Thanks for joining. Another podcast with advanced commercial systems home with a roof narrative. Uh, we mix roof science with every day roofing technology. And so here at advanced commercial systems, we are the home of the roof nerds. Now by saying that, we’re specifically saying we’re pretty smart at what we do. We, we study, we have a higher education. Uh, we have in depth training at all times here in Commercial Roofing Tulsa. So we’re endeavoring to be the best that we can be in the Commercial Roofing Tulsa so that we can offer our clients the highest level of a product, the highest level of expertise. Because at the end of the day, when you have tons of water just pounding on a roof and that roof to stay watertight and you might have two, three, four, five layers on that roof, what can you do? What can you do to a roof that has multiple layers that has a lot of complexity to it?

Well, all you can do is call advanced commercial systems home with a roof nerds. And we come in and we help you. Now how do you call us? That’s pretty easy. You just dial these numbers. This is our, our toll free number. This is our, well not toll free. It’s a local nine one eight number. We are local, we’ve been here for 20 years and our number’s (918) 973-1010 but today we want to talk about roof science and really, you know, roof evaluations, laboratory testing, a roof asset and management. And then also that we are in the future going to build a customer portal so that your own, or on our website so that you’re a specific building or buildings, you can have up to 15 buildings in our system. And these, uh, these buildings will be able to have all of the data stored in our system and it’s accessible by you and by us only.

And this will allow you to be able to then almost like Dropbox where you can share that information with someone else. And so if you have a potential buyer or a potential realtor or a commercial property, the listing agent that would like to see the information or an evaluation on the roof, that all would be accessible by the building owner or the building property manager with advanced commercial systems of the, one of the things that we really pride ourselves in is being able to give a true evaluation of what’s taking place with your roof. And one of the ways that we do that is through infrared scans or infrared. Um, you know, flipped photography and infrared, a live feed and photography. Both are something that we offer because what happens in time as you can have a leak in the roof and the leak goes below the membrane of the roof, the water protecting water, tight upper layer called the membrane.

It can go below that membrane and it can saturate the installation. They can saturate everything below that membrane and above the decade. Now the first problem that I see continually with this is it stops the job or the performance of the installation. And so insulations purpose is to do exactly what its name is, to insulate the building, insulate the roof. And when you have a wet, which I call a compromised installation because it’s wet, when you have a wet insulation and it’s been compromised with moisture, that insulation, uh, performance and factor has suddenly just gone away. It doesn’t work. And so with advanced commercial systems, what we do is we come in and we find the wet, we find that installation through infrared

for [inaudible] canning.

And so the nother nother, a bad case of what happens, which we do with this fairly often as well, is when you get quite a bit of water building up, um, in a roof system because it leaks in somewhere and you might not even see it yet coming in into the building. So you might not know it’s there. And that’s the case with a lot of the installation that we just talked about. Law of the installation, getting wet in commercial roofing, Tulsa and you don’t even know it. And, but one of the other factors is a with leaking and time is how water can get up in the decking and lay on top of the decking and maybe not find a penetration point where it can leak through to show that there’s a leak in the roof, but it literally begin to rust out the decking and cause all types of problems.

Uh, I know there was a kindercare, uh, in, uh, in East Tulsa. I’m not going to say the location. There’s a few in town, um, that I did the roof to. Uh, just what, two or three years ago, I had never seen so much resting on my life. Someone had put down a TPO roof, uh, over a built up roof. So there was a built up, um, asphalt roofing system and they came in and put cover board down and then they put TPO on top of that and they used plates and screws. Now plates are these steel plates that are one and three quarter inches in thickness or, or in width or two and a half, two and a quarter inches in width. And some are two and a half, you know, just depending on which ones you get in these plates work, like work like a washer almost.

They cover the area so the screw can can have something to go up against a hold the uh, the membrane down. And so it’s called mechanically adhering TPO. You’re using plates and screws to, or mechanically fascinating. I’m sorry to fasten down the TPO membrane. Well, the plates had been rusted out and became dust. And so when we peel it off that top layer, the roof to replace the entire top layer, I found nothing more than just basically the plates have become rushed. It was an absolute joke. I’ve never seen anything like it here with Commercial Roofing Tulsa, so, and advanced commercial systems and you know, being the home of the roof nerds, we, we’ve seen a lot. We’ve done a lot of Ruth and we’ve had a lot of experience in different things. But I tell you, that was a shock to me. That was a, uh, an exaggerated shock to me to see something of that system.

Uh, just the plates and the screws and the screws were rusting completely through just the amount of water for odd, probably 10 or 12 years or maybe even longer, that just been sitting there for a very, very maybe 15 years. I’m not really sure how long had it been. We can offer cad drawings. I’m not just an inventory and vigilant visible inspection, but also cad drawings. And then also when you mix that with our, our drone footage and, uh, our infrared photography, this allows you to know that we’re getting all of the wet insulation, all of the wet areas possible. Now to do these infrared scans, it’s a specific time and it is a little complex. It’s gotta be done, right. And so with advanced commercial systems, the one thing that we do is we go to the building just before sunset, which is I think the norm in the industry, uh, with commercial roofing Tulsa.

And as you go to the building, I’m just before sunset, you’ll notice that the sun’s beginning to, to go behind, you know, the horizon. And as the sun is no longer just beaming down on the roof membrane on the, the, the upper layer of the roof. As the sun is going away, no longer producing heat on there, the temperature of that membrane drops dramatically. And so with that dramatic drop, the water, any water or moisture content inside the roofing system is still staying the same temperature for about 30 to 45 minutes before it begins to drop. Water is going to cool off the especially that’s inside the installation and inside the roofing assembly is going to, it’s going to drop degrees and, and lose heat a slower than just the outer outside of the roof, which has an immediate change because the temperature outside immediately drops, which causes the roof membrane to immediately drop.

And so you will be able to pick up the heat signatures pretty easily by doing this. And then from there you have to really, uh, we diagram and we show where we believe the roof leaks are and then we go from there and do our best to, uh, provide you really with multiple options. One option is if there’s, if you have about 25% of the roof that’s wet, oh it’s going to come down to honestly the better decision for you is to do a full replacement of the roof. If we come down to finding some large areas but they’re not overtaking 20 or 30% of the roof financially, you might be better if you have a quite a bit of life left in your watertight waterproofing upper membrane, a in Commercial Roofing Tulsa. So if you have quite a bit of life left, it might be a better process for you to just specifically um, specifically just do a reroofing or we’ll just fix the areas that you have bad, like modified Benjamin’s really easy to do that.

TPO is easy to do that because there is a single ply membrane, it’s easy to come in and just patch one specific area. So here with Commercial Roofing Tulsa, so these are the options that we offer you. This is why we’re the roof near. This is why we do what we do best, which is commercial roofing for you and the local community. If you need anything, you know you can check us out online at www dot okay. Ruth and you can also give us a call at (918) 973-1010 here with advanced commercial systems in commercial roofing. Tulsa, we absolutely would love to hear from you and we hope you have a wonderful day.