Well, thank you for joining us again today for another podcast with advanced commercial systems home of the roof nerds, uh, we refer to ourselves online is commercial roofing Tulsa. And so as far as the Tulsa community, the greater Tulsa area, we are proud to present you again with another great podcast concerning commercial roofing, the ins and outs, the ups and downs, the good, bad, and ugly, all of the different facets of us and how we interact with our community. And basically toll says trusted commercial roofing company, advanced commercial systems home with a roof nerds. Now, if you’re looking for a contractor, a commercial roofing contractor that is reputable in the Tulsa area, uh, we offer, uh, we’re the guys to come to. We offer, um, contactless roof inspections. What does that mean? Well, to have a free roof inspection that is contactless, it means during this COVID-19 error or whatever we’re dealing with right now with this, uh, so-called pandemic, um, if you would not like to interact with us, it physically, that’s perfectly fine.
We can come out and interact with your building, measure your building, do all the things we need to do for an estimate or an inspection. And then just basically, um, bring you whatever information you need. We love to do what’s called roof, uh, valuations, commercial roof evaluations with our 40 point checklist of 40 point checklist. It shows you every specific aspect of your commercial roof, your parapet walls, your membranes, how many layers do you have? How much lives do you have left in the roof? These are all the things that we offer to you in this evaluation. And then also we ARD one of Tulsa’s most highest reviewed and, and five star highest reviewed commercial roofing companies in the entire area with commercial roofing Tulsa, you can not find a better company. And what about financing? So if you are challenged and you need us to work with your budget, that’s exactly what we do.

And we’re really, really good at working with budgets with, with, um, you’re set up to this quarter, you’ve got 10,000, but you need your roof replaced next quarter. You’ll have, you know, of your, of your managing your money, managing your business. You know, we can work with you and we can also help you find, uh, available options in financing. So that’s a great thing to have as well. Now. Um, insurance claims, that is always a big question. I get at least every three days to five days. Um, right now I’m looking at Jess yesterday, I’m looking at and putting the numbers together for an insurance claim for a building, whether it’s commercial, whether it’s residential, residential, doesn’t matter, uh, Tulsa, commercial, roofing, or commercial roofing Tulsa. This is what we do in the greater Tulsa area. A lot of times I would say probably close to 300 times that I have interacted with insurance adjusters, helping them, working with them, um, helping them find the damage, um, them helping me, uh, pay for the roof for our customers.

When you have legitimate health damage, you don’t have to make head damage. You don’t have to try to lead the, you know, the insurance adjuster down a specific road. If the damage is there, you can see it. So that’s really the way we interact with insurance companies, where ethical, we’re going to interact with them in a respectful way, but we do try to help them see damage when it is there. Okay. Roof replacements, roof repairs, the two top things that we do full roof replacements, full roof repairs. This is tons and tons of, um, I would say 95% of what we’re doing consistently is based off of those two items. The roof replacement might fall into, um, doing a layover system or a full roof replacement system. I put those in the same because they’re interacting with the whole roof and here with commercial roofing, Tulsa tons and tons of roof repairs that we’re doing on a daily basis just yesterday was at three or four.
Now two or three commercial roof repairs that we did eight stories on the spirit bank center. You know, just so many different things that we’re doing on a daily basis. Um, and when we come to different types of roofing solutions, the one thing I’d have to say as the owner of the company is the guy that started it all working with other companies, seeing how they did things. I would say one of the, one of the best aspects of who we are and what we’re about is built around, um, product knowledge and product availability, um, really will I’m referring to there with commercial roofing Tulsa. So, and the products that we use is that I know the product well, I do long-term warranties with the manufacturer of the product. So they trust me. They trust our company, our roof nerds. They trust us as roof nerds to be able to put the product on, to apply it, whether you’re applying a coating or a flashing, or, you know, whether you’re putting down concrete board, whatever it is, you’re doing fiber board, TPO, EBDM, PVC, a mod bit metal, whatever the situation is tons and tons of different types of coatings, no matter what you’re putting down.

Uh, we have warranties where we can work with the manufacturer of the product. They know the chemical composition, they know all of the many aspects of the proper way of installing those products. And that’s why we love here at commercial roofing Tulsa to work with those guys. And then, uh, we’ll move on to flat roofs TPO EPDs commercial roofing. So this thermoplastic membranes that you hear about called TPO and the majority of the market is TPO, and then the other, the minority would be that of PVC. And there are some other that we never refer to never talk about. We don’t really have them in this part of the country. For the most part, we’re going to stick with those, the two main thermoplastics TPO and PVC. And a lot of people ask me who PVC that is in that like pipes you, you have in your home in NASA.
Well, that’s exactly what it is. They have taken that PA uh, polyvinyl, chloride, PVC, um, composition, and they have turned it into a thermoplastic flat roof, flexible plastic sheet, 10 foot wide, a hundred feet long, depending on the manufacturer here at commercial roofing Tulsa. We, uh, we actually were dodged, what was it? Two weeks ago? I was on, um, a PVC roof that we just finished. We just finished a few months ago and I was doing a final inspection, um, for the 20 year, no dollar limit warranty that our roof nerds interact with the manufacturer of the product and that we offer for our clients. If you’re interested in a 20 year Indio warranty or any type of extended warranty like that beyond your normal material warranty or labor warranty. Uh, and by the way, in the L stands for no dollar limit. So there is no dollar limit to the amount that they’ll pay in that 20 years to get that roof taken care of and put it back into good shape.

And so if you have any questions about that, I’d really highly recommend you to go to our website, our website for the roof nerds here with commercial roofing toll, sup is okay. Roof nerds.com. I’ll say it again. Okay. Roof nerds.com. We would love you to go check us out on the website and see what we’re all about. And you can see about at the bottom of the first page, you can see where if you’re interested in learning more about our 20 year NDL, no dollar limit warranties that we offer with manufacturers, we would love to hear from you and we could shoot you information. We could shoot you some pamphlets. We can mail those out to you. We can email those to you. We would love to put in your hands, um, what you need for you to shine in your job. And the reason why I say that I interact with many, many property managers.
All of our roof nerds do a lot for property managers and property managers. Many times are sitting in a place where they need to do an excellent job for the building owner. They need to look good in the eyes of the building owner. And so we on the roofing side offer all the things that are needed for the property manager to look really smart, to look like they know what they’re doing, which they probably do, but we’re, it’s our job to make them look good. So here with commercial roofing Tulsa. So that’s what we do. That’s how we do it. We’re coming to the end of this podcast. Again. I just want to tell you, as far as, as the roof nerds are concerned, we’re so excited about what the spring looks like. We see our phone is just exploding with lots of phone calls, lots of roofing appointments being set up. If you need anything, reach out to us. Our number is (918) 973-1010. And Remember we build smart roofs.