So what if I was to cover the top three things? I mean, I haven’t done this in probably a hundred podcasts ago. The top three things of what to look for in a roofer that make a good podcast today and you know, and there’s 10 minute podcast. If someone was to really take two minutes, he could save them a hundreds, thousands, or tens of thousands of dollars. Because I’ve been in this for 11 years. Uh, I’ve owned a company, managed other companies, I’ve done so many different things in this specific industry. I have to say there’s a lot. I don’t know. There’s a lot that we’re still learning every day. Uh, I know there are routers had been doing it for 50 years and that’s longer than I’ve been alive.

But I want to say the products, the systems, the things that we’re doing in the Greater Tulsa area, we’re going to be the best for you. We’re going to be the, the ones that you’re going to enjoy, how we interact with you, how we communicate with you. You’re going to enjoy how we educate you. If you need the education, which most people do, how we spend time in commercial roofing Tulsa educating you so that you can make the decision you should make. So that’s our number one point of our three points today. The three points, the three things to look for in a commercial roofer. And I remember quite a few podcasts ago, probably a hundred podcasts ago, I did a three point, you know, this same, uh, you know, not sermonette but this same podcast and this wasn’t one of my points. And so obviously, you know, we’re developing who we are and what we’re about as time goes on.

But I gotta tell you, I really do have to tell you, it is really important for you to have a roofer that can communicate well. Because if you’re a roofer cannot communicate well to you, how are you going to have any insight into what he’s saying, what your current roofing system looks like, and the current roofing system they’re endeavoring to give you an install, you’re not going to have a clue. And that is the liver, really our number one goal here at advanced commercial systems. Literally our number one goal is to be able to sit you down and in 15 minutes, literally 15 minutes, not sell you on a roof, but educate you, hand over tons of experience and wisdom to you and then get up, shake your hand. Thank you. Slatter chair under the table. Walk out the door and let you decide to call us on your own.

We’re not going to try to lead you down that road because if you just take our wisdom and our experience and you run with that to take care of your building envelope, your structure, then you’re, you’re better off just by showing up that day. So although we gave you an hour of our time and an hour and a half of our time, we’ve showed some good seed into your life. We have people who do the same thing with. I’ve got some wonderful people that, so some time and to me that spend time with me and the dude, many things that, uh, many things that have allowed me to be where I am today. I remember once, this was a 13, 12 years ago, long time ago. I don’t remember the exact year I was with a friend and we went, uh, actually I’m parked in a parking lot right now.

Uh, w earlier this morning I was parked in the parking lot next to his truck and uh, hey cause he’s inside of the building, uh, that I was going to. And so a friend and I went uh, with ATV riding in Arkansas. He’s got a cabin there and it’s a really nice place, beautiful place. And he’s got the really nice, the razor, the Polaris razor to, he’s got two of those and he’s got some Polaris, a automatic four wheel drive, four, four, four wheelers, ATVs. And so we went there on a three day trip. I think we were driving four hours there to get there or something like that. Three and a half or four. And we were there two and a half days, maybe two nights or something like that. And always have a really good time together. We get along real well and always talk about, and he’s a great, he’s wealthy, great man of God and a great business mind.

And for him to show that time into my life. I remember the last day that we wrote, we were going to, we wrote up until dark. We came back and came back the next morning to toll Susan, you know, over in Arkansas where we were writing. I distinctly remember not just specifically about every story about Commercial Roofing Tulsa, so, but I distinctly remember I wanted to ride a four wheeler that morning on my own because I liked the maneuver and a half fun with it. I love the power of driving. He said, no, Marty. He said, I really want you to just ride with me in the side. You know, he’s got the cyber side, a Polaris razor, and so I said, all right, I’ll do that. And so it was rainy that day. So we were hoods and glasses and we have thick coats on. It was rainy and icy and beautiful.

It was wintertime. It was beautiful there in the mountains and we go and ride. We took about a three, three and a half hour ride that day. It might’ve been four or five hours is a long time. We rode all the way to a destination and we hung out there and then we were coming back and all the way back I asked him about a book that he had read, he’d made reference to a book and it was one of the Robert Kiyosaki books. And, and I asked him about the book and that opened up the door for him to just really start pouring into my life of how he began to read all of the Rio, the Robert Kiyosaki books, Rich Dad, poor dad and, and hate. They completely changed how he saw business, other businesses he was chasing after, uh, the real estate business became huge to him, which the majority of he does today.

I mean, actually I think 100% of what he does today is a real estate business builder, a multiple, very nice properties throughout the u s that he owns it. He built and owned. So I think honestly, most of the stuff that he does is real estate today and getting to spend that time with him. You know, just being from commercial roofing Tulsa Commercial Roofing Tulsa. So you know, with him, get to know him here. And then on that trip it really, really, really opened my eyes to it’s time to shoot for bigger things. It’s time to reach out and make advanced commercial systems literally as good as we can get it. It’s not to just pay my bills, not to just, you know, let the roof nerves have good jobs and have a Christmas party every year with their family. No, let’s develop this thing into something that is focused around the customer and the client that is focused around the communication that’s focused around character.

You won’t, I want my business built around the three Cs. I want to build around my client character and communication. And that’s the main keys of what we do and advanced commercial systems. So if you’re looking for a commercial roofing company, I think I just named the three, I think I just named the three that I would suggest a company built around the client so that the client is being served, a company built around character. We had advanced commercial systems here in commercial roofing Tulsa. We only hire character. I did not ever look for expertise. I do not ever look for tons and tons and tons of experience in Commercial Roofing Tulsa membranes and systems and assemblies. I don’t look for that. I really don’t. I look for someone that’s potentially smart because they, there’s some, there’s some technical things. There’s, I mean, to be a roof nerd you need to have some intellect.

I look for someone that’s smart. I look for someone who’s not, uh, ashamed to get their hands dirty. And I look for someone first and foremost, who’s got lots of character. The character is everything. I know years ago some of the jobs and some of the things I did didn’t have the highest level of character and there was no reason for me. I can say, well it was because of the boss or the business was bad or the business model wasn’t good or this or that. No, no. At the end of the day, characters should be met by the employees. That character level that’s been asked by the employer and the character business built around character, clients and communication. So let’s talk about the communication just for a few seconds. A company built around communication, our internal communication services and systems that we have allows me as the owner and manager of advanced commercial systems to continually micromanage every person under me.

Every person in my company is being micromanaged. They’re either being micromanaged by me or they’re being micromanaged by someone directly under me and then I can micromanage them through them. Now we say the word micromanage and people are like, oh, that sucks. Oh, it’s so horrible in Commercial Roofing Tulsa. Uh, it’s, you’re doing micromanagy. No one was so you have to trust me. When you pay someone good and you’ve created structure and you’ve created systems that function and flow well, it is a pleasure being micromanaged because the micro manage is it continually telling you what you’re not doing. It’s continually telling you how good of a job you’ve done. I’ll tell you what, that’s a blessing. That’s fun to hear. Every week when we do our in staff meeting, you guys are doing an excellent job. Your goals are being met. Everyone’s got their bonuses, everyone’s got their higher pay scales. Because the character and the merit based pay is coming through for you guys. Hey, here in commercial roofing Tulsa. We an advanced course of systems. I’m just, you know, under his opening my heart, these last few podcasts and really sharing with you what we’re about, what our vision is like and how we’ve kind of structured who we are and what, what we do here with advanced. We appreciate you guys joining in for another podcast today. Have a good day.