So we’ve been in the Tulsa area for many years with advanced commercial systems and we are experts in the field of commercial roofing Tulsa. So, um, it’s important to know that you don’t just want to, you don’t want a company that’s um, just flown in because they, part of a hailstorm. If a hell storm hits, you want a company that’s been around for many years and listen, Marty’s been working in construction and in Tulsa, you know, for 20 years. He’s been in Tulsa for 20 years and I’m now, the actual business itself has, is newer, but he’s been doing roofing much longer than that. But, um, so when you give us a call for your free roof inspection, you know that you will get quality service and you’ll get, I, you know, um, you’ll get roofers that have been doing this for many, many years and they’re experts in the field of a commercial roof.

Tulsa. So, you know, give our guys a call, you know, our roofing systems that they, that they can do. There’s so many different types of roofing systems and um, you want guys that are experts and we’ve assisted hundreds of individuals and families and, and businesses. We’ve done residential as well as commercial roofing Tulsa. And we understand the importance of the different types of roofing systems and having knowledge of the different types of roofing’s systems, which is why we provide 24 hour emergency surface. And with more than 20 years experience, you know, our team is just were highly skilled and they’re experts and ready to, it’s all right. You know, any type of problem you, you may have. So there’s different types of roofing systems that we work on. We do modified bitumen. Um, and uh, of course you don’t have to know what type of roofing system you have, but um, you know, our guys will come out and they’ll let you know, I have, um, uh, their single ply roofing.

There’s, um, built up roofing. Um, there’s roof coatings and of course that’s, we’ve talked about that in previous podcasts and that’s where we can, it’s an economical way to extend the life of your roof and you get some instant out of pocket savings. It was reduces energy consumption and it just, it’s a great cost effective way to extend the life of many commercial roofing Tulsa. So if you have a commercial roofing Tulsa and you would like to see if, you know, maybe a roof coating would work for you, um, are Gazal we’ll check, you know, can help you figure out if that’ll work for you. But there’s also shingle roof systems. Well, you know, we’ve talked about that before. Their slate shingles or Shaker, she shingles, there’s f asphalt or composite shingles. Um, that’s, you know, when we talk about shingles, it’s the kind of shingles that you probably have on your home. Um, shingle roof systems are affordable and economical and they’re also aesthetically appealing. Um, and so we’ve done some really big ones in the Tulsa area. We’ve, you know, we’ve done some churches. Um, we’ve done

full replacement on churches on, you know, kindercare, there’s a kindercare in broken Arrow and then there was one in south Tulsa that we did complete replacements on in those look great. If, if you would like to see any of our work, you’re welcome to give us a call at (918) 973-1010 we have or go to, okay. Roof [inaudible] dot com we have a gallery that you can look at, you know, examples of our work, but we could send you by and show you our work if you really want to see it up close and personal. We could send you by kindercare or, or one of our different addresses if you really want to see, you know, what we’ve done. But, but our guys really are experts and they um, and you, you, I would take advantage of their expertise and they’re in the field of commercial roofing Tulsa other clients have and they’re, they’re very satisfied with what we’ve done for them.

We’ve worked with chewies and Walgreens and kindercare and Maggio’s and farmers and Bsn sports and Osu medicine. And these are just to name a few. We’ve done roof repairs, roof restorations and roof maintenance on all of those and roof, a complete roof replacements, um, for all those clients and many more clients. So you can go on our website to okay, roof and read what people are saying about us. They’re, you know, they’re mentioning that we’re, we have integrity, we’re trustworthy, we’re honest, we’re great to work with. Um, uh, let’s see. You know, they patched the league. She know whether it, so that sounds like that. I was reading one here at it says Marty patched all the leaks and the price point was great. So that was obviously a repair that we did for, for Regina. And um, but she said, job well done.

And, and listen, there’s lots of testimonials. There’s video testimonials you can look at and read for our, for our services that we do for commercial roofing Tulsa. We also work in jeans. You know, we work as far away as I, we’ve done roofs and Taliqua law in Oklahoma City. Uh, Katusa. So I’m trying to, you know, my brains, trying to think of all the different cities around Sapulpa, sand springs, Bixby, broken arrow. Of course I’m a laso. And what was the other one that we just recently we did a Claire Moore estimate, just you know, a couple of days ago. And listen, we, you know, we, we love to work in, you know, in the, in the Greater Tulsa area. We, you know, we love to come out and give you free roof inspection in 24 hours, you know, uh, an estimate and that it’s not just a piece of paper.

You’re going to get photos, you’re going to get, um, hey, Marty will take you up on the roof with him if you want to go and he will show you things. A lot of time I wouldn’t, I personally wouldn’t want to go, but our guys will take you up there if you want to go and let you see, um, the different, um, things that the different repairs or, or restorations that need to happen. And, um, I don’t usually starts with our guys going up and they’ll take a core sample and see, you know, how many different, um, uh, uh, uh, levels of roof. You have layers of roof, you know, they’ll check out your, your deck and your substructure and, and you know, kind of evaluate where you are as far as the life of your roof and whether, you know, a roof restoration will, would be an economical thing for you because if so, then a good, um, warrantied roof coating could be the answer to your problems and it’s much cheaper, you know, but they’re also there to, to um, give you estimates on a full roof replacement.

They’ll work with insurance insurance companies if you have held image or storm damage, um, they’ll work with insurance companies to, uh, to help you get the full replacement value for your commercial roofing Tulsa. And we’ve done this for years. We’ve done this with, um, was shingle roofs with flat roofs and, um, we are here to provide the best service possible for you. So, oh, and one more thing I forgot to mention. We were listening, we were listing the different types of roofs we work on. We also do metal roof systems. Uh, we recently did a, a metal roof for a church here in town. They had a section of their roof that was metal and we, we did that. And, um, a metal roof can, you know, it’s a little more expensive, but they can reduce your cooling costs, their fire resistant, their impact resistant, and they can withstand extreme temperatures and weather conditions.

So a lot of people love their metal roofs. And so we, we, we’re, we’re are certified to do, um, to work on commercial roofing Tulsa. We are, we have our Kirsch commercial endorsement with the state of Oklahoma and it’s illegal to work on commercial roofs in the Tulsa area without this. So it, that’s really important to know that we have that. And we do, we have our commercial endorsement and weave. That means we’ve done, we’ve gone through the testing and um, passed that with flying colors and we have that endorsement. So you need to make sure you have that whoever your roofer is has that or you could be facing some fines from the construction industry board. So, um, give us a call, go to our website. Okay. Roof nerds, Dotcom for your commercial roofing Tulsa. And again, our phone number is (918) 973-1010. We would love to hear from you.

We’re available 24 hours for emergency repairs. If you have a leaking within your business and you and you’re concerned, give us a call. We’ll come out quickly. You know, our guys, we’ll give you a quick roof evaluation estimate, um, to and and repair. They can repair real quickly too. So, um, you don’t wanna, you don’t want to wait on that because you could call some extensive damage to the inside of your property if you don’t take care of, uh, leaks within your roof. So it could be just becoming from something small. Don’t be scared that it’s going to be something major. It’s, it usually isn’t something major. It’s usually could be even some small penetration or pinhole that could cause some major damage within your property. If it hits your electrical system or you know, maybe some, um, uh, kitchen equipment or whatever it is, you know, even commute computer equipment. So it’s important to take care of that and we would love to help you and with us, it’s not rocket science, true science. And we want you to give us a call and stay dry.