Advanced commercial systems, the commercial roofing company that you should call if you have any problems or issues. Um, we are the premier commercial roofing company in the Greater Tulsa area. Uh, let me just go through the list here. Uh, by the way, my name is Marty Grisham. I’m the owner, founder and operator of advanced commercial systems. And today we just kind of want to go through real quickly the list of all the types of roofs that we do, a residential roofs, you know, clay slate, metal shingle, a steep slope, low slope. But let’s jump over into commercial roofing because that’s what we’re all about. We do residential as well, but love to talk about commercial roofing. It is our forte, our passion, the mantra that we live by as there’s no roof too ugly for us now, just made that up. Don’t worry about it. Hey here with a commercial roofing Tulsa.

We would love to hear from you. You can contact us at anytime at (918) 973-1010 but a basket commercial systems. We’d love to talk about what we’re good at and we love to occasionally mention the other guys. The other guys are specifically the other commercial roofing companies in town that kind of dropped the ball. And I would never name names. I’m not doing that for a living or a business. But I do want to share with you, I’m like the last podcast that we had for commercial roofing Tulsa here with advanced commercial systems home with a roof nerds. Uh, I’d like to share with you, uh, you know, like the last podcast we covered storm chasers and, and really just down to the nitty gritty of how dangerous it is to have a storm chasers. But real quick before we do that, let’s go through metal roofing, commercial roofing, commercial metal roofing slate, roofing, shingles, shingle roofing, commercial, commercial roofing, broken arrow.

These are all the things we do. Uh, metal roofs, metal roof, shingle roofs, shingle roof, TPO, EPD, m thermostat Thermostat, thermoplastic modified Bitumen, B, u r bur, also known as built up roofing. Commercial really is our passion. And so we do SBS and APP modified bitumen types of commercial roofing, asphalt, tar and gravel as you’ve heard of ballasted so many types of, and so these are all the different types of commercial roofing we do here with advanced commercial systems. Let’s go through where we had been talking about storm chasers and the dangers of the local storm chasers that, that come in. And, and they, they come in because they say they’re local but they’re not. They’re out of town, Commercial Roofing Tulsa companies. And I tell you, it’s a little dangerous. It is a little dangerous. What we deal with, uh, and what you guys, as the buyers of the homeowners, the building owners, what you guys have dealt with, it’s pretty dangerous.

Uh, and so real quick, I’ll just run through the scenario. They show up at your door, they knock on your door. You know, let’s say you have a residential home, storm chasers do a lot of residential because it’s quick and easy to, and you get out with the insurance check. They basically say, hey, we see that you have some wind damage or some hail damage. And honestly you, you, you don’t know that you have hail damage or wind damage. They just basically say that we’d been inspected in the neighborhood and you’ve got some, and so you trust them. They get an a ladder, they climb up there, you know, three months later they climbed down or they spend 20 minutes up there just to make it look good. They climbed down and say, yeah, absolutely you need to call your insurance company. Well you call your insurance company, they give you their card, they file a claim, you roof gets told by insurance company.

And so suddenly just because the roof got totaled and what they said seem to happen in Commercial Roofing Tulsa, you sudden, they have suddenly created this credibility with you where you just trust him wrong, wrong, wrong. Do not just trust them. You need to go to the CIB or the construction industry board. So if you went to Google search, you know how to open your computer, gets your computer open, you go to the Google page and you search for construction industry, board, Oklahoma, you type that in. And then when you type that in, you can, oh, actually you, it’d be better and quicker if you just typed in, see I be, are they licensed? And you type that in. If you’re an Oklahoma and you’re going to pull up a web page from the construction industry board, that is the governing board under the governor of the, of Oklahoma.

It’s the governing board that tells and manages and, and sets all the laws and bylaws and the restrictions and the standards for the electrical business, the HVHC business and multiple other business, one of which is that of all different types of roofing and including the endorsement for commercial roofing. And so that commercial roofing endorsement is a requirement of these guys. And so these guys will, you can go on their page, CIB are they licensed? And you can see pretty quickly if they are even licensed with the state of Oklahoma and you could probably see even how long they’re licensed had been in place.

So with advanced commercial systems, we really like for you to have, uh, we have a full disclosure with you as kind of what I’m trying to say. Um, own the bidding process on the communication that we work with you on. So many times in the industry, a lot of numbers are kind of just hidden. Uh, that insurance companies are paying, a lot of numbers are hidden and not disclosed from the commercial roofing companies with commercial roofing toll sa and how we’ve designed our business. The design of open communication, it really isn’t a big deal for us to share with you our profitability for you to share with, uh, for us to share with you, you know, our, uh, how we set things up with our labor and material pricing. We do this because we want there to be a disclosure, full disclosure with you so that you can trust us.

And there’s been so much how much deception in the industry, uh, we really find that it just works better if we build rapport with you and through having an open book. And so it’s not always the most heightened and desired level of operating the business, but it really causes us at advanced commercial systems, you know, to stay honest with us, with ourselves and with our clients. And so it’s, it’s a no brainer to me to be able to offer that to our clients. Now we are the roof nerds and obviously there’s quite a few of us roof nerds and it fluctuates from time to time. How many of us there are, but we are advanced commercial system and we are the systems and we’re the home of the roof nerds and I say that to come to this point. My roof nerds, when I hired them, I do all hiring.

I do all firing. I do have them most of the training and the roof nerds when we bring them in our door, when we bring them on with us, we hire specifically in Commercial Roofing Tulsa for character. Character is the key characters. What we’re looking for, character is what we’re endeavoring to to hire every single time. And so if you’re looking for a metal roofing system, TPO, single ply thermoplastic, if you’re just need a metal roof metal roofer, give us a call at (918) 973-1010 we are the roofing company that will give you the best experience with a premier roofing company. We’ve been voted over and over again. Best roofing in Tulsa, best roofing company in Tulsa and the best roofing company near me. So if you need a commercial roofer near you or a car commercial roofer near me and commercial roofing Tulsa, we’re definitely the guys to call.

Now. Once again, going back to how I hire and who I look for as candidates to be our roof nerds, one thing they need to be able bodied and able minded, so that’s two things. Able bodied means they have to be able to pull out a ladder, climb up on the roof, not afraid of heights, able to get on the roof and have balance and skill and being safe. Safety’s always number one. We were harnesses were hardhats when needed. All the safety equipment that’s needed with Osha, we have everything in place for that, but the number one thing that we look for over and over when we go to hire for advanced commercial systems is specifically that of character. We hire for character and we keep people alone because of how they consistently stay in character. It’s one thing for someone to show character. It’s another thing for someone to continually show out character when the challenge comes out, you know, it’s one thing for someone to not lie, but when there’s a lot of pressure to lie, that’s when it’s important to step up and tell the truth.

That’s when it’s important to do the right thing. And so here at advanced commercial systems, home of the roof, nerds, we’re going to be honest with you, we’re going to be legit with you. We’re going to share with you the good, bad and ugly of what things really look like. And one of the main reasons is specifically because we’re have been hiring our staff out of the realm of character. I worked at another roofing company that every single person in the building, and there was a few of them, were lacking character. The owner, the other owner, the staff, the family, the salesman, the repair guys. There was so much lack of character. They were having affairs, they were drinking, they were doing drugs, snorting cocaine. They were doing so many things. You, you don’t have character in your life if you live so stupid. And so I could not stay there any longer. It was time to leave. And so when I started my company, advanced commercial systems, I salt, how do I do this? Where I never looked like those guys. The other guys, I’ve refused to look like the other guys. And so if you want a company built of character, if you want a company built of honesty and integrity, miss going to be fair with you. Uh, you need to give us a call at advanced commercial systems here in commercial roofing. Tulsa. Uh, our number’s (918) 973-1010. And we hope you have a great day.