Welcome to a vast portion systems home with a roof nerds. We’re here with another podcast, uh, this week. I, once again, we’re over in Norman, Edmond, Yukon Mustang and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma City. And so we’re over here also. We’ll have it in del city and Midwest city over here doing some roof inspections over here, doing some building estimates and getting some things put together for some of our clients. We love to work with property managers here at advanced scores or systems. We work with property managers every single day of the week over and over again. We have learned that they are literally the best in the world to work with. We love our property managers, if they call a, it’s always been just kind of my little, my little secret, my little private, a motto that, you know, oh, when you call, I’m there by the second ring and would that, what I mean by that is here in commercial roofing broken Arrow, a lot of people, I’ll tell you, there’s someone right now that I’ve been trying to interact with to get a roof inspection done.

Um, you know, a client, they’re just don’t answer their phone and I’m, I’m confused. Okay, you wanted something done but you’re not answering your phone. I’ll text you. I don’t hear back from you. It makes no shifts. How are they running a business as to where they’re not communicating a fluidly? And so that’s what we do here at advanced course or systems. We are communication experts. We sit down with you, we share with you the good, the bad and the ugly concerning your roof. And we don’t hold anything back. If there’s, if we, if we find out that your roofs in great shape, we tell you exactly that. We don’t want to give you a false idea of a condition of your roof so that you can go and hire us to do a few thousand dollars of work so we can get another job. That’s not how we do business here in the advanced commercial systems home with a roof nerds in wonderful commercial roofing broken arrow.

We’re going to be honest with you. We’re going to be legit with you. We’re going to be ethical and moralistic with you and we’re going to let our characters shine and show through of how we interact with you. So let’s talk about pleasing clients. What does it mean to please a client? That is the topic of our, of our podcast and our article today here with his ass commercial systems. We want to know, we want to talk with you and share with you from our perspective, what does it mean to please clients? What one thing it means to please clients is honestly because I’m proud I’m a price oriented guy. Sometimes when I interact with my suppliers, one of the questions I ask him is, you know, the two main questions is, oh well there’s three main questions. Do you have the product in stock because I need it now.

Um, and then what’s the price? I want to know what prices. And so a lot of times that’s where our clients come in as well, where our potential clients, they were, we’re estimating for, they want to know what our price is and I share with them, you know, sometimes we might not be the best price, but here’s the deal. You need to look and compare apples to apples when it comes to the products that we’re using, the products that we’re putting on the roof and the products that were you were using to take care of your situation, we need to compare apples to apples there because someone might be using shingles that are not near as good. I don’t hardly ever use Owens Corning shingles. I just don’t like how they lay down. I don’t like how they look. There’s just something about them and so they’re probably great shingles but they’re not what I believe to have been the best.

I use atlas, I use g a, f. Those are the top two shingles that I’ll use for steep slope roofing and so I won’t spend more money to buy you a GAF shingle and they give you a lifetime warranty system is a certified Gaf installer. I’ll do that. Instead of giving you a $500 lesser price, you know you’re talking about a $12,000 roof. I’ll spend $500 more, make less profit and ask you then because my, my objective is to pleasing the client, but at the same time I want to please you, not just the day you pay me for the job, but for the next 30 years while the shingles are sitting up there, I want to please you because your route has been done the right way. It’s been done with a shingle that we trust. It’s been done by with the company, the manufacturer of the product that we know that if there’s an issue in five years and we see blotches of shingles losing granules for no reason, we know there’s obviously an issue with that shingle, and so that manufacturer, that GAF manufacturer, they’ll send out a representative.

They’ll come out, they’ll join with us if needed. You know, whether when Oklahoma City or commercial roofing broken Arrow, doesn’t matter where we’re at, they’ll come out with us or own their own, inspect the roof, we’ll look at the damaged area and basically you can tell when their shingles that are faulty, whether their shingles that are acting like far seconds and they’re not performing and doing the way they should with holding the granule and, and, and, and not, not cracking, not curling. You can tell when there’s a problem with shingles after a few years. And so as that’s the case, they’ll come out and they’ll take care of you and they’ll pay for labor and pay for reroofing the home because it’s part of their manufacturers warranty. If there’s not been any foul play, there’s not been any tricks or deception and they basically see that, hey, the shingle was somehow faulty.

It didn’t do what it supposed to do. They’ll take care of that. Well that’s a company with trust, GF and atlas. I mean those are companies that will stand up behind what they do. Owens Corning Tamco, you know, certainty. Those guys might do it as well. That’s perfectly fine. But we built relationships with companies that we know that we know that we know are going to stand up behind what we do. And so that being the case, that’s how they are with us. You know, they understand that it is our job to please decline. And so as our job is to please the, the number one way I will have please my clients is to give them a good roof that looks great and that functionability of keeping a watertight layer or membrane or surface or plane to have that established the right way, not by having to do cover ups, not by having to do, you know, deceptive things of this caulking and bad areas.

You know, someone can come in and caulk in around a pipe extension and instead of putting the shingles down correctly around the pipe extension. And so I prefer the shingles we put down correctly and if we find that it wasn’t that we come in and we replaced the shingles and we do it the right way, other than just putting, you know, $3 a caulk in a crack and walking on or that call can wear out in about 10 years. You’ve got a 30 year roof here that should be sitting there 30 years. That is the plan of the shingles to stay that long here in commercial roofing, broken arrow. And so if you need anything from avast commercial systems, we always try to lead everyone to www dot. Okay. Roof nerds.com that is our website. We’ve spent a lot of money getting a website up on there.

Now one of the things I want to point out about the website, you do, you don’t see too many reviews because most of our reviews well over a hundred are found more often on that of our Google listing, which when you go to Google maps and you typed in advanced course of systems, we’ll come up with our location there on elm street in broken arrow. And, but so what we find is when you go to our website, you can check out our testimonials. We have dozens of videos, lots of testimonials on there, all of those testimonials specifically point to our service and how we’re interacting. One on one with property managers and homeowners and building owners. Every one of those types are represented on there on our website. You know, here in the area with Tulsa, uh, northeast Oklahoma and commercial roofing, broken arrow. I know we have a review with bower and associates on their of testimony.

We have a testimonial, a with a gentleman who’s roof, uh, his home roof and it was replaced by insurance and we got the insurance adjuster. We work with them to get them, uh, to get that replaced. So everything that we do, those testimonials, we’ll cover a lot that were about. And so check those out. Let us know if there’s anything we can do for you. You know, we’d been doing these podcasts for quiet, I don’t know, 175 podcast or 180. Sometimes I lose count, but these podcasts are specifically to to bring some content into your world where you get more information, more insight of what we’re about with advanced commercial systems. We’re not a fly by night company. People who are fly by night, they don’t do podcasts. They hear of a storm that getting a truck, they drive down, they get a hotel. This is what they do.

I’m going to tell you exactly what the fly by night guys do. Okay. Uh, I’ve seen him. I know, I know their names. I’ve seen what they do. They’ll go and do an area, they’ll get a hotel room. If they see it’s a big enough storm that came in, they’ll rent an apartment space or something like that. They’ll get a six month rent, uh, or try to get a three month because that’s kind of normally how long they stay. And then they will buy a local number and they’ll slap that number for 40 bucks. They can make stickers to put on their trucks for far from between 25 and $40 a truck. So they’re role in with one or two trucks. They’ll put $100 or stickers on the two trucks and they’ll ride around like they are a local roofer. I’m going to tell you about commercial roofing, broken air.

I moved, uh, to the broken Arrow, the city of broken Arrow 71st and narcissus. I moved there in 1998, September the 14th of 1998 when I moved there, I have lived in broken Arrow over 20 years now in the city of broken arrow. A actually there was a two year period of time that we moved into Tulsa because we had sold our home and was looking for another home and we couldn’t find a home yet. So we rented for a short period of time and then we lived some in Bixby as well. But now we’re back in broken arrow. So we’ve been in this local area all these years and we love the city broken air. We love being the number one roofer in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, and in the Greater Tulsa area. So if there’s anything we can do for you, it just gives a call here and advanced commercial systems home with a roof, nerds in co in with commercial roofing, broken air. We supply roofing for kindercare, Walgreens, Bank of America, a lot of different companies. Matteo’s pizza, chewies restaurants. We do routine for a lot of different, very popular, very well known companies in the area. We appreciate you for joining another podcast. Remember, it’s not rocket science, it’s roof science and stay dry.