Welcome to advanced commercial systems on when the roof nerds today. Our topic for our podcast is going to be one that I, I think you probably haven’t heard us talk about before, well over 300 podcasts and as a new podcast today, it’s a new topic that we’ve not done before. I think it would be good for you to really just even maybe tech notes if you’re a small business owner or if you’re just someone that’s just wanting to get more organized and managed in life here with Commercial Roofing Tulsa yeah, we’re going to give you some wonderful points, some key points and some really cool aspects of how to manage your time and time management is a huge topic right now. You can see it all over the Internet . You can see it all over the, um, different companies, a lot of different life coaches and different people along those lines.

They’re spending a lot of ample time talking about time management and some of the purposes of it and really how to practically implemented in your life. And so with advanced commercial systems, that’s exactly what we’re talking about. That’s exactly what we’re going to cover today. And so the first thing I would say do is understand that when you create a schedule for your day and you create a time management slot system, a time slot system for your day, understand that you’re just creating a preamble to a constitution. You’re just really just riding the first words of, of a long drawn out process of just developing what works best for you and what causes you to succeed with your time. I know I didn’t understand that when I first started scheduling my time, uh, hour by hour, half hour by half hour when I began scheduling that and doing that in such a such a manner, it was, it bothered me that it never really worked out well.

And the reason why, which I didn’t know was because I wasn’t saying this is the time, uh, I was saying to myself, this is the time that it should be. But really it was more of an explorer tentative time where I was trying to really, you’re exploring what works for you. And that’s the key time management with, you know, whether you’re a roofing company, a plumber, whether you’re a mom with kids and you got chores and things to do at home. If you’re a college student, uh, if you’re a teenager, if you’re a dad that owns a business or just works construction, no matter what it is, you know, you can schedule your time because every person, every person, uh, no one has an advantage. Every person has 24 hours in a day. And in those 24 hours, you know, you can get less sleep and get more done or you can be more productive in the hours you are awake and get more done.

There’s so many different things you can do to create time to create more, more efficiency with your day. And so managing your time is specifically laying out a plan. So time management is a laying out a detailed plan. Uh, I know there’s some people like Elon Musk that I’ve heard that he does five minute blocking blocking time. So that means every five minutes he’s got set aside for something. He’s so busy, he’s got multiple, you know, million dollar businesses. And so his goal is to not waste any time and he’ll work a 12, 13, 16 hour day and every five minutes or every 10 minutes or every 30 minutes have it blocked off or doing specific task. And it’s just scheduling time that way. Now I’ll tell you once we began that here with advanced commercial systems and all of our staff, now we block out our time and we have a very tight schedule.

Uh, we have very micromanaged schedule. Our schedules themselves are hold us accountability, uh, hold us accountable to the day. So we create a tight schedule that keeps us moving, keeps us hopping. And then as willy, we move in that schedule. If we see we don’t get a task done, then we, that gets reported to our supervisor and then that supervisor will be able to say, okay, well let’s just talk through the day. What happened with this, what made this run over or what happened or did you take some free time for yourself when you should have been working? And so this type of micromanaging time blocking really creates, uh, it creates an accountability structure within the business to where people want to do well and they want to succeed. Uh, because within the accountability and within the success of a day’s daily to do list, there is a merit reward basis within that.

So my, my employees are in commercial roofing. Tulsa are rewarded merit on a merit basis by getting things done, by getting everything done in their to do list. And sometimes I’ll throw a loop in their to do list to stretch them so they’ll have a full data, they’ll plan and I say, Hey, somewhere between noon and four, I need you to go to this roof and doing an inspection. The inspection takes about 30 minutes. It takes about 20 minutes to drive there, 20 minutes to drive back. So suddenly they just lost was at 40. They last an hour and 10 minutes of their day. How can they make up for that? How, and so sometimes we’ll throw some a loop, you know, a little curly cue like that in their forum for them to be stretched for them to be pushed to the edge. You know, because Commercial Roofing Tulsa isn’t challenging enough.

We just need to make it more challenging. But no, that’s how was just a joke. Literally my roof nerds, you know, I expect the best of them. And so when I expect for them to go, uh, make A’s, you know, make a perfect scores, when they go to the engineering school, I send them to for commercial roofs, when they go to that inspection training school, I expect her perfect attendance. I expect, uh, you know, the absolute best from these guys. And so when I also expect that on a daily basis, the to do list and what they should do, the task at hand, their goals they’re setting for themselves. And so one of the ways that we, we set up our hourly or every half hour scheduling. One of the ways we do that in commercial roofing, Tulsa with advanced commercial systems and the roof nerds is by specifically blocking time and having each block of time somehow being intertwined with achieving a weekly goal or a daily goal or a monthly goal.

And so there are things you have to do, like you’d have to get your pictures uploaded to the Dropbox for us because when we go to a building and we take pictures of a building and those pictures need to be Dropbox, they need to be putting in the right place and they’re folded, needs to be created. They do all of these things and so that’s just a to do every single day. So that’s not necessarily going towards a goal, but in the day I want to see three or four or five things during the day that would point them at achieving more of a longterm goals, not just to get the task done, but then also have longterm goals being worked towards. That’s the key to achieving greater things is keeping your goals in front of you and letting your time blocking your scheduling of time work towards that, at least some every day.

And so with advanced commercial systems, I personally block out my time on a 30 minute basis. Rarely do I go 15, because most of the time I’m in transition, we’re moving from one location to another. And so I leave a little bit of flexibility in there just because of traffic and just because of delays, if for whatever reason. But I’ll tell you, I’ve got to say we’re getting better as a team here at advanced, our roof nerves in Commercial Roofing Tulsa. We’re definitely getting better every day at being able to, uh, stay on top of time management. And when we work a nine hour day, which is basically what we normally do, uh, each one of us has a nine hour day and I’ll go home and work another two hours. But because I’m the owner, but, uh, you know, when you’re working nine hour day, uh, I want to know when you start, uh, you know, what’s, what’s taken place.

And I want all of this written up the day before, so I don’t want you to show up that morning and then you’re starting to think about what’s going on that day. I want you to do have worked it out fully. Put together the schedule from the day before and then when you show up that morning, we have a quick meeting, 10 minute meeting, I share any other things that needed to be added to your schedule. You spend five minutes rearranging the schedule and then buy a 20 year out the door. So five minutes in the door. We’ve got 10 minutes to work on things, five minutes to reschedule with a meeting and we’re out the door and we’re going and taking care of business. Now there are some times like during the hot summer months, we’ll come in earlier. We’ll come in at seven 30 or seven it just depends on the situation, but so this is just a little bit of of how we do things here with advanced commercial systems.

Now we have two sheets that we take care of. We print, we take with us. One is our, our Google documents. I’m not documents, I’m sorry, our Google calendar. So we choose to use a Google calendar because I can have access to their calendar on that calendar. I can put an ad, anything I need for them to be a part of my plan for me to be in control of what they’re doing with their day. So we can have our, our head assistant and a office manager can be taken care of everyone’s scheduling. And then from there, uh, we have a task sheet and everything on the task sheet should be found within some reason or another within the next 48 hours on their to do lists. So the to do list of their Google calendar and their task sheet should be working in, in, in inner sinking with one another with no compromise.

And so here at advanced commercial systems and commercial roofing, Tulsa, I just want you to know, we appreciate you guys joining in so many times and, and so many of our clients in commercial roofing, Tulsa that join in with us and become a part of what we’re doing. Hey, we appreciate another podcast. You could sound today. We just real quickly ran through scheduling, scheduling time. What makes us a success? Uh, you know, there’s a lot of contractors that don’t, they refuse to schedule their time that they’re just shoot from the hip and go, and that is a non structured way there. There’s no way to rise above the norm in that. That is a very standard operating procedure that just doesn’t work well. And if you’re missing a lot of efficiency and productivity because of that, hey, we appreciate you joining us again today for commercial roofing Tulsa, and we hope you have a great day.