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Commercial roofing broken arrow. Oklahoma is a passion of ours. Brooklyn era. Commercial roofing is a passion that we have been experts at for a very long time here at advanced commercial systems. We actually act as general contractors helping property owners and property managers with their buildings. We serve the majority of the northeast Oklahoma area. We have highly trained project managers that know how to work effectively and efficiently with building developers and many construction management teams. We also deliver the highest level of quality work and we deliver it on time. Our team will work in tandem to provide you with the highest level of roofing coatings and materials. We have many recommendations from many building owners and property managers for the work that we have done in the past. We love to cut construction cost. Let’s talk about that. Cutting construction cost is a passion here in broken Arrow with advanced commercial systems.

Commercial roofing Broken Arrow thrives upon cutting construction cost on commercial roofing projects. First, we set up and begin to plan. It is needed for the full replacement of a commercial building roof. We have a full team of trained roofing professionals. Did you know that they’re on 24 hour call? I think most people don’t realize that we’re the only roofing company in the area that is consistently on 24 hour call for roof inspections and emergency roof repairs. I remember about a year ago I received a call from a restaurant in Tulsa and in commercial roofing, broken arrow. This restaurant manager is one of the owners and he called me because his roof was leaking and causing interior damage in the kitchen area. I find a lot of restaurant leaks happened in the kitchen area because there are more exhaust pipes from that area than any other part of the building except the bathroom.

So the roof was leaking and the funny thing with this roof was it was under about six inches of water in the leaking area. A lot of people would wonder what in the world you do trying to repair a roof that has six inches underwater to make the lead go away. When our crew arrived at the building, they climbed on the building and it was nighttime and steel raining. It happened to be a very deep ponding area where the leak was taking place, so ag, commercial roofing, broken arrow. We investigated and found the leak in area. We diagnosed the leaking area. Was that the exact same spot that a plant was literally growing out of the roof? Once we pulled the entire plant, how does the roof, I’m sure the leak began to leak even faster, allowing more water in the root system seemed to be about four inches into to the root, into the roofing area. The roof membrane had a complete hole in it, allowing the plant to grow. Yeah. We used the product that we often used called Gaco patch. Gaco patch is a siliconized fibered roof coating product normally brushed or rolled on or many times hand traveled.

You can put a large baseball size amount on a large trial and put it all the way underwater to smear it into a hole or crack to completely seal the crack and keep it from leaking any further. Here at advanced commercial systems. We are the home of the roof nerds and we know that it’s not just rocket science, but it’s roof science. We know the best products with the best materials to use and the science between and behind each one of them. So we used to Geiko Pash as smear into this hole. Now some people would wonder how would it ever dry, but the reason why we used Gaco patch is because it is a moisture cured product, meaning it takes actual moisture around it, two calls it to begin to cure. Now there are two words we can talk about. One is cure and the other is dry.

In commercial roofing, broken Arrow, it’s one thing for a product to dry. That means that you can touch it and it might not stick to your finger, but it’s another thing for the product to fully cure for the product to fully hear. It normally takes at least 24 hours for some products and four hours for many of the products that we use in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, but for a product to cure that is a water cured product. It was perfect to use underwater because of the water itself began to curing price. That process for the roof repair and that’s just another way to show you that our crews work competently and consistently to service buildings and construction jobs right on time.


We highly recommend having a preventative roof maintenance program set in place by one of our highly trained roof narrates. Our roof maintenance program is actually called the roof smart plan. The smart plan involves a annual or biannual checkup on your roof to make sure that there has been no current damage from storms and to make sure there are no current areas that are allowing water into the building on the loop. Did you ever hear of a building leaking but no one knew it? It would be amazing if you knew how many buildings around years and around you all over the Greater Oklahoma area that are continuingly leaking in the group in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, but no one knows it. See, what water does is it finds any small opening crack or crevice to seep into the roof system. When it gets in the roof system.

It could completely submerged the roof system inside the system, but never show any evidence of leaking in the interior roof level. Oftentimes we see water stained ceiling grids and ceiling grids. It if received water damage and are beginning to fall down. There are literally thousands of roofs that are allowing leaking but you never see that are smart roof program literally inspects roofs and seals all possible leaking areas once or twice a year to continually allow the roof to be a water tight fooly water proof roof. Here at advanced commercial systems in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, we know a thing or two about leak prevention. Leak prevention is part of our preventative roof maintenance program called smart roof plan.


If your company has been successful this year and you just need somewhere to invest money that this is a great program to invest in. Now this might surprise you, but this program literally is just a few hundred dollars a year allowing your roof to be fully inspected. So just think about it. Property managers. If you’re a property manager and you have a building that you know the roof is not brand new and just needs to be looked at gs for a little bit of money of the every year we will come out once or twice a year and give you a full blown report on the actual condition and current condition of your roof system. That is amazing when it’s time for you to give financials, paperwork and everything else too. You’re building owners. See the job of property managers is to not just do a good job with the buildings but to keep the building owners as clients. There are a lot of property managers and the Greater Tulsa area to choose from. There are a lot of property managers who would love to keep building owners on their books as great clients. This preventative roof maintenance program called the roof smart plan or the smart roof plan literally makes you seem like a genius.

It doesn’t matter how old your building is. It doesn’t matter how old your roof is and it doesn’t matter what company installed or is currently doing repairs for you. We would love to come in and take care of your smart roof and literally give it a certified stamp of approval and a document saying that you have at so and so address. You have a advanced commercial systems certified smart roof. Within that it is guaranteed that the roof is not leaking or we will take care of the repairs for you. If there’s anything you need from us, you know you can reach us at anytime at (918) 973-1010 when we repair your roof and your roof construction is completed, we will fully expand the life efficiency and life expectancy of your roof. Life expectancy of a roof is really a big deal because if your roof comes to the end of his life expectancy, you will be probably between 30 and $80,000 to put a new roof on.

Many times our roof maintenance plans, we’ll do a 200 or $300 roof inspection for you twice a year and then if any repairs are needed. Normally those repairs are no more than $2,000 of repairs a year. So think $2,000 of repairs this year versus a $50,000 roof that needs to be put up. Now, if you have a lot of money, you need to spend because the fiscal quarter of your business is coming to an end, or for tax purposes, you need to reinvest the money in the building. We would love to put you a new roof on for that purpose, but our job is to consistently give a full life expectancy and expand the roof life of your roof. We want to help you for your Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow.