Welcome to advanced commercial systems and welcome to the podcast that we’ve been doing. We are a professional podcast company. And the reason why I say that as we’ve done a lot of podcasts now, what’s the purpose of these podcasts? You know, I share that a lot. It’s basically just a, well there’s multipurposes but the main purpose is just to show that we have influence in the industry to show that we are giving information to our clients. We are a and a service providing a complete service providing customer care, commercial roofing company, uh, in Commercial Roofing Tulsa so, and so we do 24 seven, uh, repairs, uh, Rehab repair experts ready, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, uh, to be at your service. So if you are looking at a Commercial Roofing Tulsa or any type of problem where you just have a repair, you may have had some Linde, you may have gotten some hail and you didn’t really know, um, if you had any damage.

These are the things we specifically specialize in being the roof nerds. And so we’ll send out one of our roof nerves, another qualified experts. Uh, we are roofing leak repair experts in every way and w and I tell you out, I only hire hardworking guys. I tell you that they’re going to earn your respect. They’re going to show you the responsiveness, responsiveness that you would want to see. They’re going to bring through you to you the highest level of knowledge and being able to show you the efficiency in what they do. Just basically how they work with you, how they work on the roof, how they bring you that, the type of estimate, how the thing is drawn out and laid out. Just the expertise that we bring you a second to none. And I think you’ll see that very quickly. A lot of roofers just come out and they talk for a few minutes and they give you an estimate and they walk away.

They might not even give you a follow up call. We give a whole the just a whole different level, whole different world of more information and more of an in depth insight into the evaluation of your roof. And so once again, uh, if you’re looking for solutions, um, we’re going to make sure the solutions follow our building codes. You know, we have building codes of Oklahoma, we have some with the international building code, building codes for your city, whether you’re in broken Arrow, waso jinx. Every city’s going to have their own building goes. And then, so we’re going to make sure we’re in line with that. We’ll be able to share with you what those building codes are. The most influential and popular building code is that you can’t have more than two layers on a roof. And so with, if you have two layers on a roof, you cannot put a third.

You’ve got to either pull them both off or pull the top one off and then put a second one on. And so if you have five layers on the roof, we can do repairs, we can even do restoration, but we can not do any type of replacement unless we pool all of those top off and leave only one and then put a second layer. But that is an option. It’s not very commonly an option because it’s extremely complex and just imagine the number of roofs and how complex it is and that those roots had been under there for 40 years or more. Um, how, it just doesn’t work. Is it just hype? It just depends on what types of roofs are there now. Just recently here in Commercial Roofing Tulsa. So, um, I had a property manager contact me wanting me to give an estimate on the roof and they gave me the specifications for that estimate and I had to share with them.

I said, listen, I, I’m, I’m going to give you an estimate, you know, it’s going to be close to a hundred thousand dollars. Uh, I appreciate, you know, the business. I love to give you an estimate. I’ll never turn you down, but your estimates not lot of a code. And they were quiet on the phone and I said, I’m just so, I’m just sharing with you, I don’t know that you will know what code is, but code says that, you know, you need a certain level for doing a full roof replacement. You need a certain level of um, installation of our value and you are not meeting that. Our value with what you’re putting on here. So I’m just informing you of this because it doesn’t fall back on me if I was back on you. It’s the building owner of the property managers. They’re the ones that stepping off of the limb if they’re choosing to not follow the international building code or the local building code of your city or state area or even your county at sometimes.

And so here were the advanced commercial systems in commercial roofing. Tulsa. We’re going to do what we can to take care of you. We’re going to do what we can to share with you the direction that is the norm that someone should go. And if you want to veer off of that a little bit, that’s okay. But what do we bring you when we come out to see you and let’s say you got a leaking roof. What do we bring you first thing among dues when we get up on a roof has I overall just a general scheme of things. I want to see what the condition of the roof is. So I probably won’t walk over to, you know, will not walk straight over to the leaking area. I might just take a sachet as I say it, a roofing sachet and just take a five minute walk through the roof over the roof to get a generalized idea.

I’m looking for have there been repairs in the past? What is the current, the lifespan or condition of the roofing system, what type of roof system aren’t and are there any evidences of older or other roofing systems that can be under the roofing system that’s there? Um, is there a decent decent slope in the roofing system because it’s so important for slope and drainage to get the water off the roof here with advanced commercial systems and commercial roofing, Tulsa. These are just some of the things that we look at when we begin this, this general roofing sashay where we’re just walking through just getting a general idea of who has this roof been taking care of, you know, nothing. I don’t mean this in a disrespectful way, but uh, just imagine what I’m saying. Well, let’s say you go to prison. I’m not as a, I’m not as a, as a, as a prisoner, but just as someone visiting someone and you get to meet some guys and when you meet those guys, let’s say you sit out with one guy you’d never met before, you know nothing about it and you sit down with him, you start talking to him.

And normally, normally within five minutes of talking with that person, you can kind of maybe guess what kind of world he came from. Was it a really secure, strong hall? Was it a home with a strong father figure where, uh, people you know showed lots of love or was it a home like where maybe the dad was missing in the home and the mom tried to raise the kids or maybe there was drugs in the home and maybe alcohol and abuse in the home. And so sometimes it’s pretty easy to pick up on that by just spending a few minutes and just generally looking at what’s going on. And you can do that just in people in the street. You can do that just in people in your own, at your own church. It’s not like you got to go to prison. That’s just one example I was using.

And so here with, with Commercial Roofing Tulsa. So that’s really what we do. We just real quickly get a generalized idea of what the, what the history, what the past looks like for this roof. Trying to get an idea really also how much life is left. You know, there’s some roofs I’m thinking of right now. Some TPO roofs that the disorder not installed correctly and the screws were coming up, the screws were backing out of the roofing system. And sometimes I’ve seen where they’ve used the wrong screws so they put a roofie in, but they don’t even use the right screws or the right, uh, the plates if they were mechanically, if fascinating. The roof system down. And so these are the problems we do with every day with a dance commercial systems and here with Commercial Roofing Tulsa. So we have the solutions for all of these problems.

So, so what do we offer you when we come out with skip back through the story again? We get up on the roof will begin to walk around, spend five minutes or so getting a good generalized idea of what the roof system, just what the current condition is. I mean I can walk up there and look, one whole half of the roof is in horrible shape. It needs to be replaced immediately. That’s going to affect everything I say about the other parts of the room for the leaky and may be. So then when I go over to the leaking area, many times it’s just not obvious and it’s out save 30 40% of the time the leak is obvious, maybe more, maybe 50% of the time and then 50% of the time the leak is not obvious. And we’ll get a TPO probe where we check the scenes.

We check around HVHC units, uh, here in commercial roofing, Tulsa with advanced commercial systems, home with a roof, nerves. You can give us a call anytime at nine one eight, nine seven three one zero one zero. I definitely want to let you know one thing for sure. I say probably 70 to 90% because it can, it can vary. Oh, huge. Huge, huge amount of you’re leaking and single ply a, you’re leaking and those roofing systems are around h vac units. I had an HVHC units, uh, at 81st and shared him. They just kept wanting me to work on it and work on it and work on it and trying to make the leap go away. I found a few little pinholes, I patched up, you know, I charge money for that, but they just kept calling me out because it’s leaking, it’s leaking, it’s leaking.

And the one thing I noticed very quickly was someone just put it in a new h Vac unit. So they called, I called the property manager and told them, Hey, uh, here in Commercial Roofing Tulsa. So there is a, there’s a leak and I believe it’s in the h Vac unit because someone put it in a new unit and it wasn’t leaking before this. And so they called the guy out who put the unit in the, he literally shared that they put the unit out during the rain and they probably were in a little bit of a hurry and they might’ve missed some steps. And I’m like, holy crap. Well that’s exactly what happened. They had a pool that unit out, put a new one in. And when they did that, they found out pretty quickly that the league went away. And so they did waste some money with me calling me out.

What’s six times probably, but I don’t mind because I’m here to serve my clients, especially my property managers, my building owners, uh, here with commercial roofing Tulsa. I’m really going to serve them, meet with their clients, let them know that, hey, you’re, you’re, you’re the owner of the building, cares about the situation. We’re here to take care of you. Um, it’s sometimes it’s a plan that we’re putting together. Some times it takes a few steps to get it done, but we will solve this problem and get the leak, get leaked to go away or solve whatever problem you’re having. Hey, thanks for joining us again, commercial roofing, Tulsa for a another good podcast today. We just hope you guys have a wonderful day.