Advanced dorsal systems. Is it commercial roofing of project management, genius company in town. If you anytime ever need commercial roofing or even residential roofing, uh, we strongly urge you to give us a call. Um, there has been hundreds and hundreds of very satisfied, uh, commercial roofing contractors. I mean, commercial roofing clients of ours that give us just FiveStars, uh, in the reviews. A lot of people, um, they say that we’re the premier choice for industrial roofing and a lot of commercial roofing here in advanced commercial system. Now, I’ll just be blunt and honest with you. This is people that have used this. This is people that really do say we’re the pre mutual choice premier choice for commercial roofing and Tulsa, uh, here in commercial roofing broken arrow. And we’re just basically the first choice. We’re the best choice. Um, we’re, we’re very unique here at advanced virtual systems.

Um, our services, they encompassed so much communication, so much project management detail through the entire manufacturing process. When we’re working with lots of roofing products, um, we rely on our roof nerds. Now when we hire a roof nerd here demands commercial systems. Um, our Ruth nerves are highly trained, well trained specifically in determining storm damage, uh, situations. The premises of a storm coming through, being able to inspect, uh, even older storm damage with the, has some age to it. And, and the one thing that happens is we become, when you say, hey, we’re going to use advanced commercial systems, we become fully accountable for the performance of your roof. Now what is the performance of your, what is your roof all about? Your roof has one major job. The, the number one job is I love the summit up in watertight against the elements, not just rain but also hail, also wind and also other element factories. That’s why we can help with commercial roofing Broken Arrow.

Also a thermal radiation, thermal, a ultraviolet rays that can increase or decrease. Um, you know, you’re the, the, the heating and the cooling and the energy efficiency of your building. And so when we become fully accountable, uh, we become fully accountable when we do a full roof replacement for you. If there’s any issues, we’re there to help you. Before we do a full roof replacement, we sit down with you, we share with you the system, we share with you the multiple types of budgeting systems that you can choose from. And we give you the, you know, on a scale of of one to 10, which one’s the best, which one can perform. This one can last 20 years, this one can last 15 and it’s $13,000 cheaper. It will produce for you the same energy efficiency as the other one is $20,000 more or the 20 year.

Uh, you know, efficiency. But at the end of the day, what’s your budget capable of allowing you to do. But when you get a roof done with advanced sportswear systems, you’re going to get it done ride and you’re going to get it done right the first time. We stay on top of our technicians, which we call the roof nerds. We stay on top of the, where they go in their truck. We stay on top of material invoices. Uh, we stay on top of making sure that we’re eliminating waste when we’ve been a roof for you. And when we do an estimate or an evaluation for your commercial roof, the last thing you want us to do is is running the numbers high because we didn’t measure well and we’re having to overcompensate for materials we measure accurately. If there’s an issue in the measurement, guess what happens? We’re responsible for that issue.

Now there are times we put in our contracts that specifically if things arise which are unable to be seen, like I know I did a roof years ago, what? 10 years ago I did a roof, one slope had three layers and the back slow had five layers, five layers on a building that I did not know. It was a steep slope roof. I did not know had any issues. That’s not very common in residential and also in commercial roofing broken Arrow, but it’s very easy to go to some of the older buildings from, you know, 60 70 80 years ago. It’s that were built a hundred years ago. It is extremely easy to find five layers on a building when it should have never been done that way. People were just saving money because they didn’t have the money to do the roof the right way, or they had roofers not sharing with them, honestly, what needed to be done the right way.

Uh, here in avast commercial systems, uh, we do a lot with roofing repairs. Now we have a 24, seven roof repair experts, which are our roof nerds. And you can trust your roof with these guys. These guys, I mean, they’re highly trained. We send them to the engineering school. You know, not to become an engineer, but to be certified with a commercial engineering company. Uh, they are roof experts with advanced commercial systems here in commercial roofing broken arrow. They were card. They will earn your respect and I’ll tell you their responsiveness and their efficiency to your needs is second to none. Um, when it comes down to roofing knowledge, they’re the best at what they do. And they’ll handle your service calls, um, with the highest level of respect and honor to you. Have you ever talked to someone on the phone and you’re trying to get something done and they just dropped the ball at being nice?

Uh, just drop the ball at showing respect and honor to you and, and you’re considering hiring these people or paying these people, you know, all of our roofing technicians, they’re extensively trained, um, in every type of repair needed for every type of roof, commercial, roofing, broken Arrow, um, every type of commercial roof here. You know, there’s only so many, so many that are here, but at the same time, one of the big aspects of this is for our, our roof nerves to understand building codes. Now, let me say before we go any further, every single job goes in front of me. I’m the owner and founder of advanced commercial systems. There’s no jobs being done that doesn’t come in front of me. So I check it for building codes. I check it for all types of energy solutions. I check it for a roof systems.

I check it for other types of roof systems or repairs or maintenance plans that could have been composed and put together. Because I love to bring our clients here at advanced commercial systems in commercial roofing, broken arrow. I love to bring them multiple options. They want to know what their options are. They want to know what the, what the possibility is of maybe getting a great job done for a lesser price. So our call quality, the consistent quality control we bring to the table, uh, really is innovative. If what we do and is cutting edge, the products we use. Like I said, I hardly ever use anything with coatings except for silicon coatings. And someone says, well, I would like to have in the last American. And I said, well, I understand that, but if it’s a small repair, it’s not an option for me.

They do, they’re not elastic. They’re not going to uphold and and be UV reflective. And the last, the heating and cooling changes that we have here in Oklahoma and Oklahoma, you can start at 60 degrees in the morning or you could have a 60 65 degree day that goes down to 25 at night. Literally we’re in that season right now. They was 31 degrees last night and it’s supposed to get up to 63 today. You’re talking about over a 30 degree variance in a 12 hour period of time. It’s going to be probably about seven hours from the 30 to 31 all the way up to 65 today. And so in seven hours, imagine the contracting and the retracting. That’s your roof, your metal roof, your your roof that’s sitting there in the sun. That sun goes down, the sun has been beating on the roof for four hours at four o’clock in the evening.

It’s the hottest of the day in commercial roofing, broken arrow. Suddenly the sun goes down at five 30 and the temperature drops 15 degrees, 20 degrees in a matter of 45 minutes. So I want you to think about it. I want you to think about what does that roof do? Well, it begins to shrink. Hot makes it expand cooler, Mexican track and when it contracts, it begins to try to open and open a cracks. Opened up seems open up coping caps. It tries everything it can to stretch your membrane, the stretch your upper waterproofing system. That’s where we come in. We understand one of our biggest contenders that we do with everyday in commercial roofing, broken arrow. Is this a lasting city? The, the, the issue of elasticity is not addressed. A lot of roofers are still using asphalt. Um, coatings, I’m on a lot of repairs and stuff.

They call it plastic out of a bucket and I absolutely will not use that product unless I have to. Mostly because it absolutely cracks. It has no Alasta ability to it and it doesn’t last long. The last time I used it about two years ago, I came back a week later and found out, oh by, I’ve got to Redo this roof all over it. This you is just a repair on a wall. I’ve got to do this roof again. I’ve got to do this repair again because here in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, the changing of temperature and how things moves, it completely opened it up and it was unable to be watertight here to vast commercial systems. We repair roof leaks and we do it right the first time, uh, are interrupted operations. They’re extremely important for what you need cause repairing roof leaks. The first time.

I mean, it is the whole concept that, and that’s commercial systems has built, uh, built their whole business upon once again, a great podcast. Today we’re talking about just some of the basics of having a great, amazing commercial roofing company here in commercial roofing, broken hair. We appreciate all you guys for joining in every week with us and we appreciate you guys joining in the future. It is a blessing and an honor to be, to have such a thriving business here in the Greater Tulsa area. We use to reach out to Wagner Claremore, sand springs, Awaso commercial roofing, broken arrow. We are on the map all over the northeast Oklahoma, and we are proud and we absolutely love serving you.