Thanks for joining and another podcast today with advanced commercial systems, home of the roof, nerds. You know, sometimes in life you just felt like you’re surrounded by nerds. Nerds are everywhere. Even right now. I could be sitting there looking at a nerd, but let me just say this, there’s something good about nursing. Now when you go to Webster’s dictionary and you define nerd, it literally says someone who is a professional and technically skilled at a specific technical job. That’s exactly what we are. Our roof nerds with advanced commercial systems, we are technically skilled and highly trained in the, in the, in the role and the skill of commercial roofing. You know, isn’t just a job Commercial Roofing Tulsa for us. It’s from the very beginning and it’s always been a passion for us, has been a part of what we do. Part of our livelihood and a part of this, uh, our pastime, I mean in our, even in our pastime we’re thinking about roofs. We’re working on estimating roofs, new types of products for roofing, new material

types being developed all the time. Um, new roofing systems are always coming out. And so here with advanced commercial systems, we’re going to bring you the highest and best in commercial roofing every single time. So give us a call if you need anything, we guarantee you that you have a great experience with us in everything that we do. Now, real quickly, let’s get into what we’ve been talking about with our smart roof plan with our commercial roofing maintenance plan called the smart roof plan, advanced commercial systems. We’ve been doing roofing and roof maintenance, roof repairs, roof restoration, roof, uh, maintenance of, of all sorts. We’d been doing this for years. And one of the things I saw as the owner and founder of the company that was lacking in the industry, meaning there was a, is somewhat of a void in him was a really good roof maintenance plan that took care of everything for the client.

Most roof maintenance plans are specifically designed to hold a customer or clients as a longterm customer or client. Um, so that when there needs to be a roof replacement on down the road, they’ll have already the roofer in place that, you know, that can do that for them. But that’s not really what a roof maintenance plan supposed to be. That’s not the main purpose of a roof maintenance plan. Our smart roof plan is specifically is educating you. It’s main purpose is to educate you. So now also we’re taking care of your roof. We’re checking up on it twice a year. We’re putting together spreadsheets and data can compilations to give those to you. So, but our plan is to educate you and create you within you a Commercial Roofing Tulsa Iq that you can make the best decision now two years from now, five years from now and 10 years from now.

And that’s what we deal with every day with commercial roofing. No. If you would like to hear more about what we do with our smart roof plan in commercial roofing Tulsa, please give us a call, even reach out to us and you can find us at (918) 973-1010. Now also encourage you to check us out online. You can go to Google listings, which is actually like on the Google map. You can go there. And also we have, uh, we have a maintenance and role with the better business bureau and were found on Facebook or found on Yelp were found all over the place in Google. And then one of the spots that you find is the most frequently is at www dot. Okay. Ruth That is our personal website that we have developed that we can show who we are and educate our clientele on the what we’re about.

So there’s a lot of things, uh, with commercial roofing that really stands out, uh, with us in our company. How we’ve designed the things that we do. And here in Commercial Roofing Tulsa, just even the terminology, commercial roofing toll, some, uh, shows that we are standing up to be one of the best in the Greater Tulsa area. You know, you could be driving down the road on highway one 51 or highway 51, or you could be driving down the road and looking at, um, one 69 and really get a good perspective of the amount of commercial roofs there are. Now, if you’ve never gone to Google maps and investigated the view from above the satellite views you’re allowed to look at on Google maps, I’ll challenge you to go do that sometime. You’ll find it pretty fun. So the mini things that we deal with with advanced commercial systems, there’s a lot of different things that you’ll get as a commercial roofing company that are professionals in the industry.

One of the things that we do for you is really our desire to not just sell your roof and make good money, make this big profit and liberal good. That’s a lot. That really is a lot of the purpose and the drive of a lot of the companies that we interact with. And we deal with. Uh, our purpose of our company is to one of two things. It is going to prolong the life of the roof that you have and create the lifespan of that roof to live a lot longer and be extended to as much as possible in Commercial Roofing Tulsa. And the second thing is to either do that or install a new roofing system for you. That is as close as it can be to meeting a really a fiscal acceptable budget with you. And then within that number two to have a longterm waterproofing, um, system that really takes care of your building.

Now, waterproofing in heaven, a building just waterproofed by a good waterproof membrane isn’t enough in Commercial Roofing Tulsa you really need good drainage and that’s thing we want to start talking about more and more here on our podcast. The drainage you have in a building is extremely important because the majority of roofing systems out there, they’re not made and built the to be able to handle ponding situations. A ponding situation is if you have a roof issue, if you have a roofing problem, just pick up your phone, give us a call. Now when you go to our website, you’ll see at the top of the website is our phone number (918) 973-1010. You can call that number 24 hours a day. That is set up as a hotline for our normal calling and also any emergency repairs that you can have. So you could be a Saturday morning at seven o’clock, and you go by the office to grab some papers and you see a little water in your floor and you see a ceiling tile came down, uh, from, you know, a big rain.

We had the night before. Just give us a call, we’ll come out, we’ll take care of the emergency repairs for you. Now, if it’s crazy weather and we’re unable to get up there, we will wait until it’s, it’s perfectly, uh, you know, safe to get up there. We’re not going to get up on roofs, neuro enlightening and high winds and potential, you know, serious storm threats. But one thing that we do every day in commercial roofing toll, so it’s, we serve our community with the highest level of expertise and the highest level of accountability. So let’s talk about accountability real quick. Let’s talk about what does accountability in the construction industry looked like? Well, you know, I’ve been a general contractor for construction, for residential and commercial for a very long time of 15 years, maybe a little bit more. Uh, I have to sit down and do the math and, and haven’t done construction and general contracting for all of these years.

It really became evident to me pretty quickly on that. You can really set your pricing, you can really set your estimates, you can set, uh, you know, your job anyway you want to, to show everyone, um, you know, any deceptive thing that you want in the industry. Now, I’ve never went from the angle of being deceptive with my clients. I never went and did that in commercial roofing. Tolson. Um, but I saw the potential that my clients didn’t know what I was talking about. I could have done anything I wanted and I’m just being blunt with you and being honest with you. There’s a lot of of commercial contractors and residential contractors that are jacking the prices up every single time they see that they can. Now I’ve got a property management company that’d do a lot of work for and I have standard set pricing with these guys.

I have standard set pricing, um, not based off of man hours, but based off of job size and product. You know, I can use an $80 five gallon can of product on one job and the next job it could be a $296 five gallon can. So the pricing can’t always be the same depending on the job size. It has to have material costs wrapped in there. And so there’s calculations and formulas that we put together that have really served well in commercial roofing, Tulsa and served our clients well that they understand, um, many times it has to do with the roof type you have, if you have a small leaking area with a TPO roof, we can come in and do a repair for a 150 to $250 and some of that money in that time is spinning quite a bit of time looking for the leak, identifying any other leaking areas and really just investigating the large area with a probe, spending time on her hands and knees, really just looking for the issues in commercial roofing Tulsa.

And so we might not use a lot of product to get the job done, but we spent some specific man hours and some specific time to investigate the problem in Commercial Roofing Tulsa. Awesome. So really it’s just, this is combination of the materials used versus work completed. The amount of work completed, the amount of time completed, um, to get the job at task, the job at hand a fulfilled. And so here with advanced commercial systems, we appreciate you guys for once again joining in another podcast with us today. I’m Marty Grisham, the owner and founder, and we would love to hear from you for any of your roofing needs in commercial roofing Tulsa. We hope you have a good day.