And that’s commercial systems is the home of the roof marriage. And as being a home of the roof nerds, uh, we have to really step up sometimes and show that we know what we’re doing and what we’re about. It’s just not being able to show up on a roof and a, you know, do an inspection and, and trying to do her own thing. We have to really have a level of expertise where we interact with the client and we share with them everything they need so that they can make the wisest decision for their roofing situation. And so one of the things that I think I really truly think this with all of my heart, it makes us here at advanced commercial systems of me, all of my roof nerds. I think what really makes us stand out is that we care. And I don’t mean to sound cliche and cheesy, but I, we really do care.

And you see that when we go to estimate and evaluate a roof, and I’ll share with you how I see way too many times. Uh, I saw my competition, my number one, none, number one. My number two competition. I see what they do sometimes when they come out and bring these full roof estimates and the roof could be repaired. They didn’t even offer a repair option. I know there’s a little mom and pop shop, I won’t name the city or, but one of my top competitors came out and gave him a $64,000 estimate to completely replace the roof. And the competitors from that town, uh, the, this mom and pop shop actually knows the family of the competitor and they were just, they were just sitting there and just completely shocked in commercial roofing Tulsa that, you know, cause they really trusted this competitors. I mean, they knew what they knew the, can I say this, they knew the competitor’s wife.

The wife would actually come in this mom and pop shop and they knew each other personally. And so when they receive a $64,000 bid for this Commercial Roofing Tulsa problem, uh, they were, they were in complete shock that, oh my God, this will surely they’re not cheating us so that at least the price is good. Well, yeah, the price was good, but there were other options. And so what the competitor did not do was, look, I’m going to say, what are you shooting for here? Are you looking for a $2,000 fixed, $5,000 fix, $20,000 fix or $64,000 fixed? What do you, what’s your, you know, you’re a little mom and pop shop. I mean, use a little common sense. I mean, they’re not necessarily, they don’t have that much business spending $64,000 a might literally be more than what they make in an entire year. They might not have a budget for that.

They might not have in commercial roofing. Tulsa have been open long enough to be able to even afford that. And so with advanced commercial systems, I say that we care more than those guys. I really do. Because what we do in what we did, I came out and said, where are you? And they said, this is where we are. I see the $64,000 your building’s not that big. What in the world? And they were putting on, you know, three and a half inches of insulation. That’s what they were estimating, uh, all this different types of installation and other things. So they were just doing everything they could to make this really big bill. And they figured, hey, we’re going to get this roof. Well they called me out and I took care of the entire roof. Um, I repaired the entire roof with literally the best repair system that I have where I use a fiber coded silicone product, uh, found all the poor leaking spots and I took that product and I mixed it with cloth, a really good cloths.

I’ve got double fibered seals, I clean the areas. I sealed probably 30 areas, some big long cracks that were 10 feet long. I seal them all up and made them all water type. And I did it for 4,000, $200. Now I know you’re thinking 4,000, $200 is a lot. And, but there was a lot that I did and it was days and days of work and it was something that basically gave them life for a very long time. So they’re extending where they weren’t really, they were really at the place of needing a roof. I came in and did these repairs and they’re perfectly legal there. There’s no code that says you can’t do these repairs are perfectly fine at what I did. And I basically just repaired the bad spots on the roof. So now those spots were outlive and outlast the good areas, uh, of the roof in Commercial Roofing Tulsa.

So I have to say our roof nerds, we care, we care about, you hear about your budget and that’s a large part is I’ve learned to ask people what do you want to pay here or are you willing to, are you wanting repair prices? Are you owning restoration prices or are you owning recover prices or are you wanting replacement, full roof replacement prices. And I’ll tell you sometimes, uh, I’ve had one client, there’s a restaurant on 71st street here in Tulsa, um, that I honestly brought them a $3,500 estimate for a roof that was in decent shape, who had another eight to 10 years of life easy and for $3,500. And make the leaks go away, make them go away and never come back for a long time. Add tons of life to the roof in commercial roofing. Tulsa and the building owner just wanted to put a $35,000 roof on him.

So he chose to pay 10 times more. We put a $35,000 roof on it instead of a $3,500 repair. And uh, I don’t mind doing that. We got to put a Dura last roof on. We’ve got to put a PVC, a thermoplastic, I’m sorry, a therma. Yeah, thermoplastic a PDC single ply membrane. We got to do that, which was fun to put one of those on a restaurant because they hadn’t done that in a while. And so with advanced commercial systems, uh, just want to be able to offer people, you know, some care and basically say, hey, listen, you know, I’m not here just to get your money. I’m here doing what’s best for you. Now you’re going to buy something, you need to buy something. You roofs in bad shape or your roof’s got a leak. But at the same time, I want to make sure that I’m not just screwing people over and taking their money when it shouldn’t be taken.

And so with the mass commercial systems we want to go through real quickly. Uh, we got first half of the podcast done here in commercial roofing, Tulsa. Let’s go through drains and gutter issues to kind of sort pick it up from where we were on the last podcast last week. Drains gutters and scuppers, uh, drains and scuppers really stand out. And then gutters, I deal with gutter problems all the time. And then flashings just flashings around h vac units around different types of units on the roofs. These areas, uh, sometimes they just need to be clamped down and it’d be secured tighter sometimes there, there are, some of their components are being, are missing some of the screws and components they might need to be tightened down. And sometimes the, the, the joints or the labs need to be sealed. It’s very easy to fix these problems, but I’ll tell you, it takes the expertise and the experience that we have to find the problems.

So here with advanced commercial systems, there’s a few things that stand out about us and I truly believe that is us standing up and saying we’re going to do what’s right. We’re going to do what’s ethical, have really shown you what the issues are and asking you your budget. And so we’ve covered roofing membrane issues, we’ve covered gutters, uh, drain flashing issues. And we’ve also covered a while back, I think last week we covered ponding water with the ponding water. Let’s go to flashing and details flashing the flashing. Many times in a flashings are made out of metal and they’re made out of corrugated steel or, or, or just basically sheet metal many times. And when we go order the sheet metal for most of the flashing that we install on on, you know, when we’re doing new roofs and we order the flashing we haven’t cut to size.

So it could be a TPO covered a drip edge, which is basically a metal flashing in Commercial Roofing Tulsa. So that has a TPO layer, a thin TPO layer, just completely glued and adhere to it, causing it to be stuck really well. And so whatever form that we been, that flashing too, we can weld that TPO membrane too. So it’s really a great product and we use it fairly often, uh, is a heightened product that really causes us to be able to accomplish some things that we couldn’t accomplish otherwise. And so with the try to meet your budget and trying to meet your specific goals is what we join in with you to do. So here with commercial roofing Tulsa, could you, you know, that many times there are leaks that are taking place in someone’s building that are not necessarily part of the roofing issues?

Uh, many times it can be from the gutters, so it’s coming off of the roof system, going to the gutter and then the gutters having a problem. Uh, there are times that you have windows that are leaking doors that are leaking. Uh, I’ve seen quite a few times. I mean, I just had one last week where there was plumbing pipes in the ceiling or drain pipes that are leaking. You could have spiels, uh, there can be foundation issues. You could be having basic condensation issues with your building envelope and then you could have one walls that are leaking, which actually one of the buildings in town, the international tower I’m working on right now, sealing up some walls, eight stories high that are creating leaking problems with commercial roofing, Tulsa. And then last but not least, you can easily happen Svac issues where the h vac units are leaking and all of these types of issues are really problems that can bring water into the building and create, uh, what can seem to be roofing leaks.

And so that’s where we come in. We help assess what the issue is and we help you make that go away here in commercial roofing. Tulsa. Hey, I appreciate you joining another podcast again with us today. Uh, probably 315, 320 podcasts. Not really sure how many we’ve done. Sometimes I lose track because it don’t look at the full list of what we’d done and we just do a lot of podcasts and we want to appreciate and thank you guys for joining us so many times here in commercial roofing. Tulsa and we look forward to seeing you soon.