Well, good morning. And thank you for joining another podcast with advanced commercial systems, Tulsa’s best, greatest, and most known commercial roofing company. And we are known as the home of the roof nerds here with Tulsa, commercial roofing, or a lot of people say commercial roofing, Tulsa, um, which is the name of our podcast. Uh, we spent a lot of time sharing, uh, the ins and outs, the good, the bad, the ugly of what really commercial roofing is all about. After many years of having been in the industry, seen so many different types of roofing systems. Um, some that are great, some that fail, some that are just, you know, coming to the end of their life. Um, we’ve really began to build a collection of knowledge, uh, just, just data and knowledge of what some of the best products are to use.

But before we really get going on a share, one thing, two powerful words that we use all the time and commercial roofing Tulsa, and that is the words free estimate. Now, just this week, I want to share with you that someone called in and now they were a residential roofing call, but when they called in what struck my mind was how they were really just trying to get me to come out, you know, on behalf of our roof nerds, our residential side of our, a roofing company, they were just trying to get me to come out specifically just to find the leak for them. Now I’ve dealt with that all the time. They, they, they come out, they, they get my company to come out. They get three other companies to come out and really the, the, the, um, um, the repairs probably gonna be 500 to $900.

Um, you know, depending on the situation. And they’re trying to get someone to do it for 150, $200. And I see that all the time. So I’ve gotten pretty good being able to locate exactly what they’re asking exactly what they’re looking for. And this week I really just bluntly asked, are you just going to have other roofers come out because I’m going to give you a square deal. I’m going to give you a good price. I’m going to make your lead go away. I’m not going to overcharge you. Um, and you can compare pricing and, you know, online and different things. But I want you to understand with commercial roofing Tulsa and with what we do with a roof nerds, um, I don’t want to just come out consistently and give, uh, what’s what they call a free estimate where really it’s just them trying to get a price for me so they could do price shopping.

Now I understand price shopping. I’m a conservative kind of guy when it comes to my money, but at the end of the day, call a plumber. What does a plumber say? What does a plumber do when he comes out or an electrician, they have a flat fee. They charge you when they pull in your driveway. And so I shared with him, here’s the deal. Uh, you can see my reviews. You can see who we are as a company. I’m going to give you a good price. Uh, if I come out, I’m your roofer. And that’s something I beginning to say more and more here with, um, Tulsa, commercial, roofing, or commercial roofing Tulsa. If I come to your job and it’s a small job, and you’re just wanting to price shop, I’m just looking at for you to sign up with me. I’m your roofer.

The reason why I’m here right now and other roofers aren’t is because it’s a small job. And many times they don’t want to do small jobs, mostly commercial and residential here in the greater Tulsa area here in Oklahoma, we could be talking about Katusa Claremore, Coweta, sand Springs, Sapulpa big speed, Jenks, uh, WASO, um, you know, uh, Verdigris, it doesn’t matter what city you live in. Uh, most people look at roofing the same way. They’re trying to get a really good deal and make the leak go away now. So that word, those words, free estimates. It brings us on to another point. What is overkill, overkill. Now that’s something that’ll necessarily hear other roofers talk about, but I specifically bring up the conversation of doing overkill. When I do a repair overkill to me is I do not ever want to come back to this job for this specific leak again.

And so now I don’t do that as much on residential because of the price variance of how we need to stay in a certain price range. But with commercial roofing, many, many times I do what’s called overkill. Now overkill is what’s given my company and such great success, and I probably shouldn’t be sharing this with my competitors, but it’s the truth here with commercial roofing toll. So the overkill that I do on residential, I’m sorry, on commercial repairs is excellent. Please let me explain when I get up on a roof and I begin to see that there’s leaking areas or whose there’s a leaking inside spot, that’s been detected that we begin to find as we get up on the roof, we know the general area that it’s at. Um, and then you begin to see probably six to 12 different spots. That could be the leak, but you don’t know which one’s in.

And so some roofers would just hit that spot and repair the spot just directly above the leaking area. With commercial roofing Tulsa. We don’t particularly do that. We focus on all of the areas and a one or two square area. And so it depends on the type of roofing membrane you have. If you have some flat roof specialist come up there and say they found the one leak, and they began to repair that one spot, you can find out pretty quickly that you might be calling them back or calling for another roofer with the next rain. Because with commercial roofing and flat roofs, the majority of roofs hold water. Even if it’s not a ponding area, they still hold water really well. Up to a quarter of an answer and a half an inch deep wood during really heavy rains, the rain is still taking time to go off of the roof.

So as the water sitting up there, you’re basically, you, you basically have a swimming pool on top of your building. And that’s one of the reasons why I say here at advanced commercial systems home of the roof nerds and commercial roofing Tulsa, we are full service, roofing contractors and roofers. We take care of flat roof issues, low slope, roof issues of steep slope, roofing. We take care of everything. We take care of bringing you TPO built up heart, tar hot tar modified bitumen metal, roof, coatings metal roofing. It doesn’t matter the project. It doesn’t matter. The roof repair or the commercial roofing situation. Now real quick before this podcast goes on, I do want to share with you real quickly, the best way to contact us. It is (918) 973-1010. That is the phone number to our office. Let me tell you how I have this setup.

If you contact our office and no one is there because we’re super busy during the spring time. And no one’s there where it’s lunchtime. I personally, as the owner of the company have the cell phone of them, a work cell phone, that that phone number at the office directly goes to. So the phone rings at the office. No, one’s there. It immediately is transferred to my cell phone in which if you know anything about me and if you’ve called me before I answer my phone religiously, it’s specifically something I do because I’m telling people to call me. Now, I’m telling people I give free estimates. I’m telling people we take care of emergency repairs, emergency risk situations, and I have to have to have to answer my phone for commercial roofing Tulsa. So as far as being Tulsa’s commercial roofing company, as far as being the height and the best of flat root specialist, we’re the ones to call nine +1 800-973-1010. Now I would love you to go check us out online@wwwdotokroofnerds.com. That is our website.

So if you’re searching for the best, the best Tulsa, commercial roofing contractor, roofer commercial company that specializes in flat roof systems in the entire Tulsa area, you know, we don’t really ever call the Tulsa area a metroplex, but it’s entire Tulsa area. I’m telling you right now, you do not have to look any further. Reach out to us. I have built a team of absolutely amazing industrial and commercial roofers. We have come together, uh, really do love to, uh, execute efficiently every single budgeted project, right on time on time roofing, we can name our company own time roofing. We show up on time. We finished the project on time. As far as commercial roofing, Tulsa’s concerned, we are the best in town. So if you’re looking at buying a building, now listen to me. If you need an evaluation, we do those. I just did an evaluation on the state farm building a very large state farm building here in our Tulsa off of, um, of 120 ninth street.

I just did that yesterday. We do evaluations all the time. We’re very good at them. Leak detection. We do it. Roofer placements, reroof. We do it. We do it flat roof coatings. We do it all the time. Single Bly, double ply TPO metal roof. Same. We do it all. Thermal roof coatings, man. I could talk about that forever. I absolutely love thermal roof coatings, but let’s keep going down the list of what we do. Modified bitumen torched down. We do all types of Tulsa’s roof, coatings weather. Okay. So what’s the top coatings I use for commercial roofing, Tulsa. Great question. Here’s your answer? Silicone. Number one, acrylic. Number two. Fibered aluminum coatings are absolutely excellent on modified bitumen and, uh, built up roofs a great product. If you’re doing a small area, Hey, this is what we do. This is who we are. We would love to work with you. The best thing to do with commercial roofing Tulsa is just to give us a call. We are the home of the roof nurse, and I want you to understand one thing above everything else. We build smart roofs.