Hey, welcome again, to another podcast of advanced commercial systems home with the roof nerds here at advanced commercial systems, we are professionals in the commercial roofing industry. There is none better than us, and we are here in the greater Tulsa, Oklahoma area. This is where we love to live in. We are right in the middle, not only of the Bible belt, but of the tornado belt. We here right here is where we have to build roofs. Right. We have to build roofs often and we stay very busy because, uh, you know, uh, Tulsa, we’ve got a lot of commercial buildings in the Tulsa area that we have a great Indus Esther industrial aspect of our community, of our town. Um, and then we also have many, many residential, uh, homes. Um, I couldn’t, I actually, I’ve never tried to figure out how many buildings are or residential or commercial roofing Tulsa that we have in the greater Tulsa area.

But I know the whole overall area, you’re probably looking at about a million people. Um, you know, the surrounding cities that are kind of knit in with Tulsa, you definitely have well over a million people. And so with that being the case today, uh, you know, we always try to pick a topic here with commercial roofing Tulsa, Oh, a topic that, um, we’re hearing questions from our clientele. We’re hearing questions from the roofing community. And so flat roofs, those two words, I hear it all the time. That’s what we specialize in flat roofs here. Our roof nerds with, um, commercial roofing Tulsa are specifically, um, geniuses at doing root flat roofs. And so we want to talk about flat roofs and the thermoplastic roof that has, I don’t know, probably about three years ago, I was hearing had taken over over 80% of the market at that time of the flat roof, uh, market throughout the U S uh, such a great product.

If you want to be in the cutting edge of roofing, you have to get into thermoplastics. And so, but I have to say since then has probably been a, uh, an pretty nice increase in the roofing. Uh, the percentages that thermoplastic membranes have begin to take over in the, in the city, or, you know, in the U S as well. So here with the roof nerds, uh, we do roofs, right? We are smart at what we do, and we give you tons of options. And so only this go down the list of the top three things, the top three problems that I see I’ve inspected thousands, probably commercial roofs with flat roofs and meat and roofed, many, many of them and done tons of repairs. The three main things that leak on a flat roof are number one, parapet walls, number two H vac, unit penetrations, and number three, ponding areas, and number four, other penetration areas that come up to a wall where there’s a flashing many times, there is a metal flashing installed in the wall and an adhered and screwed to the wall and sealed which the TPO or the thermoplastic membrane will follow the contour of the roof begin to go up the wall and then go behind that flashing.

Many times the flashing itself is allowing water at the top. The seal was done. They used a caulk years ago. The cog is wearing out over time. This begins to wear out and begins to crack. You have some movement in the building and here with commercial roofing toll. So our roof nerds are experts literally, uh, because we had done this so many times, yo, there’s a few ways to become an expert. One is to basically, um, be very good at what you do have lots of experience. And another way is to just study and cram and always gathered more Intel and data on what you’re doing and just have to have common sense wisdom. I like the word common sense. I like the word wisdom. I like to put them together and just basically say having common sense wisdom for commercial roofing Tulsa and finding leaks on walls.

Uh, Brown penetration areas around HVHC units, parapet walls, um, where a roof comes up against a wall. And there’s a flashing that has a separating flashing between the two. These areas are literally the first place. Our roof nerds go here with advanced commercial systems. That’s immediately where we go to find what’s going on, where the leaks coming from. And let’s talk real quickly about ponding areas. Most roofs are not in any way designed to supposed to have, or in any way, ponding where there is a built-up water that sits on the roof more than 48 hours after there’s been a heavy rain or even a light rain. Uh, I can’t tell you the number of roofs I’ve gone on and seen four, five, or even six inches of a pond of, I mean, you could, you could literally have fish in this, on this roof.

There’s one roof. I’m thinking of an apartment complex here in Tulsa off of 41st street. Um, I did quite a few TPO roofs and a lot of repairs for them, and they had one TPO roof that someone else put on years ago. And I got up on the roof and literally I needed rubber boots to walk into that corner. It was over six inches deep of just probably 300 gallons of water was just sitting there in that corner of the roof. And I could only imagine if there ever was a tear, if there ever was, you know, commercial roofing Tulsa, um, a small pin hole that could grow larger, it would completely destroy the apartment below it. So here with advanced commercial systems home with the roof nerds swung to let you know that these are the things we look for. And these are the things that really we’ve learned what needs to be done many times.

Um, we become experts in the industry merely because of the amount of time that we’ve seen things being done so wrong by other commercial roofing companies. Now, let me just say, I never want to put out another commercial roofing company. I believe there’s enough roofing in Tulsa and the greater Tulsa area for all of us. I want everyone to be blessed that, you know, should be blessed. There’s a lot of creamy, uh, crazy, um, unethical roofers out there and they should, they should go to church, get saved and, and honestly stop, um, stop frauding their insurance companies and stop frauding, uh, their clients. And there’s so many stories of commercial and residential roofers that would get a first check and, and go away and never be seen. Again. I’ve been living in Tulsa for 21 years, the Tulsa broken arrow, and I’m not going anywhere.

So I’m not a fly by night. Our company, our roof nerds have all been here a long time. We are all, uh, evaluated and certified inspectors with Hagen engineering. So there’s so many things that we offer for our clients, but the expertise, um, the amount of roofs that we’ve seen, the, the amount of roofs that we’ve done, the amount of times we’ve been called out as our roof nerds with commercial roofing Tulsa, just to come out and find a leak. Many times, people just want us to find the leak and they try to go on and get someone cheaper to fix it. And that’s perfectly fine. But at the end of the day, when you have a commercial building and it’s raining in three days, uh, and we’re the only roofing company in town that’s answering their phone, I would suggest go ahead and using us because we’re there.

But Hey, with our roof nerds, um, we specifically spend a lot of time training teaching and educating them on the many different facets of all different types of roofing systems with commercial roofing, Tulsa. And that’s why we call them the roof nerds, our roof nerds. We’ve invested a lot of time, energy money, a lot of skill we’re looking for roof nerds that have experienced, or that we can bring up from the beginning, uh, teaching them our way of doing things. Our way of doing things is the way where we use the highest level of products possible. If we tell our client, we’re going to be somewhere at a certain time where early these are the things that we endeavor to do over and over and over again, to show the greater Tulsa area that we’re here. Long-term and we are hands down the best commercial roofing company in the greater Tulsa area.

Now, real quick, coming to the end of this podcast, I just want to share with you one specific thing, the free roof inspection. I’ll say it again, free roof inspection. We want to inspect your roof. We want to do that for free. Many times. If someone says, Hey, can you come out and do me a, you know, for my insurance company, do me a handwritten evaluation. Now I’m going to charge you for a handwritten evaluation, where we sit down on a computer, put the handwritten evaluation together. We put our inspection together and we put that on paper and we spend time and hours putting it together for you. I’m going to charge you for that because that’s the way it should be. People should get paid for what they do. But as far as coming out, inspecting your roof, giving you a verbal evaluation right there on the spot or a free roof inspection. That’s something we do with commercial roofing Tulsa every single day. So, Hey, thanks for joining us for another podcast. We would love to see you on our next podcast. We have had, well over 300 podcast. I don’t have the number sitting right in front of me. So if there’s anything we can ever do for you, if there’s ever a topic we can cover for you, let us know commercial roofing. Tulsa is here for you, and don’t forget concerning our roof nerds. We build smart roofs.