At advanced commercial systems, we are experts in roof restoration. So what is roof restoration? Well they, we is generally defined as a reconditioning of a roofing system. So don’t get that confused with roof replacement, which when you, its roof replacement you have to take off an older roof. So like take off one or two layers and an entire and install an entirely new roofing system, whether it be the same type of roof or different type of roof. That’s roof replacement. And that does sometimes have to be done if, if it’s an older roof and it has too many layers and it can’t be repaired. But um, but at roof nards at advanced commercial system, home of the roof nerds, your commercial roof and broke broken Arrow, your commercial roofing, broken Arrow will be taken care of with one of our guys and they can come and evaluate by calling (918) 973-1010.

We can send out one of our guys and they will see whether you need a roof repair roof. Evalu I mean a roof restoration or a full replacement. So let’s get back to talking about roof restoration. So your commercial roof from broken Arrow might need to have a roof restoration. So that usually begins with taking a core sample and they basically go straight down within your roof and they, um, they gathered that that core, and they can gather important data by looking at the current condition and the layers that are on the roof. They can tell whether you have one or two layers, hopefully not more because code only allows two layers. Um, and they will evaluate the deck substructure, the credibility of that and devise a plan to restore the roof. So, um, this usually includes smart solutions for either making necessary repairs or reconditioning the roof membrane using a highly, um, UV reflective roof coating.

So our guys are experts at the products that we use and we use only the best products as a roof coating and they will make your commercial roofing broken Arrow waterproof and they’ll protect, enhance, um, many of the existing commercial roofing broken arrow out there, including built up, modified bitumen metal, thermoplastics, thermostats, wood, and even concrete roofs. So, um, this is this type of repair. They, they focus on a specific area of or uh, I mean restoration embraces the entire roof and make sure that there are no entry points of any leaks that could be happening and they will make sure that your entire roof becomes like new and watertight. That’s what a roof restoration does it. And it’ll, it just basically extends the life if your entire roof where if it’s just a repair, they’ll focus on just a specific area. So they use a full line of silicon based products that um, because of the last disagree, these products provide a longterm warranty and we only use the best products for you to work for you.

And that’s part of our systems, our genius. So call us at (918) 973-1010 for your commercial roofing, broken arrow. And why call roof nerds? Well, that’s because our roof nerds are experts in this field and they are experts in deciding and evaluating what type of problems you might have in your roof. So give them a call and they will come out and check out your, your, they can take a core sample and give you all, they’ll do video footage, they’ll use drones and make sure that your commercial roofing broken Arrow is functioning properly and see what type of need you might have and of course take into account your budget and your financial situation and give you different options of how you can restore and take care of your commercial roofing, broken arrow. So, um, it’s not just about reus, it’s about the complex roofing system and that’s why it’s super important to have one of our roof nerds who is a single minded expert in a particular, in a particular technical fields.

Well, ours is an, is an expert in the field of roofing and with us, it’s not rocket science. It’s real science. And these roofs are complex. So it’s important to have technical expertise to create a watertight roofing system for your, um, your commercial roof because they, you know, commercial roofs can be very, very large and the square footage is much higher than that of maybe a residential roof. So for it to be completely water tight, like a swimming pool, it’s very complex and what you don’t want is a swimming pool ponding problem on top, you know of your that’s not working well and there’d be any entry points or leaks because that can cause major disruption to your business. And we know that a property owner or as a property manager, it’s important. That’s one of your, your


Biggest concerns is making sure that your clients are well taken care of. So, um, give us a call today at nine seven eight out nine 1897310104 with us, it’s not rocket science, it’s roof science. Schedule your free roof evaluation and estimate. And we will come out in 24 hours and decide together whether you need a roof repair, roof restoration or roof maintenance or a complete roof replacement for your commercial roofing, broken Arrow with us, we will make sure that you are well taken care of. We work on medical facility, sports complex is schools, industrial plants, manufacturing facilities, office buildings, churches, shopping centers and retail outlets. We work in all types of roofs and we have knowledge of all types of roofing systems including built up roofing, single ply roofing, metal roofing, modified bitumen roofing, steep slope roofing and roof coatings. So put our genius to work for you and you can ask about our warranties for all the following, all of those types of buildings, the different types of office buildings that we talked about.

Um, you can also go online at, okay, roof nurse Satcom and see what people are saying about us. Our clients are very satisfied with the service that we give them, the quality and experience and that we’re trustworthy and have integrity. So in Oklahoma, because we have unforeseen weather, well we know it’s not really unforeseen, it’s Oklahoma and we know that we will have bad weather, we have hailstorms, heavy rains, heavy snow falls, we have extreme high and low temperatures and even wind damage, high winds. So make sure that your commercial roofing, broken Arrow is prepared for whatever type of a weather is coming your way this week or this month. So give us a call and we would love to take care of you at (918) 973-1010 some of our clients include e’s, Walgreens, farmer’s insurance, kindercare, learning centers, Maggio’s, Osu medical and Bsn sports. We’ve also done auto supply locations, medical facilities, drug stores, restaurants, office buildings, retail outlets.

We’ve worked on all these types of buildings and we have many different clients who are satisfied. You can go to Google and look at advanced commercial systems and see what our customers say about us. We have excellent reviews and if you need help with your commercial roofing, broken Arrow, why don’t you give roof nerds a call today? Give us a contact and we will walk you through this easy process step by step. We’ll make it easy for you. It can be complicated, but when you know you have an expert on your side, it won’t be complicated and it won’t be hard. We will walk you right through it and make you feel comfortable and happy with the results. And you can know going in to the spring season that you are well protected in your, your roof has a nice watertight seal. And so if there’s any restoration you might need, if you need anything to keep yourself a knife, nice fresh, watertight coding on your current roof, advanced commercial systems, we’ll take care of you. (918) 973-1010 r okay. Roof it’s not rocket science, it’s roof science.