That’s commercial systems being one of the two is hands down. One of the best roofing companies in the Greater Tulsa area is always 100% committed to the satisfaction of clients and customers in those that we work with. Even our subcontractors are some contractors. They never really have anything bad to say. We always have a good relationship with those guys. Um, we have a strong dedication to you if you’re a building owner, property manager, if you have a commercial roofing Broken Arrow, if you have a commercial roofing envelope that needs taken care of, we have a strong dedication to you, uh, as our commercial roofing client. So we’re gonna, we’re gonna work hard for you. We’re going to provide so many things for you of some of the best detailed work that you could ever experience. Um, and so over time, when we begin our work for you, you’ll see the moment that our, our, our vehicles are trucks and all of our team begins to arrive in your driveway, arrive in your building parking lot. We do a lot in commercial roofing Broken Arrow industries.

We begin to surround your building will begin to decline on your building here in commercial roofing broken Arrow, our expert team of roof nerds. They’re going to be able to answer any question that you have because once again, we’re going back to, we’re committed to 100% satisfaction for you will live to answer any question that you have and we’re going to guide you through the whole commercial roofing process. So sometimes we do a recover with a commercial roof where we don’t really take very much trash off, we don’t need a dumpster. We can, uh, the minimal trash that we have can be hauled away with a truck or a trailer, a small trailer. But sometimes we do a roof replacement and where we come in and tear off the entire roof that’s there before you got to understand, we did a built up roof just recently in commercial roofing broken arrow.

And when we did that, it just basically creates a lot of mess. And there’s a lot of, of, you know, we had 20 mile an hour winds there for a day or two and as debris trouser blow around. So we’d asked for you to be patient with us because we’re going to have our guys continually walking around, uh, working with you, uh, working in your area to make sure, um, that you know, everything stays dry. So here at advanced parcel systems, we, we won’t, we won’t encourage you to, to work with us because we’re going to show you’re a great experience. Once again, going back to being committed to 100% satisfaction with you. Now, uh, let’s talk about just some of the basics that we do. We do roofing assessment, we do a infrared moisture analysis. We do that with infrared technology, thermal cameras, the infrared moisture analysis.

We can do this, uh, at certain times of the day. We have to have the right conditions of the sun, the right conditions of the temperature. Uh, we do a full Haig engineering storm damage surveys. So with that we bring that to you, um, the, the aspect of an engineering company and bringing that to you, the project management that would bring to you a second to none. And then expert technical support and assistance. Um, we bring that to you continually throughout the job. You have any questions, you have, any comments? Because once again, we’re going back to being committed to 100% satisfaction with you. Um, and then professional hands down, roof nerd roof repair. Here in commercial roofing broken Arrow, uh, we are always stepping up to the highest level of roof repair, given you multiple options. Sometimes if budget is a factor, you know, if you’re over a thousand dollars for a repair, we can bring in different types of repair systems and different budgeting.

A lot of times they’re close in price. Um, because you know, if it’s a small area, there’s only so much you can do with the roof. Um, but you know, but, uh, yeah, there are different ways that can be repaired in different levels. It can be repaired and that normally depends upon how much more life you’re trying to get out of the entire roofing system. And then basically the roofing replace a replacement management systems that we have in place, uh, for taking care of full roof replacements. So here were the advanced commercial systems. Uh, there’s so many aspects of what we’re about and who we do, uh, and how we do it. So, but w w what routes did we work with? Will the ones we work with the most are polyvinyl chloride, PVC, and then also thermoplastic polyolefin TPM and hear about this. So I say EPD em all the time, but it’s actually ethylene propylene dying monomers. We know so much about commercial roofing Broken Arrow.

So ethylene propylene dying monomer is actually EPD em. And that’s the black, uh, the black rubber. Like almost like, uh, uh, you remember you used to have a bicycle and had the rubber inner tube inside. It was almost my life. That rubber inner tube, it’s about the same thickness is about lack of rubber inner tube. It feels a lot like one. And even the smell, you can smell the, the, the, the rubber, the polymers in that. And then we also work a lot with modified bitumen and in metal roofs. And then we work with, uh, atlas roofing, Owens Corning, certainteed mule hide verse Succo Carlisle, John Mansfield, um, a f Owens Corning. Uh, I mean there’s just so many Tamco we work with so many different producers of materials and so that’s a large part of what we do as well. And now, so, um, what do we do?

How do we do, uh, what the, one of the first things we need to do is we need to assess how do you know if your commercial roof needs to be replaced here in commercial roofing broken Arrow, we’re experts at helping you find and that specific answer, that answers really when it’s all about we want to find out exactly what’s going on with that answer and how long should it take, uh, for a roofing job to, to take. And we’ll let you know that as well. I mean like if you’re going to be a three day job or a three week job, so we kind of let you know as well. Uh, at the beginning of the full roof replacements might be a week. I had one, a few, I had one the other day was three, three days for 75 square. It’s not too bad. And that was a full roof replacement, tearing everything down to the decking in three days, completely replacing it with a brand new TPO roof with installation.

We did it in two days. The third day we had to come back back and tie up some loose ends in here in commercial roofing. That’s really a large part of the standard that we hold a, I did a roof with just a recently, just a while back. Uh, I think it would took about three weeks to do. It was a 200 and oh gosh, what was it? It was right at 295 squares and so pretty good size roof took us about three and a half weeks just because of the timeframe, the time of the year that we did it and there was a lot of roof to do there and a lot of different aspects of the system. A big question that we hear a lot is should I remove my old roof before install a new roof? And that’s where we come in with all of the, our knowledge of what code, the international building code, the actual codes that each city broken Arrow code, Katusa, um, uh, Waso Tulsa, every city’s going jeeps.

I remember jinx has got some different codes and so every county, every city is going to have some different codes and some different aspects of that. And so we’re going to know that for you to help you make that decision properly because you might have to tear the roof off completely depending on what the type of roofing system that you have. But we’ll inform you that, help you with that. They’re in the very beginning. Uh, how long does it take to replace a roof? We’ve already covered that. How, how can I replace my roof or repair my, how can I repair my roof? Um, myself and honestly, we, you know, if you have your own maintenance staff, we don’t mind working with you along those lines. But at the end of the day, we don’t like to work ourselves out of a job. And so just being bluntly honest with you, the, uh, we do a lot to serve actually the, I know la public schools.

Uh, I’m doing a repair for them right now, but as soon as I’m done with that pay repair, I’m going to share with them a lot of different processes and materials because they shared with me their, they have a little bit of a tight budget and I said, hey, that’s fine and I’m here to serve you guys, so we’re going to come in and help them on that. Um, and then what is the best roof for my building, my building envelope, my business here in commercial roofing broken arrow. And that’s going to completely depend upon the steep slope of the roof. Do you currently have installation on the roof? What kind of decking do you have? What kind of roofing system do you have? Um, what’s already there? What’s going, what, what’s your budget is what, what kind of timeframe do you want to get it done?

And I mean there’s different types of roofing systems for commercial roofing Broken Arrow and then at some times it does, uh, it does bounce a little bit off of what’s available in the market right now as far as what contractors, if you’re in a super big hurry to get a roof done, if you need three days, you need the roof done. Uh, it might depend a little bit upon what the market allows you to get done in that period of time. If you won’t, a roofing system that we have to order the products and it’d be two weeks before they’re here, well that’s going to be hard to accomplish them. And then so what’s the best route for your business? It’s really the one that, that we sit down with you, we go through the entire roofing system and we will show you our roof nerds will draw out a plan for you, uh, for you to be able to make that great decision in commercial roofing broken arrow.

And then also, how do I know that you’re just not a scam? Well, I’ll make it, make this as clear as I can. We’re, we’re doing right at 270 270 podcasts while I’m sitting in my office here in broken arrow. Um, I’ve been here for 20 years. Our company is a licensed and workers’ comp general liability. And we have the commercial, uh, endorsement with the state of Oklahoma, which is a big deal. And so when you plug in all these different things, I can let you talk with, uh, multiple people who’ve known me for 20 years and who say only the best thing about me. So really one of the biggest parts of being a scam is when someone tries to just get your job and get some money and get out of here or do a job and not follow up with it. And they change phone numbers and they do a job and they don’t support. Um, so then you just need to go to my Google listing, a Google listing for advanced commercial systems, broken arrow, or Tulsa. You can see we have 120 reviews, five star reviews where people love what we’ve done here in commercial roofing broken arrow. Hey, thanks for joining us. Another day. We hope you have a great day. It’s not rocket science. It’s roof science and stay dry. Call us for any commercial roofing Broken Arrow needs.