Do you know, there are a lot of different types of construction in the world and here in Oklahoma and Oklahoma City and Tulsa and broken Arrow, you know, there’s a lot of different types of constructions Commercial Roofing Tulsa. There’s a lot of different types of, of systems and materials and products, you know you can do, I knew a guy that does just commercial concrete, all he does is goes around and bids and does commercial concrete jobs. And so when I look at that, you know, I’m impressed that he found a niche. He found something he was good at and I really respect that. I respect the guy who’s going to step out as an entrepreneur and look for the thing that he loves, he’s passionate about or he might be passionate about it just because it makes good money. It’s a way to feed his family. It’s a way to put his kids through school, you know, it’s just, it’s, it’s, it could be the thing that his dad, you know, the business that his dad brought him up in.

So no matter what your profession is, no matter what your job, the business you’ve built, you know, whatever it is, I’ll tell you when you’re an entrepreneur, I respect what you do. Now you might be a really bad one and I might not respect that as much. But just for someone to step out and look competition in the eye and you know, whether his commercial roofing Tulsa or, or whatever, plumbers, h Vac, you know, it doesn’t matter the profession to look competition in the eye and say, oh, I want a piece of the market. And that’s really, that’s kind of what happened to me years ago. I believe the Lord really led me to start this business. I believe that wholeheartedly. I know that he did and I know his hand has been leading me and guiding me and things that we’ve done with advanced towards from systems.

And so looking at the overall spectrum of, of how we’ve started, how we’ve grown and how we’re growing and developing and maturing every day as an entrepreneur business in the construction world with tons of really strong competition, tongues of really strong companies that have been doing this for 30 years and they’re good at what they do. But what’s happened so many times is they get in a Rut, not meaning they’re doing a bad job, but they, they can miss, uh, pushing buttons in a different way. They can really miss miss putting up systems for Commercial Roofing Tulsa. So, and putting up a really staying flexible. Like I know there’s roofers out there that were used, like I talked to one the other day who was using derby gum derby comes a Commercial Roofing Tulsa. I know that commercial roof for basically said, uh, he was really busy and doing a great job and was very successful cause all he did 30 years ago was derby gum, derby, gum, derby gum.

He did it on every single job and you know, it seemed to be what was working. And then derby gum began to be obsolete and it began to be the old product, which no one is using anymore because it become the single plies really begin to take the market like the thermoset and thermoplastic and that, you know, TPO, EPD, those products came out strong and as they begin to build momentum taking 10% of the market, 30% of the market, 40 50 now they’re doing, they’re taking 85% of the market is the single plies began to grow. Derby gum went away and I personally have only been on derby gun roofs and it’s not like they’re everywhere because they’ve already been replaced. So what happened with this roofer was this roofers specific and said, cause you know, he’s an older guy. He said, well when Derby Gum went away, I didn’t have any business.

And I found myself sitting here with not knowing how to do anything. And that’s a huge problem to me. I think that’s a problem. We had advanced commercial systems because we are the roof nerds. We are the roof nerds of commercial roofing Tulsa. We’re never going to have that problem. We have made it a point from the day one, I’m starting our business to begin to seek out new products. You know, I was attending a class and I’ve been in roofing for over 10 years. I was attending the class, um, well it’s been 11 years actually. I was attending the class about a week and a half ago on basically some, just some new products, some new things on the market and they were sharing a brushing on application that blew me away. I was blown away and I had not seen and understood that that could be done with the type of products that we were talking about.

A brushing the product on and, and you know, everyone says brush it on, roll it on, but what the specific way they were doing. It really blew me away in commercial roof in Tulsa. And I immediately went to the store, bought like 10 brushes. I actually have them here in my truck with me about quite a few brushes. And the next job I had come up, I was on the job with those brushes taking care of business. And so I say all that to say now I’m using half the product that I was on the same size of job because of found a new way to apply the product, an applicable form of of coding application that is just as good as when I was doing before. It looks neater, it’s cleaner and leaves a much better looking in result and it does just as good and I’m using half the product, literally have the product that I was using before.

This is saving me money. This is saving my clients money, saving my customer’s money because at the end of the day my savings goes on to them. I have got to keep my prices at the low end because I want their business and I want to show them I value them. So by keeping my prices low day after day after day, my phone rings, Commercial Roofing Tulsa I phone rings, my phone rings, my phone rings day after day after day. And it’s, it’s an honor. I mean, it really is just an honor to offer such great services all the time. So here with advanced commercial systems, um, really my podcast today is specifically saying a lot of the roofers that you may have used in the past, I know him, I guarantee you they are not looking for new products. They’re looking for what’s comfortable. They’re looking for what they already know. They’re not reaching out trying to find better ways of saving you money.

They’re basically looking only at cutting their profit if they have to to do a low ball to get a job. And they’re going back to basically trying to cut their normal material costs back, which is a standard of every construction company in the world. It’s just obvious. We advanced carceral systems, we’re trying to find new ways of doing the job better. That’s actually less expensive. And that’s what’s happening is when new products come on, any field, it creates lower pricing competition creates lower prices. That’s part of the in Commercial Roofing Tulsa, or you even look at the retail side. Well, let’s take Walmart for instance. You know, Walmart, one of the, one of the things they’ve been criticized over and over and over about is dominating a retail market in so many sectors, in areas of retail that they put the little mom and pop shops out of business because the mom and pop shops are unable to compete with their pricing because they’re buying in bulk at the same time.

They also have a bigger building. They also have more employees. So I’ve got to question, did the mom and pop, did they truly try to do what we’ve done, find the best and cheapest and most cost effective ways of doing just as good of a job? You know, I, years ago I worked at a publishing company, went out right when I got into college. Uh, one of my first jobs was with a publishing company. Uh, it pretty close to Commercial Roofing Tulsa and one of my job positions there was like a sales account executive and I was doing sales and right before I started, uh, the guy that hired me, he started, he came on as the CEO of the company. And so he came in and really the first thing he did is sit down and looked at where money’s being spent across the board.

And he looked at how much we were paying for paper and printing for our books. And one of the first things he said was, when was the last time this was evaluated? And this pricing was checked in on. And everyone looked at it and said, Whoa, the nearest we can see was as probably 10 years ago, 10 years ago, it’d be the last time that we shopped printers to look for a new print and company. And so he immediately took off about 30 days on this 30 day quest of not took off work, but took off looking for this, you know, to study what printing needs to be. And after a few weeks of studying it and really coming into the full spectrum of, of, of how and who were looking for, he hired a printing company that basically was saving our company $1 million a year. Now that could have happened three, three years before that and could have saved $3 million. You know what I’m saying? The point of my story is you really should have worked with someone that’s smart, that’s trying to keep your costs low at effective production, not at just losing profit in the pricing. Hey, I appreciate you joining in another podcast day here in commercial roofing Tulsa. We’ll talk to you guys soon.