot about roofing science. We have systems and schematics all the time and blueprints of many building plans that we have devised and put together so that roof systems would do their best work and keep torrential Oklahoma rain from entering your building.

If you would like to schedule a free roof of valuation, estimate or inspection, please just give us a call. We would love to help you at any time. Recently we worked on kindercare learning centers, roofs. We just recently did a full installation to three of their very large roofs within one month period of time. We installed over 500 squares of steep slope roofing, shingles, Gaf, an atlas and Owens corning shingles can be installed for your roof as well. Just before that, we had worked on a Maggio’s roof in sandy springs in which the roof had leaking along a parapet wall and the asphalt built up roof that was presently there. Had something areas with ponding that we repaired with rooftop silicone liquid applied coatings. With advanced commercial systems. We have a vast array of systems and products for you to serve you to your highest potential. Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow Please give us a call at anytime at nine. One, eight, nine, seven, three, one zero, one zero, and our roof nerds will help you in commercial roof in broken arrow. And we’ll make your building dry again.